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  1. Wikipedia update: "On 25th June 2019, Woods signed for Oldham Athletic. It was announced by the club on twitter who hid his identity at first for the big reveal, using the back of Woods head, making many Oldham fan tremble with fear as he resembled Joe Hart from the back."
  2. A snippet from Wikipedia: "After 17 league appearances for Orient during the 2014–15 season, he found himself as number two behind Alex Cisak."
  3. . . . and she speaks French, which might come in useful! Linkedin
  4. In case it turns out to be true - did we have a sell-on clause?
  5. Both matches against Exeter are on Tuesday nights! Boxing Day trip to Morecambe. Scunthorpe at home on New Year's Day. Final match away at Grimsby.
  6. First match is away to Forest Green! https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/june/20062019-fixtures/
  7. The fixtures for the new season are due out at 9.00am this morning. Start Date – Saturday 3 August 2019 Carabao Cup Round One – w/c 12 August 2019 Carabao Cup Final – Sunday 1 March 2020 EFL Trophy Round One – w/c 2 September 2019 EFL Trophy Final – Sunday 5 April 2020 League Two Play-Off Final – Saturday 16 May 2020 EFL Key Dates EFL News Latics first game is . . .
  8. A fee of around £650k according to Mike Keegan.
  9. 33.8 Home Grown Players. Each Club shall be required to nominate a minimum of seven Home Grown Players on their Team Sheet of Players for all League Competition Matches (including Play Off Matches). 33.9 ‘Home Grown Player’ shall mean a Player who irrespective of his nationality or age, has been registered with:- 33.9.1 his current Club; and/or 33.9.2 a Club and/or any other football club affiliated to the Football Association or the Football Association of Wales, for a period, continuous or not of three Seasons or 36 months prior to his 21st birthday (or the end of the Season during which he turns 21). For the purposes of this definition of Home Grown Player only, a Season will be deemed to commence on the date on which the Summer Transfer Window in that Season closes (including the Extended Period) and expire on the date of the final League Match of the Season. https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/efl-rules--regulations/section-5--fixtures/
  10. I think the above Twitter feed deserves repeating: David Broadbent‏ @Broadystar Replying to @EdenCreativeUK @RicPD Congrats on the move! How come you’ve moved out of #oafc though?! 5:39 PM - 12 Jun 2019 Ric Dennis‏ @RicPD Replying to @Broadystar @EdenCreativeUK Simple reason! AL! Full to capacity at Eden at the moment, struggled to do the programme for the 2nd half of the season due to the amount of work a 64 page programme takes - all was done for free for the club along with the rest of the design work and running of the boards......told AL I simple couldn’t afford to do it for free anymore and suggested they use the printers to do the artwork - AL didn’t like it so “evicted” Eden from the office at the club along with the services. Over 10 years of work for nothing and that’s how AL treats people......he’s not very nice man! the sad thing is I personally did a lot more for the club than he knew! Funny thing is - from the people that have left/been forced out, they can’t all be wrong but he keeps defending his actions...Saw and heard a lot whilst in there...not good at all! That’s the thing - everyone says the same - can’t all be wrong! Some of the stuff the goes on is dodgey! Feel so sorry for the full time staff there!
  11. I think singe meant this from the Peterborough owner:
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