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  1. So they can help bring players in. I know AL and ML will be bringing the majority in from their vast scouting network but I think the manager should be in as well as they'll know how they want to play.
  2. I think you missed my point. I was saying should a manager with a similar record to Frankie next season be sacked considering AL has given 3 seasons to get up from this league. I'm saying it would a bit knee-jerk if we aren't expecting promotion that season. Scholes said he left because of interference amongst other things. If he has been libellous then AL should sue him. After that I think AL should have spoken to Wild earlier and find out his intentions and not leave it until the end of the season. If Wild didn't want the job we could have been looking for his replacement. Even now it's taken nearly 3 weeks and we don't appear to be any closer to knowing who the new person will. You might disagree but I think this should have been sorted out by now.
  3. I take it AL is going to give the next manager/head coach time to get things right on the pitch seeing as he's given the club 3 years to achieve promotion? Frankie Bunn had us in the FA Cup 3rd Round against Fulham and on the verge of the play off spots just a week before he was sacked. Given that the target is 3 seasons to achieve promotion should a manager be sacked for a similar performance next season? AL has had since Boxing Day to appoint a replacement. The Scholes saga dragged on far too long and ended far too quickly. After Scholes left efforts should have been made to find his replacement so we could go into Post Season with someone in charge, be it Wild or someone else. It's been nearly 3 weeks since Wild left. All we've had so far is a commitment that someone will be found. Not that an appointment is imminent which after 3 weeks I feel we should be in a position to announce who the new person is.
  4. Who won what? Anything of note happen during the night?
  5. The letter is vague on how he intends to improve the relationship with fans, how he intends to improve the club. He mentions about bringing people in onto the board but there’s no mention of The Trust getting a position despite it being required. If you tell a manager not to play someone as seems the case with Clarke or ban someone from playing like what happened with Fane at the end of last season then you are interfering with team selection. There is nothing in this letter that shows how he’s going to change things which would have been a start. Without that I cannot change my view that he is unfit to own this club.
  6. From watching Scholes' interview it appears that he's probably more suited to being a Coach rather than a Manager. He said he found watching videos of opposition games boring, if you aren't fully motivated to watch games then you perhaps miss the oppositions strengths and weaknesses. His record wasn't great but a few more minutes concentration and it would have been a good record and who knows where we would be now. We'll never know what Scholes could have done with a bit more time in charge, learning from early mistakes. I think the frustration with Scholes was more the ability to close games out, we had got ourselves in the position to win many games to end up drawing and losing. He wasn't helped by the way the club is being run from the top. It would have been much easier if he didn't have to worry about the owners messing around with the players he was there to manage. Others matters such as a lack of hot water, coffee machines being taken away aren't really what the manager should be concerned with but it shows the club is struggling and being run poorly. You appoint a Manager to manage, if you are going to interfere then there's no point hiring a Manager because you are undermining their position and they can't do their job affectively.
  7. AL is not fit to run the club if he cannot engage with the fans. The sooner he is gone the better it will be for OAFC.
  8. Will need Exeter to lose a couple of their last 4 games and they must lose to us when we play them. All we can hope for is we can take it to the last game and then who knows. Extremely doubtful from here.
  9. If it was me that was running the club and I'd received a letter highlighting fans concerns I'd acknowledge I had received and read it and will produce a response to it by the deadline as best as I could. The lack of a response at this point is a bit of a concern. 6 more days Abdallah.
  10. Doesn't matter who we get. Lemsagam will interfere and make their appointment pointless.
  11. I can't make it on Saturday as I'm in work but would urge everyone that can make it tries to attend to work out what we do next. There doesn't seem to be a lot of action from fans at the moment.
  12. You have to question why he's doing this now and not before. As admitted in the statement "With a owner who has the clubs best interests at heart, the events of last week have shown that there is now a disconnect between the fans and the club and the owner wants to repair that. Without the fans there is no club." It's only happening because the fans are disconnected with the club and this threatens his future ownership. He would just continue like he has done if we hadn't been so vocally critical of how he is running the club. All he wants to continue to run the club as he sees fit, he doesn't care about the fans.
  13. We will do. I'm sure there's a few fans that still think he's doing the right with the club.
  14. Only making changes because the future of him owning this club is under threat. Simon Brooke was part of the board but presumably he left because Lemgasam wouldn't listen. We have a Trust as well that Lemgasam won't speak to. We cannot be persuaded to think he has changed his thinking, he says one thing and does another. The only option for the club is for Lemgasam to sell up.
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