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  1. So the excellent centre forward just went back to play Premier League rather than fourth division football. Still, obviously he was homesick/always pretending to be injured/signing for Preston/signing for Portsmouth/signing for Oxford/signing for Bradford.
  2. Christ. I saw this thread had been bumped and panicked he was fit again.
  3. Yes and they should pay Nantes for the player they bought from them whilst they're at it.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/may/28/conor-hourihane-barnsley-millwall-league-one-play-off-final
  5. This. Now if someone were to have said we could do a Barnsley...
  6. The exception people took to downboats was always entertaining. My favourites are the ones who revenge downboat by finding a historic post and randomly downboating that. Give the petty people what they want!
  7. Bloody foreigners. Coming over here, keeping our jobs.
  8. Bunn lost his rag and walked? I must have imagined getting dicked 6-0 at Carlisle and him being sacked.
  9. I had actually hoped an u21 team would make it to the final. An emptyish Wembley for the showpiece may have been an end to this nonsense. If they end up with a full house for Portsmouth v Sunderland then less reason for the EFL to bin it off.
  10. Speaking of which, are there 4th round replays? Can't keep up.
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