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  1. With the early bird discount ending in just 8 days time, are we expecting the club to announce an extension to this date? I think we are desperately overdue an update on this from the club. Unless I’ve missed something?
  2. Bob (Isaacs) did. After the match, he complained on Facebook that Exeter didn’t serve gravy with his chips.
  3. Is it a pre requisite that ALMO can only be in this country for them to influence team selection?
  4. I have an army of 11 year olds making the trip to Crewe. Has anyone any idea of the admission price for these guys? Thanks.
  5. So why is it so technically difficult to coach?
  6. Unchanged from Tuesday? Possible options: Chris McCann - fit again and on the bench with a contract extension? 🤞 Mani Dieseruvwe on the bench after returning from injury?
  7. Tonight: Sylla outstanding - MOM. Missile is getting back to his best. Injury worry with Zeus at the end. Tomorrow: Extend McCann’s contract. Saturday: More of the same please!
  8. Agree! This fixture, for want if a better phrase, is a boycotter’s nightmare. Go on, you know you want to....
  9. It will be Interesting to see how Tuesday plays out both on and off the pitch. If the North stand is closed then the atmosphere in the main stand could get pretty tasty for so many reasons. Dino has set it up very nicely with his team selections, tactics and comments this evening hasn’t he?
  10. I’ll tempt fate. we've scored just 2 goals in the last 6 games!
  11. Who would make the better manager? (I didn’t say at Latics!) McCann or Morais?
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