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  1. Well there was a meeting this week of EFL championship clubs were they threw out a resolution that club finances should be independently audited. Gibson, chairman of Middlesborough thinks at least 3 championship clubs are cooking the books over the amount of losses they can incur over 3 years. He refused to attend I believe. It doesn't look good. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48042278
  2. Bury put up for sale by latest owner. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48058322
  3. The first bit from your own quote is entirely speculation and so is easily used to support your stance, it is just your opinion. Nobody has been able to explain the Carlisle debacle. Can't disagree about the undermined season and I agree that Bunn should have been given more time. Your defence of Scholes frankly ignores the fact he won 1 match and blew most of the other games, in fact it was mentioned on here that the Scholes appointment fitted in well with an easy fixture list Lincoln apart.That run ruined our remaining season, if you cannot see this you are delusional How he can be held responsible for a bloke bailing out when the going got tough escapes me. Presume you or somebody else will cry 'interference' well that's just cobblers, we all do jobs that require compromise and football is no stranger to managers being told who they can play and who they cannot occasionally. But again it suits all those baying for his appointment at the time and of course gives Scholes an easy escape from any loss of face. Don't understand your last sentence but I am sure you do.
  4. Got to agree with the first part of your post, just one big hole in your arguement and it begins and ends in S------s. How convenient to miss this out completely and turn it like sooo many on here into a lets bash the owner.
  5. So what is the point in paying any attention to it then? Have you ever worked for a living? Name a job where you don't have to abide by other peoples rules and restrictions if you work FOR somebody else. Perhaps you are his gardener or something because he certainly has a hold over you!
  6. Did I miss some of todays game? I ask because Nepo was given MOM when you hardly knew he was there and Missilou and Lang ran themselves ragged and had a great game. Got to disagree with this. Would you have changed a team that had just won 3 on the bounce? Admittedly he does seem to want to get to 60 mins before he lets the team open up a bit more but with the players we have he does seem to be able to get a performance from them. After this seasons shenanigans I would like to see him given a chance. He did say on the radio we gave them far too much space first half. Thought the weather played an important part too-Iverson couldn't get past the half way line first half with his kicks. Pitch was fine. Fair play today Kowenicki your lad was terrible and you have called him out for it.
  7. Nothing obvious about it at all-unless it suits your somewhat jaded protection of Mr Scholes.
  8. And all that alleged interfering if it is still supposed to be happening has just produced 3 wins on the bounce under a different manager-I use the term manager loosely in the case of Mr Scholes.
  9. Do you really think he is going to say "yeah I shouldn't have took the job as I had no idea what managing a team in Lge 2 was all about?"
  10. Wow, this is a bit strange cos I played for one of the Hulme teams in 1974 against Bury and QEGS.
  11. Based on your post from 2 hours ago you are about as good as AL at keeping your promises-this above was from 15 hours ago.
  12. Now that is a picture of a proper Latics Manager-have a good look Shucky!!!
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