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  1. Smith seems to start off at 100 miles an hour and then fades (as do one or two others). I see him as an impact sub coming on with 25 minutes to go. Eagles? In my opinion he is a classy footballer who seems to have been getting his fitness back but, for whatever reason, has not yet featured under Dino. It may be that he gets a start if the manager wants to shake things up. And..this may surprise one or two, we may see Maouche dropped to the bench this weekend. On another note - Whatever Nepomuceno did or said to see him shipped out to Chesterfield, how we could do with him right now. Sheridan seems to be getting them to play and Nepomuceno will have played a big part in that. He is a winger who provides that defensive cover you mention. I’m up for this game and expect a huge response from the team on the pitch.
  2. A number of fans I speak to saw the double sending off as having some impact on the final result and thereby mitigating to some extent the final embarrassment. if we lose eleven versus eleven this Saturday it may be different methinks 🤔
  3. De La Paz Mills, Hamer, Wheater, Iacovitti Eagles, Sylla, Missilou, Branger Maouche, Azankpo if they are all fit to start... However if Branger is still not ready then we may see Smith if Mills is still not ready then we may see Smith-Brown And if we don’t win this one then there will be a piss boil the like of which we have not seen on this forum for a long time
  4. Intrigued by the fact that there has not been any mention/report of the evening on the official web site following the Fans Forum last week. 🤔
  5. Wow 😮 I have now watched the highlights of Saturday’s debacle a number of times. Funnily enough it doesn’t get any better with each successive viewing... Now I know that we are only five games (if we include the Leasing.com trophy match) into Dino’s tenure. And I think that we all accept that the manager has to pick from the pool of players at his disposal so in that respect he is somewhat at a disadvantage. Dino quickly recognised that we desperately need that striker who can lead the line and score goals but also that he has to work with he’s got. However the performance against Mansfield showed a team that is badly organised at the back. Opposition forwards are simply not picked up and there seems to be a lack of structure and shape to our overall play. The lack of discipline from Morais and Egert is also extremely worrying. Both challenges that led to their respective cards were poorly judged. Two down and with only nine men on the pitch after 38 minutes meant that a heavy defeat was inevitable. And though I believe the penalty award was extremely harsh, the rest of the defending was calamitous - park football sums it up nicely. I would expect to see the manager to instil more discipline on the team shape and attitude. A week on the training pitch before Macclesfield - time to step up Dino.
  6. Which is what more than 44 have done... but how do we know just how many didn’t vote? 🤔
  7. Might win a few penalties if he gets into the box 😉 Also...have we actually been awarded a penalty this season?
  8. If there was an option to vote for ‘Neither’ then I think that option would have more than 36 votes I reckon...
  9. Almost.. you forgot to say that you’ve stopped caring about this particular topic and then continue to post on the thread until someone points out that you said you didn’t care at which point you dismiss their comment with a thinly veiled invective advising them to get out more... 😉
  10. So I was wrong about Smith and Vera but spot on with Maouche and Hamer. Eagles on the bench. Now lets see Urko get on the scoresheet 😀
  11. How can we judge the FLG when we know very little about them?
  12. Over 6,000 views on the YouTube channel. The sound is not the best but I managed to watch and hear most of the interaction. I am interested to see how the evening is reported on the official web site today 🤔
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