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  1. For the second home Saturday running, the food in the fans bar was the highlight of the afternoon. Enjoying the set up in there. Well done and keep it up guys (if you're reading).
  2. He also hasn't started a league game for Plymouth.
  3. Bury got their 14 day notice (which is what Bolton have) 18 days ago.
  4. It wouldn't be pretty but Cogba would be a decent foil for Desire.
  5. It was a very small step in the right direction tonight but Christ there is a long long way to go and I'm not confident we'll get very far along that way. I just can't work out what the game plan is? What's the style? Where are the goals coming from? It just looks as if we're hoping chances come about by virtue of having eleven footballers on the pitch for 90 minutes kicking the ball in the vague direction (sometimes) of the opposition end of the pitch.
  6. What was going on there? Could see it from the JRS and it all looked very odd.
  7. I have sympathy for Bolton. For starters, unlike Bury, they are playing at the correct level. I also read the interview with Parkinson after their match at the weekend when he expressed concerns about the welfare of the squad which is made up of youths that they don't have enough of to even rotate. They raised it as a welfare issue before the Tranmere game and were ignored by the EFL (as far as I understand it). I do think Bolton are in somewhat of an invidious position. The administrators are in so, unlike Bury, it's not the bloke who's got them into the mess trying (failing) to sort it out. The EFL will let them play but won't let them register any players. So they're forced to play the kids twice a week (which they're now saying is a welfare issue) or do what they've done today.
  8. ...and then kept three consecutive clean sheets. And scored.
  9. I may be being daft but I see nothing in that report that says the purchase is being financed by the sale of land already owned by the FLG/any given benefactor.
  10. No sympathy for Bury whatsoever. The club has had more lives than the Dalai Lama. Each occasion the buckets come back out. Christ when we played at Gigg Lane and Smith sent them down it was £19 in and when I waited for the quid back from my £20 they asked if they could keep the change. They get saved and then move onto the next faux sugar daddy and the whole shambles repeats itself. There's no humility until the vultures start circling again. The league should have stepped in last season. It was a joke that side was allowed their promotion when they hadn't been paid for three months or whatever it was. It was a patent disgrace at the time but lo and behold there were their fans on the pitch at Prenton Park with the team they couldn't pay at all (never mind a bit late). Fuck them. Let them start again.
  11. Ollie Banks was a shit League One footballer. Tranmere winning promotion from a wank League Two and us having shitter midfielders now doesn't change that.
  12. Yep. Far better to give those chances to one of our other forwards with their one or two goals a season. Christ.
  13. Clarke over Lang but only by a whisker. If Lang had been played in his proper position all season then I think he'd have had 20 goals and it wouldn't be close. Honourable mentions for Nepo and Iversen.
  14. Think he's still trying to find Kean Bryan.
  15. They sent us down, Billy. Fuck 'em.
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