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  1. Dave_Og

    Behind closed doors

    I'm always hugely amused by the fact that Mr and Mrs Inman decided to give their son a first name beginning with B.
  2. I have every sympathy for anyone whose idea of wistful nostalgia is for the glory days when Pawel Abbott was Oldham's No. 9
  3. Dave_Og

    Playing style v Results.

    The cliché always trotted out when a manager gets the boot that football is a results driven business always amuses. What business isn't?
  4. Dave_Og

    Grimsby (a)

    Pretty much like all the other mid range chains
  5. Dave_Og

    Colchester United (h)

    I think you said you went with your Dad on Saturday? Does he enjoy it as much as you?
  6. Dave_Og

    Behind closed doors

    What would you expect the 'crowd' to be? Were you planning to go?
  7. Dave_Og

    Playing style v Results.

    United in the very long term but they went all pragmatic by appointing Mourinho. Beyond that? Things change. Arsenal were renowned for grinding out boring 1-0s but the Wenger took them into a period of playing exceptionally attractive football and then became utterly ineffective (vs. their expectations). Spurs like to think they do and so, as mentioned earlier, do West Ham There are periods when clubs become associated with playing in certain styles but in the long term I really don't think so. It isn't arguable that the style of our glory years is something we have been associated for much time outside that period.
  8. Dave_Og

    Playing style v Results.

    I will disagree because there is no such thing as a football club's DNA. It's what everyone wishes for, obviously but isn't that the same for just about every football club? Wouldn't want to sound like one of those self entitled Cockney whingers who bang on about "the West Ham way" because they played good football for a brief period in the mid 1960s.
  9. Dave_Og

    Playing style v Results.

    Does he? He knows what the 'DNA' was for a very brief period in our history when he was involved as a player - for less than two seasons' worth of games.
  10. Dave_Og

    Grimsby (a)

    Dandelion and Burdock every time
  11. Dave_Og

    Grimsby (a)

    I like him. His whole point is that he is not a proper chef. His recipes and books etc are the antithesis of arsey chefiness.
  12. Dave_Og


    Do people actually pay for this?
  13. Dave_Og

    Next 3 League games

    Safe money? For a season long bet in September??? On Sky bet we are 33s, Lincoln are 9/4, ew first 4. I'd rather be on us than them at those prices.
  14. Dave_Og

    Next 3 League games

    Will they? Maybe so but they lost to Crawley last week. Can safely say there is no outstanding team in the division.