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  1. Ollie Banks was a shit League One footballer. Tranmere winning promotion from a wank League Two and us having shitter midfielders now doesn't change that.
  2. Yep. Far better to give those chances to one of our other forwards with their one or two goals a season. Christ.
  3. Clarke over Lang but only by a whisker. If Lang had been played in his proper position all season then I think he'd have had 20 goals and it wouldn't be close. Honourable mentions for Nepo and Iversen.
  4. Think he's still trying to find Kean Bryan.
  5. They sent us down, Billy. Fuck 'em.
  6. I've seen various reasons for #Abdallahout. Not sure Mansfield winning promotion is a valid one.
  7. I have never been to an awards dinner and can't imagine ever wanting to go. However I don't get the mockery of them having one this season (regardless of where it is). We had one whenever we finished 14th-19th in League One didn't we? We're still mathematically in with a shot of the play offs with 4 games to go. We've got a striker with 15 goals. A goalkeeper who is likely to finish just off the club clean sheet record. A defender who has made the L2 team of the year and his CB partner who has actually been better than him. A manager who has put up with a load of shit and from a PPG perspective is (I assume) one of the best we've had. There are some likeable characters in the current team/coaching staff. That is all stuff that can and should be recognised. The need for some people to gripe and have a go all the time is absurd.
  8. With the best will in the world I'm not going to a meeting to satisfy myself as to the veracity of a summary of a letter. Especially when having a brief discussion with someone is unlikely to do that - being of sound mind and reliably carrying out that task are different things. I've made the point that I'd like to see even a redacted version of the letter - if the Trust are happy to do it then great. If not then alas and they'll have to wait for or forego my support for any actions taken as a consequence of the letter. They seem to have plenty of support from others so sure nobody will lose any sleep over it.
  9. They say they have. I mean no disrespect to whoever has prepared the summary of the letter but I don't know them from Adam and personally I don't feel able to take it at face value that it says what the summary says. Plenty of people do and that's a matter for them but I'm unable to get worked up about the contents of a letter I haven't seen.
  10. I appreciate the reasons for the Trust's stance but personally (and I appreciate others clearly feel different), I find it impossible to form a view on the response without being able to read it. Would it not be possible to publish the letter with the commercially sensitive information redacted?
  11. I'm glad it's working for them but don't see the point in a Tranmere mural outside BP.
  12. Seen nothing since Branger was dropped to suggest he shouldn't be playing today.
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