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  1. Sylla has been our best player the last month or so. It’s just a shame that him and Missilou shouldn’t be played together at home. One needs to be sacrificed for someone like eagles. This one up front (or zero up front which it effectively was yesterday) needs to stop.
  2. We all knew he wanted out and stuff... although now Scholes is in he’s made some comments recently that made it sound like he wants to stay! Not a huge fan if I’m honest but I’d be intrigued to see what he would be like under Scholes
  3. Still a decent appointment. We’ve done same in the past with shez... The way this has been handled has been nothing short of shambolic... and to be fair, the way the clubs being run is shambolic! The trust need to be asking serious questions about AL and everything around it now. We will never move forward and improve with all these ridiculous politics behind the scenes and interference and mismanagement.
  4. He’s definitely better away from home... play to his strengths and support him and he does a job.
  5. Bunn also says he’s a premier league player... when he’s on loan to a league two team from a championship team
  6. I’m not saying he is fit and firing... but Baxter was training with Everton u23s as well as all summer doing a fitness camp thing which looked very intense on his Instagram. Hes not match fit, but he’s only Guna get that by playing games.
  7. Bunn did sound annoyed but he’s only got himself to blame, he signed him knowing the risk, he’s spent the budget how he has (mostly decent btw). worrying how he alluded to we can only really afford to do this kind of deal due to finances. The wage bill has been cut by over 50% and now being told we can only sign crocks basically.
  8. Still confuses why people push the whole B teams in the football league. It literally won’t happen, ever. No evidence that the big teams even want it to happen never mind everything else. Ridiculous argument.
  9. They’re all hypocrites and boycott until a sniff of Wembley appears and they lose all their morals!
  10. Anything or anyone interesting at training today?
  11. Iversen hunt clarke edmundson taylor cotterill missilou gardner engone o Grady surridge zeus, hamer, graham, coke, nepo, Baxter, benteke
  12. So? He’s French? I’d imagine most of England want France to lose most games they play?
  13. Here’s a thing. The trust could do their jobs as part of the trust and stop being so secretive and be the link between owner and fans.
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