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  1. Their CEO is better looking than ours though...😉
  2. Someone may have already suggested this.... Any of us season ticket holders who fancy a protest could always propel onto the pitch the ‘high quality’ scarf that we received when we purchase this season’s card. Furthermore this action could be coordinated to happen in the 31st minute of the game ...
  3. I had exactly this thought too 🤔 I believe that having seen Taylor in training, Scholes would rightly conclude that the left back’s best days are well and truly behind him. Maybe AL forgot to mention the contract clause if/when he asked PS not to pick the ‘past his best’ defender? It’s good this guesswork game 😀
  4. I don't think that Maouche should be singled out as having a stinker. He was at fault for the second Swindon goal its true, but up to that point he was on a par with the rest of our ineffective forwards. Thereafter his head dropped and was rightly subbed. Agree with your point that Baxter and Sylla made a huge difference. O'Grady simply failed to hold the ball up and that meant that the ball kept coming back at us. It was a strange performance by the team, similar to the second half at Colchester. Having said that, we looked by far the better side for the last quarter and Lang could have won it for us. Baxter and Sylla to start at Cheltenham.
  5. Wow 😮 - you actually know that this was the case? Come on then, name names...
  6. Wouldn’t you agree though that if he’d only quit in the right way he may not have been judged so harshly by some for it?
  7. Er... because he can show he is the better man perhaps?
  8. The point would be that at least he would have tried to convince AL to leave team selection to the manager as was promised. How he resigned is relevant in that Scholes lost the respect of many, myself included, in the way he did quit. I suppose my my stance is that by not engaging with Lemsagan in a professional manner Scholes lost the opportunity to leave with dignity and his reputation intact. Highly relevant I think.
  9. It probably wouldn’t have panned out quite like that obvs 🤔 but the point still stands that, from what we are hearing, the interference was on one occasion. Why did Scholes not meet with Lemsagam and spell it out rather than resigning by WhatsApp? Quite simply, for me, Scholes realised that he ‘couldn’t make a difference’ and decided to get out.
  10. Aha! Just to clarify, I think that AL has made an error of judgement in simply ignoring the letter. I wonder if we will belatedly hear from him now that Scholes has had his say?
  11. The mcfluff post captures it for me. If it was only the once that AL allegedly said ‘Don’t pick him’ then why didn’t PS tell AL to back off? Watching the video only serves to confirm that Scholes realises his mistake in accepting the job,wasn’t prepared to fight and just wanted out.
  12. ‘Once I get told “Don’t play him” it’s time to go’ And later ‘ To be fair that only happened once’ 😮 Ffs....
  13. I don’t actually understand this post Dave 👀 What are you saying is irrelevant? My opinion that AL’s non response was misjudged?
  14. Disappointing but not surprising outcome. Misjudged in my opinion.
  15. Posted 4 hours ago... I make that 3:30 am. 🕞 ‘Good night’ shuck?
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