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  1. The only way to get McFadzean and Mayor to Latics would have been to appoint Ryan Lowe as manager...😀
  2. I love the tweet below it ‘that duvet needs a wash’ 😀
  3. It says in the article that this session is for Under 11’s. Also, it is the summer holidays ... You’re welcome 😉
  4. If Mo brings in Wheater, Hamer, Stott and Eagles then maybe he has realised that his #frenchlads are not up to it 😉
  5. Laurent Banide: "We must try to push the team and change some players to give another spirit and try." The team that started the last two games was Woods, Mills, Sefil, Iacovitti, Smith-Brown, Fage, Maouche, Missilou, Sylla, Nepomuceno, Azankpo I wonder how many of the eleven above will Banide change tomorrow? Maybe Wheater, Hamer, Stott and potentially Eagles to start? That would mean at least four of the starters at Bradford being ‘changed’. Sefil, Iacovitti and Smith-Brown along with Missilou perhaps? Will that give ‘another spirit’ or did the behaviour of the ‘fans’ at the final whistle badly affect the confidence of Stott and Azankpo meaning Iacovitti gets a reprieve and Wilson comes in? Either way, these are the players who need to step up tomorrow. Maybe too many are simply not good enough even by League 2 standards. Maybe Banide simply cannot get the team to improve. One thing I am certain of is that if we lose to Exeter then Banide will be living on borrowed time.
  6. So there is one school of thought that believes that ‘hitting him/them in the pocket’ is the way to protest. As I see it, If we simply look at the financial impact of any boycott on the Lemsagans, this means that they will need to put more of their own money in to the club simply to break even. The reduction in cash flow may then lead to bills being unpaid, players wages being late again and creditors taking the club to court. The reduction In available cash will also mean that we cannot afford to bring in decent loanees. All of the above will further impact the team performance and our downward spiral will continue. So what is it that the ‘hit them in the pocket’ movement are hoping to achieve? Ultimately I imagine it is to drive the owner and his brother out of the club. Then what? For this protest to ultimately succeed it needs there to be someone ready to step in with the financial means and the business acumen to take on our ailing club and turn things around. Does this person/group exist? Is the FLG that saviour? One thing that is plainly evident is that the fan base is divided on what to do - and each is entitled to his own opinion and approach. We have already seen infighting amongst our supporters and vitriolic comments about scabs only fuel the toxic atmosphere that surrounds our club. I know that we all want this club to be a success but we need a coordinated response. The fans meeting that has been talked about on here needs to take place and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if the FLG joined that meeting. Let’s work together.
  7. I presume that this is an attempt at humour @wiseowl because if you are being straight with what you say then I think you should reveal who your ‘good authority’ is. Earlier in in the week we had posters using Branger and Vera starting games as evidence that the manager is being told which players to play. Neither started or came off the bench yesterday - so did Mo sanction that as well?
  8. Takes our number of current international players to three which means we can ask for games to be postponed on international weekends...😮
  9. Agree with that team if no Wheater. One concern though is the lack of height in that back four.
  10. That's how I read the question. I believed (rightly or wrongly) that the question was asking which of the two parties was running the better campaign.* (*) in a similar way to which group ran the better Brexit campaign (Remain or Leave) - in my opinion the' Leave' campaign was far superior to the 'Remain' campaign. But it doesn't mean that I voted 'Leave' 🙄
  11. I picked Team Lemsagam in response to the original question. Which doesn't mean that I actually believe one side or t'other; just which side I believe is winning the battle of PR and letters. The FLG has a golden opportunity here but I don't think that it is taking it.
  12. 🚨 TICKET UPDATE 🚨 So far, 666 tickets have been sold for Saturday’s game against @officialbantams. There are only 247 tickets remaining from our allocation. Supporters buying Adult tickets are advised to buy in advance as there is a £5 increase on the day. #oafc £5 increase o the day? That’s a bit rich...😲
  13. Given that it is the very first post by @oafcmb I was going to overlook the error... but nah...
  14. Good to see so many positive comments. Yes, there is a long way to go and yes we conceded two in added time but Banide demanded a reaction and he got it. We competed for 92 minutes but then seemed to lose our shape and discipline. Something to build on or more of the same this Saturday? Intrigued to see who starts at Bradford. We can but hope that Wheater is back. As for the rest of the defence will Stott and Hamer return to the starting line up and will Nepomuceno retain his place? Did Fage do enough to convince Banide of his worth? *disclaimer - This post concentrates solely on any positives to be gleaned from Team performance - the rest of the shenanigans going on at the club have been (and will continue to be) dealt with elsewhere.
  15. There is no need for any personal insults at anyone imho 😲
  16. And back to tonight’s game... Banide in his pre match interview: “We need to have a result for our confidence but if we win 1-0 and they hit the post ten times and have 20 shots you don’t have insurance. “You need to have insurance when you play on your position, when you have the ball and when you don’t have the ball. "You take insurance when you play to your potential, that is important.” I am making an assumption that he means assurance not insurance.. 👀 Either way it shows that he is not happy with the quality and the effort so far.
  17. I agree with the main gist of your post. However I would not class Sylla and Azankpo as substandard nor would I include Kokos in that description as we have not really seen him yet. Then there is Fage who looks a tidy player to me. The since departed De La Paz too seemed okay when he got one of his infrequent chances. The rest have not shown enough that’s true. If, as seems likely, Abdallah’s plan is to showcase these ‘gems’ in order to sell on then the plan is simply not working.
  18. Apart from Manchester United that is. Season 2018/2019 Man Utd were paid £142.5 million in tv revenues. They had a wage bill of £170 million for the first team squad alone. Then there are the salaries for the academy/ U21 players plus managerial and coaching staff not forgetting the administrative side of the club. And they pull in an average £2 million a home game from ‘bums on seats’... money they need to pay the inflated salaries of their underperforming superstars. Don’t you just love ‘em... 🤬
  19. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/august/12082019-quirky-catering-partnership/ A couple of interesting quotes in this article: “Over the 2019/20 campaign, Quirky will now manage all kiosks inside Boundary Park and the match-day hospitality catering.” “Our eventual aim is to have local food and beer served by local staff in clean and well staffed kiosks, that said it wont happen over night. We are currently looking at the facilities in each kiosk individually which will ultimately guide our product offering.” 🤔
  20. Interested enough to post that you’re not interested though...👀
  21. It seems to me that Maouche is a boo-boy for some too 🤔
  22. Blackburn Away on Tuesday. if David and Zak are fit then I’d like to see this team start Laurent: 😉 Woods, Hamer, Wheater, Stott, Iacovitti, Mills, Sylla, Missilou, Maouche, Fage, Azankpo
  23. Tend to agree that Banide has quickly recognised that we are short in quality players. But I also think that he he wants more application from the players he currently has at his disposal. “But we need to have more personality, more character, more spirit.” "When you lose a duel, when you lose a 1v1 it's difficult. It's important to have more capacity to win the 1v1 and for passing and dribbling and for creating something. And for the moment we don't have that." Yes we may bring in one or two loanees but he will also need to demand more from the players he has in his squad.
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