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  1. Thats not just making sure the door is open... Its pushing people through the door. A club needs a manager and on day 1 interviews someone and thinks that's our guy... They now have to interview a BAME or they can't make the hire. Whose to say he doesn't go anywhere else whilst they're waiting for a BAME applicant? What if there aren't any? The football league going to verify this? Do they interview someone knowing they arent going to offer the job? Isn't that worse for the candidate.... Being the token gesture? Im all for equality but this fixes nothing. If you've got a fundamental racist chairmen they run one through the system and the BAME candidate fails... If the chairman isn racist, they will pick the best person for the job with or without the rule...
  2. Are they allowed to interview 3 BAME and no white? Really is stupid... If your good enough, no one gives a sh*t what colour you are... Same as players..
  3. Dont they have tighter financial restrictions now they're EFL?
  4. He could be next manager never mind captain...
  5. Obviously its very tongue in cheek.. The turnaround in opinion is ridiculously quick based on one meeting which we've heard snippets from. All of a sudden he's not so bad... Listen to the people who have left.... The players, managers, staff... All saying hos actions speak louder than his words. Its time to hold him to account and i dont think this trust is in a position to do this.
  6. Too busy counting the cash in the brown envelope that was slid across the table at their meeting that went so well
  7. You have to wonder... What kind of youngish pro is happy to spend year after year sat on the bench. Says everything about his hunger to play games. Similarly with sefyl... Fairly certain he was in the main stand on saturday smiling and joking with a greasy looking guy who I assumed was his and others agent. We got thumped and they both appeared to stroll around like millionaire playboys. They're all getting a free ride and true pros like clarke are getting fooked over or sick of keeping the two sets of lads (Frenchlads and homegrowns) as close together as possible. Missilou the only one who can hold his head high and you wouldn't blame him for getting out to progress. Hes the only one with half decent career ahead of him.
  8. I've dialled the club to cancel mine but i cant bring myself to press the start call button. It'll be a killer to cancel after 30 years but i dont see many other choices
  9. Still can't get over the response to scholes.....he had 7 games of which we won one and should have won at least 3 others but for poor on-pitch decisions. You simplu cannot say Scholes or Wild or good or bad managers based on what they had to work with at latics.... He didnt even get a transfer window ffs....
  10. I wasn't sold on Wild as manage but he cared.... He deserved to go back in as academy coach and do what he loved. If he's left for external personal reasons OK fair enough but i highly doubt this. Can only be for a disagreement in club direction. The few percent who blindly backed AL need to wake up
  11. Be too busy with the youth team for confessional...
  12. Tiny... Angel investment has prob kept them afloat and ive never seen t he point in their tech. Doubt they'll exist too long if im honest. Be suprised if the company is worth more than a couple hundred thousand...
  13. MM is better when you remove his defensive duties and push him further up the pitch. If he plays in a flat 4 he struggles...
  14. Also shouted "go down" to robinson as he headed towards the box late second half. Clarke was about 5 yards away at the time.....
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