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  1. Rochdale match already called off due to a waterlogged pitch.
  2. "Q. Unless Abdallah purchases the ground, disputes with any landlord will continue to crop up every season, how does he intend to solve this? If the landlord isn’t Oldham Fans then it could end up in the hands of a landlord like those who own shops in high streets which are constantly closing. A. No one, apart from the club, will/ can buy the stadium for the various legal reasons and the very bad structure of ownership created by the previous ownership. If the supporters foundation (aka Trust) comes up with a fan ownership proposal, I am sure the Board will consider and be supportive of it, but it has to be the supporters’ foundation and not any other self-proclaimed fan group with undeclared finances, backers, no transparency, and massive conflicts of interest." Is it true that "no one, apart from the club, will / can buy the stadium"?
  3. I presume it's the same David Conn who wrote an article in The Independent in 2004 on the Blitz / Gazal takeover?
  4. According to the Crewe commentary we've got someone called Moo Shay up front!
  5. Harry Robinson and Sonhy Sefil have both left the club, with Gregor Zabret returning to Swansea City. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/february/03022020-robinson-sefil-and-zabret-leave-latics/
  6. Yes, but Oldham Council would have bought the land from Blitz and Gazal (or Brassbank), not from Oldham Athletic!
  7. " . . . £5.2 million pounds provided to the Club by Oldham Council in respect of the the North Stand." It has been reported in the past that the club was awarded a £700k grant from Oldham Council when the council also bought the Lancaster Club site from Blitz and Gazal. Has anyone seen any council minutes stating a higher figure was awarded? Maybe Oldham Council would like to comment, or could a FOI request be submitted?
  8. "In his interview with SunSport, Lemsagam declared: “If you want the big picture there is £5.2m missing in the club and we are fighting to get it back. “The North Stand is owned by Brass Bank but built with the money of Oldham Athletic.” Lemsagam’s claims sparked a two-month investigation by SunSport. We have since been shown detailed legal and financial documents strongly suggesting that Blitz and Brass Bank acted lawfully."
  9. According to the (so called) 'Realistic Oldham Athletic Supporters Group' on Facebook, the North Stand closure is the fault of PTB, OEC, and Brassbank!
  10. Confirmed that the North Stand is closed tomorrow. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/january/27012020-north-stand/
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