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  1. This mentality seems to go hand in hand with the advent of social media as a platform for expressing a view on a wide variety of subjects. It is very easy to join in with the prevailing opinion and it is also very easy to hide behind a pseudonym (says he who posts as TheBigDog...). Many fire off opinions that are often taken for the truth (either intentionally or not). What we end up with is many forming a viewpoint based on hearsay or uncorroborated evidence. The impression that I have of Barry Owen is largely informed by what I have read on this forum and other social media platforms. I don’t doubt that he has the best interests of the club at heart but he has come across as patronising and heavy handed with some of his comments. And I’m sure he would admit that he has made mistakes in the past. Has he learnt from these mistakes? Time will tell I suppose. This does it for me: ’There's one thing for sure which I am guessing we all agree on, the club is in a right mess. Fragmented, tangled and is going to take one almighty effort to turn it around.’
  2. Original question states ‘last 25 years’... so that takes us back to 1994. Andy Ritchie. Rick Holden. Roger Palmer.
  3. And a blue collar too... still look good though. 👍
  4. My view is that he still has skills that would make him a good player at this level. ’walk the league’? Nah. ’retained the ability he had six or more years ago’? Probably not. What I did see last season was a player who did stand out as a classy player when fit and playing regularly. I would have him back if some middle ground on his wages could be found (assuming that the reports that he didn’t re-sign due to a low wages offer are true).
  5. Apart from Crawley, Colchester last season that is. And then there was Fulham...👀
  6. Given the income from the Edmundson sale plus Barry Owen’s part in bringing in Mills, I am hoping that Barry Owen will be back in AL’s ear trying to convince him to get Jose back by offering more money. I would.
  7. Kit looks good on him too says my missus...
  8. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/june/21062019-george-edmundson-departs/ undisclosed fee... 😎
  9. Zak is looking forward to meeting up with his new teammates and has signed up for french lessons in preparation 🙂 * allegedly
  10. The point I am making to ghostofcecere is that I have absolutely no interest to hear that he is not attending next season. If that makes me a ‘happy clapper’ then you are seriously deluded.
  11. I have absolutely no interest in your non attendance next season either...👀
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