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  1. Well presumably they think they have grounds. I've no idea what they might be.
  2. I've been waiting for a delayed flight for two hours and counting. Trying to keep myself amused😉
  3. We can't get sooner than the bloke we've just signed without a Tardis
  4. Yes, but saying what? It looked like it was written by a bitter person whose first language is English. Answers on a postcard.
  5. Because going public in that way is dismal. 'Purported'? Pathetic
  6. And people think Boundary Park can get a bit chilly! It's Baltic up there.
  7. You can't say they are anonymous but the fans are window dressing. It makes no sense.
  8. I though they'd decided that giving Brentford the three points ended it.
  9. The two halves of that sentence directly contradict each other
  10. Brilliant marketing? Yes by Paddy Power, not by Huddersfield who have flagrantly breached rules with the obvious intention of saying it's worth it for the publicity. That's disgraceful especially on such a contentious subject. I suppose it's the marketing version of 'taking one for the ream'. Or cheating as it could equally be referred to. I hope they get hammered for it.
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