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  1. As a policy I agree that our recruitment, of both players and manager has simply not worked. Once again since the end of yet another poor season we have seen a huge turnover in staff throughout the club. A move away from the original approach is evident but the calibre of player brought in points to either a lack of ambition or more likely a lack of finances In the last month we have brought in the likes of Dearnley, Piergianni, Jamboti and Borthwick-Jackson -and yes three of those had already been on loan here but you could argue it allowed the club to assess whether the players are a good fit for our crazy club. Add those to the likes of Rowe, Hamer and Wheater (if they remain at the club) and we have the start of a league 2 squad...and not a #frenchlad among them. It seems to me that AL and MO don’t seem to know what ‘the plan’ is and are still reacting too slowly to the failure of their “bring ‘em in cheap and sell ‘em on at a profit” foreign player strategy. Recruitment has changed over the past year but it still seems haphazard at best. I agree that the recruitment policy is important but I also agree that the way the club is run and the way the staff are treated is of paramount importance too. The bottom line line is that until a buyer steps forward, and AL is willing to sell, the anniversary season is likely to be more of the same.
  2. Your first sentence, whilst stating the fairly obvious, misses the point of my original post. I was looking for an explanation as to why such a Wycombe stalwart and much loved player was not offered a further contract.
  3. If true, and I have no reason to doubt this, it would mean we have cover at the back. Just wonder if we may shortly see the departure of Hamer? 🤔
  4. He wasn’t making the team at Wycombe - he last played back in February for them and will be 33 years old this month. Maybe Ainsworth feels that the Championship is beyond him? Best quote from the Wycombe fans thread: “One of those rare players it's a joy to watch while also regularly giving you a panic attack. The definition of mercurial.”
  5. It is quite likely that the owner and board had delayed any announcements on plans going forward until the ‘head coach’ situation was resolved. It doesn’t make it right or any more palatable I agree but it could explain this lack of information as to the immediate short term plan. or it could be that they simply have no frickin’ idea... 😉
  6. Watching the way that both Chelsea and Arsenal play out from the back leaves me hoping that Kewell favours the long ball option 😮
  7. when that happens, the missing will be back in their thousands.
  8. Not sure that we are a ‘laughing stock’ in the footballing community. We have been way beyond that for some time now. The overriding response I get from my friends and colleagues who are football people is one of pity. Looking forward to the week ahead...
  9. Given the state of the club, I’ve heard that MM has said that he will only re-sign if he is offered more money AND the captain’s armband... allegedly 😉
  10. With a capacity of 6;018 that’s not a bad effort.
  11. Seems to suggest that Wigan don’t expect to win the appeal against the points deduction which is taking place tomorrow. 🤔
  12. And he’s only just turned 38 years old 🙄
  13. I thought that everyone else bar Natalie was furloughed...
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