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  1. The paucity of club owners illustrated by the two in this thread. One the supporters hated and tried for years to oust him and the other, well, you wouldn't buy a used car off him. Out of interest why given that he is in football (Huddersfield & Southport) and running a club do think the number he gave is too high?
  2. Taken from Reuters today. "Astra Zeneca the Cambridge-based company did not give details on when it will start producing the vaccine for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, which has so far infected over 3 million people and killed more than 215,000. The team last week dosed the first volunteers in a trial of the vaccine, with possible early readouts in May."
  3. Just over 43,000 tests done yesterday so a long way from The Govt's target, taken from Hancocks half hour today. As it has been since this started.
  4. Here is a point for discussion. At what point to you decide ( I mean the Govt) that the damage to the economy is starting to outweigh the effects of the virus? Not suggesting for one minute that football falls under this definition. At some point we are going to have to say that the economy has to start working again and we suffer the consequences. Perhaps that is why the Nightingale Hospitals have been built because they are barely being used at the moment.
  5. And for time immemorial we can say that they never won it properly so it doesn't really count.
  6. No it's not. They are all in Snowden, Skegness, Lake District, Delamere Forest etc. Some crazy pictures and features on the news tonight. Govt is going to have to introduce legislation to control this as self regulation just isn't going to work. By the way. Can we not just have a Coronavirus thread rather than this ridiculous thread title for the most important event to hit this country (world maybe) since a world war? There are some really good points being made, some life changing decisions being made and some very personal stories being told that will have consequences for years to come.
  7. Just about evey fatality here has had underlying health issues, that is why early diagnosed patients were sent to specialist/isolation units to try to contain the virus. That is now a waste of time as the cat is out of the bag. So now you have to self isolate at home. Any major infection will overpower the present NHS structure but the fact remains that it is a flu like virus that most people will recover from. People are not panicking over the NHS or a lack of vaccine, they are concerned about being fed and watered despite assurances from suppliers that there is no problem. Don't condone this but don't think you can stop it either without law enforcement help. As ever media coverage only feeds the fire. Only time will tell if our Govt is handling it in a good or bad way.
  8. Explain why it is not a normal virus. Symptoms are very much like flu, some may not know they have had it. Most will recover. Hong Kong, S Korea and Taiwan have a very low mortality rate- It would seem to depend more about how Govts react to it. The panicking and self isolation is we do not have a vaccine yet against it.
  9. Try looking at the articles on the EFL website where it tells you what they are supposed be doing to protect their clubs-they patently are not, on this we seem to agree.
  10. Go on then enlighten us-there is only The Budget and Covid 19 going on today so plenty of time to tell us what it is.
  11. Well for a start-how do new owners get away with this:- "confirmed the Championship club were under a transfer embargo as the new owners had not provided evidence they could fund them until June 2021." And yet they passed the so called fit & proper test.
  12. Charlton now having similar split ownership and financial worries like us. Got rid of one disliked owner they thought but new potential owners already falling out. Once again EFL proving to be totally ineffective in their jurisdiction. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51814659
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