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  1. Doesn't matter who we get. Lemsagam will interfere and make their appointment pointless.
  2. I can't make it on Saturday as I'm in work but would urge everyone that can make it tries to attend to work out what we do next. There doesn't seem to be a lot of action from fans at the moment.
  3. You have to question why he's doing this now and not before. As admitted in the statement "With a owner who has the clubs best interests at heart, the events of last week have shown that there is now a disconnect between the fans and the club and the owner wants to repair that. Without the fans there is no club." It's only happening because the fans are disconnected with the club and this threatens his future ownership. He would just continue like he has done if we hadn't been so vocally critical of how he is running the club. All he wants to continue to run the club as he sees fit, he doesn't care about the fans.
  4. We will do. I'm sure there's a few fans that still think he's doing the right with the club.
  5. Only making changes because the future of him owning this club is under threat. Simon Brooke was part of the board but presumably he left because Lemgasam wouldn't listen. We have a Trust as well that Lemgasam won't speak to. We cannot be persuaded to think he has changed his thinking, he says one thing and does another. The only option for the club is for Lemgasam to sell up.
  6. He probably has to apply for every job as part of a clause for being sacked at his last job. You could appoint Guardiola for the job but it won’t matter when Al and Mo are the ones making the decisions regardless.
  7. Still support the club, always will but we need to get Lemsagam out of the club and find new owners. Enough is enough. I won't be going to games until he has gone and we have new owners. If we take away the gate money, the merchandise sales, he'll have to use more of his money to keep the club going and hopefully be forced to get out.
  8. Paul Scholes to manage a football club? Of course they're going to be interested.
  9. How long does an investigation need to take place for an outcome to be reached? It’s been months of disruption for the club not knowing what’s going to happen.
  10. It's just another way of showing respect, something that has recently started to happen on shirts. The club posted about it over the weekend and observed the minutes silence last night. You don't need to have a poppy to show respect.
  11. Hardly a disgrace, you don't need a poppy on a shirt to honour those who died in war.
  12. I can't see Bowyer quitting one circus to come join another one in a lower division.
  13. There doesn't seem to an effective system that we play. I can't make out what we are trying to do, no link ups that work. Looked far too slow in the first half, no fast counter attacking. Just seems 90 minutes of attrition hoping something comes off.
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