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  1. That’s me done now until AL has gone. Thought had become immune to setbacks after 25+ years but was absolutely gutted (although not surprised) to see the news today. Very bad day for our club.
  2. Yeah, just seen it confirmed by that Darren guy from Trust. Very odd!
  3. Looks like him from photo I’ve seen on Twitter. Anyway, if we were to find it was definitely him, then... WTF?!
  4. Apparently on the pitch celebrating yesterday... WTF?!
  5. Baxter back in training on Monday according to Roy during yesterday’s iFollow commentary. He also hinted there’ll be reinforcements arriving this week.
  6. Clarke will be key for us this season. He’s in unbelievable shape and looks up for it!
  7. Conrad Logan - not Northern Irish I know, but has played in area in past...
  8. Although, because issues with utility connections are so common they are generally deemed 'foreseeable risks' and managed from the outset of any project as so. I won't pretend to be privy to any of the detail here but all I can say is that on every project I've been involved with you plan to achieve 'power on' way in advance of when you actually need it, knowing there will be delays along the way.
  9. Dealing with ENW and UU are nightmares for main contractors as you literally have zero leverage over them, no matter if you're Carillion, Balfour Beatty, Laing O'Rouke or Paddy McGuiness and Sons. You have to pay them up front, can't play them off against their competitors and can't threaten to withhold future work from them. Everything is on their terms.
  10. I've always said hospitality wouldn't be ready for first game and so has been proven. Positive news though overall!!!
  11. Things on the outside look to be progressing well and clearly this is going to be a fantastic faciity when complete and something for us all to be proud of. Hopefully I'm wrong but going off progress to date I still can't see the internals / hospitality being ready for the first game, nor for a good few weeks into the season.
  12. There will be many on here who, like myself, work in construction.
  13. The last pictures I saw of internals showed nothing more than what looked like rainwater pipe work; with partitioning yet to commence. If this is still case then boxes will not be ready for first game. Like I said above seating plus facilities seems doable with a concerted effort but boxes plus facilities doesn't. Even seating plus facilities is reliant on water and power and it shouldn't be underestimated how much work is involved with this - the seats are the easy bit.
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