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  1. LJ had had his head turned and we played like it.
  2. The chippy has been reopened under new management and is not a patch on its glory days (in my expert opinion).
  3. They were in the playoffs by Boxing Day. It's a strange false memory people have. Barnsley 2015/16 a better shout but they were still way closer than we were by now.
  4. People aren't protesting over the formation. Charlton won promotion whilst ousting their rotten regime. If we can do the same then great. There's enough absolute shite going on off the pitch (look directly out from the Main Stand today as evidence) to be kicking off even though we signed some good players and won in midweek.
  5. I think Blitz said in his interview it was a back to back transaction for reasons that suited the Council.
  6. The only news in there, if it's true, is that Blitz is consulting administrators. And that's not a surprise in the light of what he said the other week. Limited value in putting us in administration now, far better to do it at the end of the season when he can have a fire sale of anybody with any value whatsoever. I suspect it's a tip off from Blitz trying to get some movement on the North Stand shambles/debts generally, which seems perfectly reasonable.
  7. Can't see us needing more than a couple of wins. Will take Stevenage long enough to get the 11 points they need to close us down. Regardless, not finishing bottom of the Football League is not an accomplishment nor should it be a target. Last night showed this side has the personnel and ability to entertain and win games and we should be aiming to finish as high up the table as possible. Clearly the playoffs is fanciful (and I don't think there's any serious talk) but top half would at least be a sign of progress and something to build on for next season.
  8. Does anyone know if beer is on sale in the away end? I went once when they were a couple of divisions below and the set up was decent with little huts selling but I assume that's segregated off now. And there's not much in terms of pubs nearby.
  9. Whilst I agree Smith is an excellent player, I'm unsure where this fake news that he signed at the end of September has come from.
  10. History suggests any manager brought in now won't be in charge in August anyway.
  11. May be no reason for this but when I called to chase Macclesfield tickets there was no answer for 10 minutes on the direct line but they answered straight away when calling via the main club switch.
  12. Wilso Wilson came on for Nepo. Sylla came on for Jones. I only started watching after Sylla came on but thought he carried the ball forward well.
  13. Cheers for that Angus/Kusunga/Unsung Ka. Segbe is dog. That was their ninth goalless draw in the league this season.
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