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  1. Fair comment. But just wait for the mad scramble for players when/if the season does finally get the go ahead.
  2. However, you cannot deny that If the club finances do go tits up Coronavirus will have played a part. Just how big a part is yet to be determined but the longer it takes to get the 20/21 season underway with fans in attendance, the greater the impact will be.
  3. Abdallah has spent and lost a lot of money since buying parts of the club - I imagine that debts have increased sharply in the past three months. He may not be able to carry on alone or even at all 🤔
  4. I’d take Ashley. His money would go a lot further in the fourth division. Besides we already have the fact that both St James Park and Boundary Park were once called Sports Direct.com Arena/ Park in common. And his record of hiring and firing managers is familiar too 😎
  5. English Football League: Promotion and relegation to remain if seasons curtailed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52758193 Stevenage to drop out of the league after all?
  6. Aye. The figures used were average salaries. Interesting nonetheless that for every £2K per week salary in a squad of twenty-five, would mean either another two squad members would be on £500 or even four squad members on £750. Next step is going part time ...
  7. Salary cap: EFL proposes League One and League Two cap on wages https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52738597 A salary cap of £1.25m suggested for League 2... That’s a total wage bill of just over £100k per month. A squad of twenty-five (*) would mean each player receives £4K a month or less than a grand a week 😮 The way around this naturally would be incentive/bonus schemes dependent upon success criteria- maybe not such a bad thing? * Another proposal suggesting squads of twenty which would give each £5K per month.
  8. Edmundson better than M’Voto Surridge better than Smith Missilou better than M’Changama Plus Iversen, Clarke and Lang makes six of the eleven better players in my opinion. Each to his own I suppose. 😎
  9. Re the side that played against Liverpool, I genuinely don’t think that the individual players, with one or two exceptions, were that good. It was the collective team performance that won us the game. Look at the team that finished the game versus Fulham - far better players imho. Iversen Hamer Clarke Edmundson Nepomuceno Lyden Missilou Maouche Branger Lang Surridge
  10. I was looking at the lineup and wondering how many would get into our current team... Grounds, Baxter, Wesolowski and perhaps Matt Smith but the rest of ‘em? 😀
  11. He’s had three or four shots so far but he has not quite got it right 😬
  12. You said it yourself.. a good player and captain. He played 107 times for us and gave his all in every game. He was a leader both on and off the pitch. I have nothing but respect for this guy. And if that doesn’t convince you then there is THAT goal at Chesterfield 😎 🎣?
  13. I live down in South Oxfordshire and take in most of the southern Away games (as well as a good number of home matches). With the possible exception of Leyton Orient, Oxford and Swindon I would not miss too many of the southern away days. I genuinely think that a regionalised approach will happen.
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