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  1. To be fair (!) it has been that way for years. I'm not a season ticket holder but buy enough tickets to be in the database. Nothing. Ever. So easy to fix and not at all expensive. Exactly the sort of thing that any competent businessman should have spotted was an issue under the previous regime and acted to fix.
  2. It's the online equivalent of a huge communal sigh of relief at having a week off.
  3. Or have had their pants pulled down. Can't blame them for things they don't know about...
  4. When my trains are cancelled there is usually an announcement thanking me for my patience. I get odd looks when I shout back that I'm right out of f#cking patience at the top of my voice. Usually get a seat to myself on the next one though.
  5. So Doyle has scored twice as many as Rose but doesn't get in. I'd venture that they haven't given goals an appropriate weighting!
  6. Hope counts for a lot. Even if you go down if people can see a brighter future there's a chance. Viz. Tranmere
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