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  1. You're talking a disturbing amount of common sense.
  2. It wasn't entirely serious but neither a referendum nor a fans' kit vote should have happened for me. To get back on topic the latter was always going to be affected by recency and personal favourite bias, neither of which could possibly relate to the actual event being commemorated.
  3. If he's unattached who's he still playing for?
  4. I don't see it as being about liking them; the theory was that they were a tribute to history, which they're not.
  5. I wish he'd learned that 'should of' makes no sense.
  6. Agreed. Parallel with Brexit; a referendum was ridiculous, just make a decision. It's the abrogation of leadership.
  7. Don't think Wigan are big in The Philippines. How big does a bet have to be to make that sort of caper worthwhile?
  8. Similarly to cricket spot fixing I wonder what sort of bookie would ever take big bets on such obscure events without wondering why someone would wish to place them
  9. Democracy is overrated. Last year Mrs Brown's Boys beat Flebag to the best comedy award.
  10. Absolutely. Don't understand how a commemorative kit could be anything else
  11. I can't rememeber what I had for breakfast
  12. Scouting reports aren't what they used to be 😁
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