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  1. Who the fuck is the ‘fan led group’ and how are they affording anything? Well confusing...
  2. We all knew he wanted out and stuff... although now Scholes is in he’s made some comments recently that made it sound like he wants to stay! Not a huge fan if I’m honest but I’d be intrigued to see what he would be like under Scholes
  3. Don’t know why Vera is getting stick, thought he had a decent game, good touch, good vision, brought others into play. Lang getting praised when he was arguably our worst player, even clearing our shot off their line 🤷🏻‍♂️ And constantly offside. Branger is the type of player who does better at the end of a game, maybe suited to coming on as a sub. Baxter did alright when he came on and all subs did well, especially the United lad, direct, pacey, good on the ball and a good confident finish. Iversen kept us in it at times and he really is an underrated keeper! Let’s hope we can push on and win these 3 home games now. And let’s hope the chairman can let Scholes get on with the job. Edit... It’s still an absolute disgrace that players are being frozen out and being made to train with the youths.
  4. Only one of Missilou and Sylla please. Not one of them can create... put an extra forward in or play Maouche and Baxter... lets play some exciting attacking football... or at least try to.
  5. Can’t see the game being on... also can’t see this team being played at all... mainly due to managers negative tactics and also chairman’s influence. Iverson Hunt Clarke Stott Lacovitti (spelling) Dearney (spelling) Sylla Maouche Baxter Nepo Vera With the rest on the bench... Hunt is obviously being frozen out so hamer will be there. Edmundson will probably play but I think he’s been shaky recently and needs a rest and Stott deserves a start. We are at home to one of (probably THE) worst teams in the league... don’t play two defensive midfielders.
  6. Have they gathered all the shit refs at once and sending them all to screw us over? We’ve had enough of them recently... give us a break. Can’t see game being on though.
  7. Why? They bailed on us... left us to die a slow painful death which is still happening... leaving corney to take all the flack. Spat their dummies out over failsworth. Rinse the club of any money it makes especially with the new stand. Why are they back on the scene? Showing up at matches, celebrating on the pitch at Fulham.
  8. He put a peach of a cross in for Clarke to stick home against Notts county... All our set pieces are shit... not just branger... nepo, Gardner, Maouche, Baxter All been guilty of not beating first man. So to pick him out is strange.
  9. Still a decent appointment. We’ve done same in the past with shez... The way this has been handled has been nothing short of shambolic... and to be fair, the way the clubs being run is shambolic! The trust need to be asking serious questions about AL and everything around it now. We will never move forward and improve with all these ridiculous politics behind the scenes and interference and mismanagement.
  10. Our annual drubbing is due then. No Clarke, no manager, no players... Lets just forfeit and take a 3-0 loss and save travelling.
  11. Sylla was decent today. Branger was really good... but that’s not true, branger should be right wing and nepo left wing and Lang should be central, proved that once again today. And then wide players where playing there when we had decent form at start of season.
  12. I’d put Lang in the Maouche free role position tomorrow. branger and nepo on the wings with Vera up top. Iverson dummigan clarke edmundson New LB sylla (needs must) missilou branger Lang nepo vera
  13. Don’t think he will play for us again
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