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  1. We have, as a minimum, a 30.77% chance of playing a non league side in the 2nd round. However, overall, our chances of progress to the 3rd round draw are, in all honesty much lower than that, aren’t they?
  2. I can’t recall watching a more one sided game than tonight. As BP said, a 12-0 win wouldn’t have flattered us. ahh, the exuberant of youth with our finishing, some fantastic goalkeeping and just some sheer bad luck..... 11 Williams was my MOM amongst many strong performances all around him. DC impressed me. Passive, respectful but certainly ‘on it’. Our boys are in good hands, they worked hard for him from min 1-90. Credit must go to Nantwich for their resilience and attitude - both team and staff. £3 well spent tonight for sure.
  3. 4 big points tonight, 3 by the team but arguably the biggest being made by Dino.
  4. For those who want to avoid this; Don’t watch BBC2 from 19.00 - 19.30 tonight.
  5. Benchmark the same Tuesday night fixture exactly 12 months ago. Tuesday 23 October 2018 Latics 2 - 0 Cheltenham. Ref Ben Toner reduced CTFC to 10 men right on H-T. Benteke (sub) and Lang scored late on. Attendance: 2800. Team: Iverson Hamer Clarke Edmundson Hunt Missilou Gardner Baxter Nepomuceno Lang O’Grady
  6. Eagles is here quite rightly to feather his own nest but I can’t for the life of me understand why he’s had so little game time. Surely he’s already proved to have more quality than most of the 15 midfielders we have so why is he a permanent fixture on the perch? Sorry, bench. Anyway, who is the latest to get their p45?
  7. Dino set his stall out big time in his interview on Tuesday night. Touching on the same tonight he essentially followed it up by suggesting he was far more comfortable working with a much smaller squad of 24 or so, and he backed that up with several reasons that in my opinion, no one could really argue with. He was subtle but firm yet he didn’t belittle his colleague/s one aorta. Fair do’s. Mohammed Lensagem though was on a different planet. Despite believing he was doing a good job, he was unable to specifically articulate any of the reasons why - he was truly embarrassing and at no point during the evening did he actually say anything that anyone in that room could believe. Reading out players names and giving us an 🤷🏼‍♂️, what’s that all about? His final cop out was to treat that microphone like a hot potato. “The Weakest Link” and “You’re Fired” spring to mind. Simple solution: Mo goes.....Abdallah funds....Dino recruits....and as for Barry ...🤦‍♂️
  8. Chesterfield v Halifax tonight. 22nd v 2nd.
  9. Agree. I think Morais is a good signing tbh. Its just that everyone, understandably so, is getting frustrated that we haven’t signed that elusive striker as yet. Thus my question in respect of loan numbers.
  10. How many loans have we got now and what’s he maximum we can have?
  11. As things currently stand: BBC league 2 table suggests 1 team relegated. SKY league 2 table suggests 2 teams relegated. My understanding is that an EFL September meeting with league 2 representatives will make a final decision, so SKY table is correct, for now.
  12. Not entirely fake in that they did occupy the bench together for a good 3 or 4 minutes before the players returned.
  13. He and his entourage left the North Stand early, I glance at the clock, 84’, and thought it was a bit odd.
  14. "Gummigan Done" offers an alternative perspective. All the best Cammy, I liked you when you were playing for us.
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