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  1. But plenty are wiling to put him in the negative category with no evidence. It's his business, his money at stake and I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to know what's going on. What if he never turned up and it turned out they were all drinking, smoking and playing cards?
  2. You have to be kidding! If I plunged several million quid into a club I'd feel perfectly entitled to pop along and see what my key employees were up to pretty frequently and with no knowledge whatsoever I'm damn sure that plenty of owners do just that.
  3. Dave_Og

    Andy Rhodes???

    That was John Keeley but not for us
  4. Dave_Og

    Tranmere (A)

    He blew that.
  5. Dave_Og

    Andy Rhodes???

    If we assume it is Nixon what would he offer that the experienced and very well known to Bunn Rhodes didn't?
  6. Dave_Og

    Cambridge (H)

    Have they turned the pitch 90 degrees since I was last there? 😀
  7. Dave_Og

    Cambridge (H)

    Why would you say that? Just a lie isn't it?
  8. Dave_Og

    Shez has gone

    It's easier to get a knighthood than an England cap theses days.
  9. There’s no need to ask that question. The historic shitshow has to be stabilised before anything as grand as that can even be contemplated.
  10. That makes AL's plan look like detailed micro-planning!
  11. Dave_Og

    Cambridge (H)

    It's easy to get a corner over the first man but that's not the only objective; if it was then lamping a corner over that goes out of play for a throw in would be considered successful. They are aiming for a rather more precise spot that that. It's a bit lie the obsession with shots on target; pointless if the goalkeeper could throw his hat on it to make a save - it's far close to a goal if it misses by six inches withn the keeper nowhere but the stats always suggest differently.
  12. New club motto "Slowly, Slowly" It's not that catchy but I'd be happy with it. The results (to a point, obviously) are not relevant. Unless there are proper foundations put in then they will be irrelevant anyway so I would be happier to spend the budget on a very competent CEO/Secretary/Marketing Chief and whatever is needed off the field than another fourth division striker who may or may not come off anyway.
  13. This is the bit that I just cannot get my head round. Why eventually? He appears to be leaving the running of a club that is in a terrible state to volunteers. Was there never any consideration given to actually running the club?
  14. Why would being based in Dubai mean the likelihood of the having a network greater than anywhere else?