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  1. There was also talk from one of the journalists on the Sunday Supplement on Sky that a few of the Championship clubs want a bail out from the Premier League, and one suggestion was a 2nd Premier League - similar to Bundesliga 2 in Germany!
  2. Why a merger of League 2 and the National League, rather than a merger of League's 1 and 2?
  3. Chris Taylor released by Bradford City.
  4. I think you may be right. I can't see crowds back at football matches until next year, and only after a vaccine has been found. That could be well into 2021.
  5. "Immediately after the Second World War, Oldham turned out in red and white hooped jerseys borrowed from their neighbours, Oldham RLFC, presumably because the traditional shirts were not available." http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Oldham_Athletic/Oldham_Athletic.htm
  6. "The Early Bird deadline for season tickets has now been extended to Monday 1 June 2020 with renewals and purchases still available online for those that want to do so." Has anyone bought a season ticket over the past month? I wouldn't be surprised if we haven't sold any!
  7. It's academic for quite a few, as their contracts end on June 30th! 20. Zeus de la Paz (2020 plus option) 2. Zak Mills (2020) 6. Jamie Stott (2020 plus option) 15. Javid Swaby-Neavin (probably 2020 plus option) 29. Tomáš Egert (2020 plus option) 7. Johan Branger-Engone (2020) 10. Mohamed Maouche (2020) 11. Gevaro Nepomuceno (2020) 17. Christopher Missilou (2020) 24. Mohamad Sylla (2020) 25. Chris McCann (2020 plus option) 16. Scott Wilson (2020) 19. Désiré Sègbè Azankpo (2020 plus option) 27. Kielen Adams (2020 plus option) 55. Zak Dearnley (2020 plus option)
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