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  1. I'd rather the club completely go out of existence than see us become their feeder club. Hated them all my life but they've become everything they hate United for which is at best cringeworthy.
  2. This particularly made me piss! To find one person wearing shorts shorts and a Man Utd top with an old Latics badge tattooed on their calf is unbelievable enough but to have seen "numerous". What an absolute fucking clot.
  3. https://twitter.com/dan_taylor12/status/907708511223779328 This lad says different. I'd take everything like this with a pinch of salt to be honest.
  4. Hope this doesn't put an end to the Queensy Menig loan? That lad sounds exciting. That said this lad did bag 2 yesterday vs Everton so must have something about him!
  5. Are you fucking kidding? It's clearly him.
  6. Most likely scenarios for me are either Abdallah has pissed off the staff and Corney by seeming to bring in a load of shite foreign trialists or Abdallah has got fucking nowhere near the capital he probably claimed he had and has failed to come up with the money. Whatever happens at this stage, I think most of us are in agreement that Corney needs to go and soon. The club is going to die under his stewardship. Anyone got Richard Branson's number?
  7. Hey! I'm sad but I'm no bastard.
  8. If a takeover doesn't happen now and signings all lined up, we will go down with a record low number of points I would imagine. How this shower of shite squad has seen us breach FFP I will never know. Incredibly bad financial management by the club.
  9. When he said how a lot of us probably wish he'd followed the golf route, I couldn't help but feel for the guy. Fair fucks for doing it.
  10. Shay comes into work quite regularly over near Wilmslow and I can confirm he is definitely still in shape. Top bloke too.
  11. So were Blackburn fans!