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  1. Not walked down Sheepfoot Lane since the game against Crewe. Will be there.
  2. Wouldn’t he have had to walk across the pitch back to the dugouts? Never saw it myself but can’t say I was paying any attention. I’m sure Banny is allowed to sit in on the half time team talk...
  3. When you’re put in midfield to be the creative outlet you’re going to shoulder a lot of the criticism when the team shows no creativity. Wanting the ball and trying things that just don’t come off, wouldn’t be criticised. This guy is completely disinterested for the large majority of games. Compare him to Mills who was always on the move and found himself in acres of space quite a few times, it’s night and day. We’ve seen his ability so we all know it’s there, it’s just a complete lack of application.
  4. No idea, but I can’t imagine it’ll be pretty when the toys come out of the pram. Give it 5 or 6 games of this season and the Lemmy fans will turn. That’s all most fans care about ultimately.
  5. Can’t believe you lot are even wasting your time on BB80. The guy massively disliked Corney, as many of us did, the difference is he disliked him so much, he’s letting it cloud his opinion of the new guy because he chucked a couple of statements out slagging off our past owners running of the club. If he can’t see it now he’ll just have to wait until it goes completely tits up.
  6. I’m only surprised these accounts didn’t come with another statement spinning it as knocking millions off the clubs debt...
  7. Probably about par for the course, retail managers are underpaid full stop, even at companies that are raking it in. I can’t imagine this shop will make much money.
  8. I believe Chris Eagles is around the place...
  9. I don’t trust the trust, but I think if they’ve seen the books and say financially we’re at least not in serious jeopardy, I’m going to hope they wouldn’t lie about that.
  10. 39 percent of this forum want to keep Rob Hunt. Just when you think you’ve seen it all.
  11. I’m pretty sure it’s entirely possible to guess the result of a football match. That’s why it’s called guess.
  12. Over 800 people ready to lap up anything that is thrown at them for another year then. Shame.
  13. That's in the box in the corner of the main stand/chaddy, not the new stand.
  14. If we'd have gone to extra time against Everton the other year, we'd have been about 100x times more likely to win than in the replay, where we were always going to get done.
  15. Don't know why they're not shutting the whole lot today, or the whole lot at the end of August. We'll be probably get another couple in on loan, but imagine we'll have to wait until the end of August for what's left and for parent clubs to decide who's needed. It's mostly frustrating though because the sooner it shuts and we can get on with this season with or without (hopefully with) Jack Byrne, the better.
  16. Quite a few of the usual lower league suspects floating around on that list of who clubs have signed. I'm probably just a bit bored these days, but I get more excitement out of the French Lads than I would some of those names. Until they walk out against MK Dons I will have never seen Benteke, Missilou or Branger play at any level. They could turn out to be decent or complete dross once the proper games start, the complete unknown is exciting.
  17. When we were on our hot streak, he stood out at CB because we were winning, he looked assured bringing the ball out and is obviously a good player technically. Once we started losing, he started to get found out fairly regularly at the back. Dembele and Édouard would probably enjoy playing against him.
  18. £4 increase on the day still. I just don't see the benefit of this? All it does is potentially deter fans from turning up on the day. Some fans can't commit beforehand due to work commitments etc...
  19. It's a fair price to me and you, but your average 'football' fan in Oldham would still tell you it's a rip off for League Two football.
  20. It's a £2 deduction to reflect our relegation. I don't think adults are going to be flocking to BP for such a saving. The under 21 price is a good move though.
  21. If you're talking about Ambrose, it seems he's friends with Branger, going off Instagram. Probably just there watching him.
  22. Adam Rooney signing for Salford. Big chance we're playing a side with 500 home fans next year if we don't make it out.
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