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  1. jsslatic

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Not about the money but a win nets us £180,000. It's a chance to progress and if we win may also give us money to improve the team for a promotion push before the window is out.
  2. jsslatic

    Jordan Lyden

    I get you. I thought you meant the ref was right for booking Lyden. As you were.
  3. jsslatic

    Jordan Lyden

    I don't follow. The picture posted above was him shouting at the lad who dived in the first half. He was booked for shouting at Cairney on the one they got...
  4. jsslatic

    Jordan Lyden

    Think that was when he shouted at the other diving bastard.
  5. jsslatic

    Pete Wild

    Interim to the end of the season with a guarantee of the academy job if things go awry along the way or simply another candidate is favoured come the summer.
  6. What's he actually done to make you think this of him? He's banged in a load of goals here and is still playing for us. He might move on, he might not. It might be Bournemouth's decision, it might not. I dont get it.
  7. jsslatic

    FA Cup 2018-19

    15 starts (including against Arsenal on NYD), 4 from the bench. 2 of which were after his injury.
  8. Can't see Gevaro at full back, Lang or not. Didn't Wild say Hunt was just rested? Anyway it's great. 2008 all over again.
  9. jsslatic

    New Manager Thread

    The Barnsley numbers are good bearing in mind he got them to the Championship (finishing LJ's job) and then led them to 9th. I expect that is by far Barnsley's best finish since relegation from the PL. That Leeds job has been attempted and failed at by many good managers (and long may it continue).
  10. jsslatic

    New Manager Thread

    In the same way it was Bowyer's job. And Clarke's job.
  11. jsslatic

    Notts (H)

    Both their lad's yellows were absolutely nailed on.
  12. jsslatic

    Port Vale (A)

    We've also played 7 of 10 above us at home already. I mean they're all shit but still.
  13. jsslatic


    Does he not want to be here though? Or even if he'd prefer to be elsewhere does that mean he wants away? Lost count of the amount of times this season Surridge hasn't played and it has been declared we won't be seeing him again as he's off to Preston/anywhere else, and then lo and behold he's back in the team once his injury has cleared up.
  14. jsslatic


    Maybe the bloke with a terrible injury record isn't up to 5 games in 16 days. Those pretending it doesn't matter if he goes or even telling him to go (taking the rumours at face value) are chatting absolute shite. Same defence mechanism/vitriol that was used to say it didn't matter when LJ left. He's our top scorer and a cut above this level. He'd be a massive loss.
  15. jsslatic

    The defence.

    I've seen the 'game management' stuff trotted out a lot all season. I will stand to be corrected but I can only see we've dropped points from games we've been leading 4 times all season - yesterday, Stevenage, Lincoln and Tranmere. My biggest disappointment yesterday was we should have been out of sight before the first equaliser.