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  1. That’s me done now until AL has gone. Thought had become immune to setbacks after 25+ years but was absolutely gutted (although not surprised) to see the news today. Very bad day for our club.
  2. Yeah, just seen it confirmed by that Darren guy from Trust. Very odd!
  3. Looks like him from photo I’ve seen on Twitter. Anyway, if we were to find it was definitely him, then... WTF?!
  4. Apparently on the pitch celebrating yesterday... WTF?!
  5. Baxter back in training on Monday according to Roy during yesterday’s iFollow commentary. He also hinted there’ll be reinforcements arriving this week.
  6. Clarke will be key for us this season. He’s in unbelievable shape and looks up for it!
  7. Agreed. Was speaking to somebody today who couldn’t believe Clarke was 30+, guy thought he was mid-20’s! He’ll be great for us in this division IMO.
  8. Heard today we’ll not be seeing much of Fane this season!
  9. New lad in middle best player on pitch - like a young J.P. Kalala!!!
  10. Unless you’re referring to a different Giles Coke to the ex-Wednesday midfielder, then he can’t be surplus to requirements at Posh as played for Chesterfield last season!
  11. Was devastated when we went down, remember my dad telling me when we went down from Prem “don’t worry, son, we’ll be back next year.” I’ve had season ticket every year since, remember Lee Richardson’s brace against Grit & Curbishley’s Charlton on first game in Div 1 and thinking he was going to be right - how wrong he was! What upset me about going down is my dad took me in my 1st season when we was playing United, Arsenal and Liverpool, and I’m gonna be taking my 4 year old, for his 1st game, playing against Newport, Forest Green or Grimsby. However, I’m proud we’ve signed a player that my kid will want on his shirt like Jose, and hope he’ll change my young son’s life life like Roger Palmer, Tricky Ricky and Paul Gerrard did when I was a kid. I love this club, it goes towards making me the proud person I am, and I can’t wait for the new season with my Dad and my 4 year old!
  12. As a young kid and after just being relegated from the Prem, I remember my dad consoling me with “don’t worry, son - we’ll be back stronger next year”. 20+ years later and where are we? Everybody saying if we go down it’ll be a good thing are deluded, once we’re on slippery slope through leagues then all bets are off with where we’ll end up!
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