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  1. TheBigDog

    Bury (H)

    It would be good to have an update on Taylor, Dummigan, Baxter, Gardner, La Paz and Fane 😀 Miller is available next week and should be on the bench.
  2. TheBigDog

    Bury (H)

    As many have already posted in this thread, the first half yesterday was the best 45 minutes we have seen from the team this season. It was unfortunate that we conceded so early in the second half - caught napping for the first and could not clear our lines for the second. Bury looked a decent side and their recent form is testimony to that. They had a go after the break pushing us deeper and narrower in our play. And yet they simply could not live with us in that first half. Given the weather conditions, we should applaud both sides for the levels of skill and commitment shown yesterday - I know that it is what they are paid to do but all contributed to a game that was exciting and compelling until the final whistle. And a final nod to all who turned up - it was a typical ISZ winter’s day but a performance that left us all buzzing 😀
  3. TheBigDog


    Me and my mate will be setting off at 8:45...👀
  4. TheBigDog

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    1565 tickets sold as of today . 😮
  5. TheBigDog


    Starting with Bury on Satdee please....
  6. TheBigDog

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    How much does the winning side get? 😉
  7. Not angry at all😀 Hadn’t even spotted that until jsslatic pointed it out tbh.
  8. Your first sentence is frankly insulting. ‘Obedient’? What are you on about? Obedient is when you do as you are told. The fans who went last night did so because they chose to - nothing else.
  9. TheBigDog

    FA Cup 2018-19

    I never cease to be amazed by our Away followings. I stand very much corrected 😮 I am definitely in the mood for one..or two 🍻
  10. TheBigDog

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Open sale next Tuesday onwards.
  11. Just watched the highlights. The pen... the ball is blasted at Clarke from a few yards - how the ref can believe that is a penalty only he knows. Shocking decision.
  12. I’ve said it on here (and to anyone within earshot!) that there are no decent referees any more. They simply have no room for manoeuvre in decision making - It has coincided with the way that referees are scrutinised. It is also not helped by the players going down when the opposing player makes slight contact. The penalty awarded against us yesterday was an example of a referee allowing all this pressure to compromise his decision making. Furthermore the continued lack of discipline shown by the players to the match officials only compounds the problem. Respect? You’re ‘avin’ a laugh ...
  13. TheBigDog

    OWTB - What's it worth?

    Should have a few bob from me coming through today 😀 - cheers!
  14. TheBigDog


    Possibly and yes totally understandable. By the same token, it may just take a goal to get him back on the right path. The worry is that Doyle is still struggling to regain his form. Hopefully Surridge does not go the same way 👀