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  1. Obvious proof of cause and effect right there
  2. His position has redefined conflict of interest.
  3. It certainly evidences why a trust representative might be reluctant to take up a board position
  4. It always annoys me when I have to respond to such a letter. Odd but normal.
  5. That's what law firms do. I have no idea of the merits or otherwise of what they are saying /implying but I'd be interested in the views/responses of the only person who was a member of the board then and still is today.
  6. You try keeping your morale and motivation up when you are being completely undermined.
  7. Depends what he was told when recruited. I imagine Banide knew the score. I also imagine that it came as a surprise to Wellens, Bunn. Scholes...
  8. Even a criminal court doesn't demand irrefutable proof to make a conviction.
  9. It says plenty that Jewell has turned up there, which I didnt know.
  10. I'm just pleased that the apostrophes are in the right place.
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