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  1. Yep, costs so little but worth so much
  2. I hope you're not relying on sales commission!
  3. Met him a number of times; always a helpful gentleman. RIP.
  4. I think Redfearn must have been hard to manage. He played for a dozen league clubs but only stayed at one of them for more than two years
  5. I found it very surprising that Joe played Earl Barrett at right back when he managed him later in his career. No way was that his best position.
  6. Can't see much point until we have any idea of what this and next season look like
  7. Come on now, we're not in Scotland. We're not savages!
  8. Had a row about favourite position, Same as Warhurst
  9. I fear the one with the hat on may have killed him!
  10. Yep, it's looked up over the last month!
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