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  1. I have enclosed a link for Singe so he can verify his percentages and report back. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41928747
  2. Err-we have already got him. He owns the team/club you know?
  3. Like all the revenue from last years cup run then? Same owner. So take a chance on having no club at all- no plan to replace if he leaves just hope somebody is out there-maybe another Day or Dale?
  4. Yes. How could it not? Hope you enjoy your Saturday afternoons when there is no OAFC to watch anymore-unless you can magic up a buyer from somewhere? By the way-was he not in charge at Fulham and you seemed to enjoy that from your comments above
  5. Care to tell us which part? Nevertheless a dreadful post.
  6. And how many of them have we seen over the years? Not just confined to present ownership despite your attempts to correlate the two. Been a strikers graveyard for years.
  7. There is one way extremely easy way of clearing up who owns these shares-how many they have and where they came from. Get The FLG to make a statement.
  8. If you take the 'no' out you get a much better result.
  9. I appreciate I may be wrong here but I took the original 'vast majority' quote to refer to the attendances at BP. Yes they are reduced by what 25%, but this does not equate to the vast majority. Well you have put some daft posts on here but this is probably your finest effort. If the 'vast majority' referred to was the population of Oldham-then the vast majority have never nor ever will be interested in Latics and has no context in this thread.
  10. If I had wanted to watch top quality football I would have chosen Liverpool, Man U(no scratch that), Arsenal years ago and now Man City-but no I chose to watch Latics and don't regret the decision one bit. I ain't gonna apologise for admiring the way Man City play football at the moment. Based on your line of argument Boundary Park would have been empty years ago-long before your bitching about the current ownership. Already answered the second part of your post. Where have I said they are my second team? I enjoy watching good football and they seem to be playing the best of it at the moment.
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