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  1. TheBigDog

    Bury (A)

  2. You say whoring, I say earning easy money. 👀
  3. TheBigDog

    Crewe (H)

    I’ll be getting up the motorway to watch the game live. Hoping that a few non regulars will come along to see the new manager’s second game. Crewe should bring 500+ so it would be good to see a crowd in excess of 5,000 for only the second time this season 😊
  4. TheBigDog

    Crewe (H)

    Some different numbers: 86 & 94 - Saturday 88 & 89 - Tuesday Time of late goals versus Crawley and Yeovil. #keeponplayingtillthefinalwhistlelads
  5. TheBigDog

    Douze points sur douze

    😂 Bringbacktheupboatoption
  6. TheBigDog

    Crewe (H)

    A few numbers: 7 goals scored in the last two games 7 different goal scorers in Branger, Dearnley, Nepomuceno, Baxter, Lang, Maouche, Missilou 4 #frenchlads looking like decent players 3 loanees justifying being here 2 young lads starting regularly having come through the ranks 1 JBB 1 Captain, Leader, Legend
  7. TheBigDog

    Bury (A)

    1578 sold as of yesterday.
  8. TheBigDog

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Branger is a predominately left footed player who, as well as being played in his best position (wide left ahead of Nepomuceno) has added consistency to his game recently. Last night illustrated that playing Gevaro at fullback in tandem with Johan ahead of him has potential 😀
  9. TheBigDog

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    No-one on here ever pushed for a big lump up front - you are confusing that with most wanting a proper striker to play through the middle I think. 🤔 Branger was consistently good tonight - his link up play with Nepomuceno was first class.
  10. TheBigDog

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Thats what I call ‘hanging in there!’ 😉
  11. TheBigDog


    Had no problems whatsoever tonight.
  12. TheBigDog

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Yeovil are a physical, cynical, one-dimensional side. We’ve got a battle here to win this. Some naive play from our players when closing down. Hang in there lads!
  13. TheBigDog

    Statement from Abdallah

    He could have a go at that kicking a ball through the tyre thingy...😀