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  1. To say his main contacts are solksjaer and butt is a bit off... Just thinking quickly he'll have worked with the following.... Mclaran - QPR Kidd - City Not sure his personal relationship with gerrard/lampard but certainly played many times alongside so that potentially brings in Derby / Rangers. His contacts will be much wider than those he played with for united.
  2. No official mention of it but i know a couple of journos and they (club) have definately circulated the fact there is one today
  3. One would probably suffice on current form
  4. Maybe that's the gamble on the 300k... Extra money on scholes but more options at utds youth on the cheap...
  5. I think he's improved a little but i dont see us creating anything with a central paring of sylla and Missilou. A central 3 is the only way i see us playing both as it stands so then branger out... Lang out wide and just o grady up top
  6. Im heading in that direction.... Nepo is a solid winger at league two level yet is stuck in an un-natural position. He's working had and actually improving as a full back but is he better than hunt / dummigan...not at thr moment. Branger shows flashes but needs to release the ball. His end product is average at best... Vera looks like he's way short of fitness and in ability although ive not seen enough to really judge. We're ridiculously light and not maximisng the few players we have at our disposal and this time next werk, a couple of defeats could all but see the season over. We needed an extra push in the last couple of weeks to continue the feeling after the Fulham game yet we've completely turned that good feeling around. Team for midweek Iverson Dummigan Hamer Edmundson Hunt Nepo Missilou Baxter Branger Lang O'grady About as good as we can get out of what we have at the moment.
  7. We delaying until after the transfer window closes? Scholes can't interfere with AL's signings if they're already in!
  8. Who are these people who put moimbe in the 'decent' bracket when we start talking about imports..... Braininless and an average full back at best
  9. I claimed ones where i was still sat on the bench.... Dont ask dont get
  10. Anyone know much about him? 3 in 25 at league one....
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