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  1. Genuinly think he'll do OK there... Hes raw, has his negatives but id take him over 80% of the current squad.... Too good for league one players us!
  2. He told maouche to play for the badge... Maouche Turned away and sulked to himself. The issue here lies with the players.... You can carry lazy decent players who pop up with some magic here and there throughout a game. You can forgive lack of ability and carry a couple if you get a bit of heart and passion from them. This lot show no real work rate and no flashes of quality. They look like they don't care and have done since before DM. Couple that with a total lack of ability in most of them and we are doomed whoever takes charge.
  3. Welcome to the forum Mr Maouche.... You were even more embarrassing today than usual which is something of an achievement
  4. I thought he was poor.... Cant judge too much as he wont be fit but don't think he added anything more than what we already had. Give him 5/6 games and see though
  5. I was 10 days out on my Banide watch... Im going 25th November
  6. Almost as frustrating as the dog that trots round premier league ground boards.... Im happy for a bit of animation... Genuinly wasn't bothered by the darker ones but the who pitch lit up when the white ones came on. Must be distracting as a player when it changes.
  7. Dark adverts were OK... The white Wakelet one was horrendous
  8. Yet you've avoided a simple question about 5 times whilst still posting... Strange isn't it
  9. Fane left without a peep.... Clarke left with barely a mention and then Coke and o'grady removed from squad without a word. And to think one of lemmys six pillars agreed with the 'Trust' was transparency...
  10. Wanted something then... Not enough fans behind it. That doesn't mean we shouldn't do it... Im happy for him to stay (for now) if he accepts the mistakes and drops his interference in team selections and gets some English football league knowledge around him. A change in transfer policy on top of that would give him some leeway....the problem is he's too stubborn to do this and this is ultimately what will kill us.
  11. I'd like to see something before or after the game but in additon (regardless of how we feel about them) we should back the players 100% through the game...
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