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  1. Walsall starting to hit their straps having won their first game since September? I by no means think we're not in a dogfight but the most encouraging thing I've seen this season is how bad Morecambe and Walsall are. Stevenage must be absolute wank as well. Edit - actually the first game Walsall haven't lost since September.
  2. W1 D2 L1 I mean it's not promotion form but it's largely better than what has gone before it.
  3. Second half was enjoyable. Can't believe nobody thought of playing two centre forwards sooner. I'm with Dino in that we just need to get through to January so he can hopefully make some big changes. Anything we pick up along the way is a bonus. As with the Morecambe game, the most encouraging thing leaving the ground yesterday was that is appears that there are teams even worse than us knocking about in the division.
  4. To be fair I'm only three goals behind and I've spent most of this season checking the other scores on my phone.
  5. Big man back in charge on Saturday.
  6. What on earth are you talking about? He played throughout December and on NYD.
  7. Both sides squandered big chances. Segbe is a trier but unfortunately is just not good enough. Surridge or Lang would have buried some of his today. It's not his fault but the issue is we are just desperately lacking in any quality up top. It has been evident since the close season, it wasn't addressed and we're paying the price.
  8. We'll lose 1-0. Nouble just before half time.
  9. The Sack the Board chants may have started at about 80 minutes but people were booing them off at half time. Same fucking weapons singing 'sideways and backwards' despite us clearly looking for a pass or looking for Morais to get down the side, or singing 'attack attack attack' when we were attacking. The team isn't good enough but it's just unhelpful. We are where we are. Target the idiots that have got this side together rather than the side themselves.
  10. There may be a player in Segbe but I have not got a clue how a professional centre forward gets to 26 with so little awareness of where he needs to be to stay onside.
  11. For the second home Saturday running, the food in the fans bar was the highlight of the afternoon. Enjoying the set up in there. Well done and keep it up guys (if you're reading).
  12. He also hasn't started a league game for Plymouth.
  13. Bury got their 14 day notice (which is what Bolton have) 18 days ago.
  14. It wouldn't be pretty but Cogba would be a decent foil for Desire.
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