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  1. Blood and sand are you a Bolton fan? I will just nip over to Bolton and ask the players are you sensible? Why didn't you play on Saturday? They EFL have waived just about every rule to keep them going. Posted this the other week. As soon as somebody say's "clearly" they are either making stuff up or have no idea what they are talking about. You do realise this sets precedent any future club problems in the EFL?
  2. If it's nonsense then why, using your explanation did the others choose to play? Are they not sensible? It may have been the best available BUT it is still a weakened team and therefore other clubs can be seen to be benefitting. Has no comparison with our current situation.
  3. Aye and 5 of their team that played last week refused to play this week due to ongoing troubles at the club. If you want to compare at least try and find a similar situation not compare apples with pears. The whole Bolton situation is a farce-in the past clubs used to be fined for fielding weakened teams. What happens if they survive and then sign better players? Their first two games have been weakened sides so the opposition have got easy points. Disgrace.
  4. For this to happen would there not have to be some form of collateral or security against any loans? As the bloke only owns the team I cannot see that being acceptable, so what financial institution would lend the money? If not then he either has money or access to money? No agenda here, just interested in what folks think.
  5. Me. My original reply was to your comment about quality strikers. The rest of your ramble is for somebody else.
  6. So it doesn't matter who is behind this FLG consortium-we must back them whatever. Try selling that to a Bury fan at the moment.
  7. Poorly dodged the point. Nobody mentioned pedigree just quality striker which he is. Nobody mentioned a signing coup. Sorry for you when he got injured-how remiss of him. We had a striker once many years ago called Wayne Harrison. He did not play a lot of games for us but one thing that did stand out was that he was a quality player-subsequently proved by his Liverpool transfer. He got injured-it happens. So whilst you want to make it personal-try answering the point we were originally debating. Quality. He was for us.
  8. I wasn't meaning an individual to buy the club-more a supporters starting from scratch if necessary. Again if we get to that stage you cannot know what will happen, past events provide no guide to the future in football.
  9. Why would you post this? They have no say about the accounts being shown to them. Yes it is supposedly a legal requirement but its not their fault if they cannot get to see them. Have you a more specific reason for not trusting them?
  10. They may not exist now but things change when you actually lose the thing that is precious to you. Until we are literally at deaths door you won't know what might happen. Despite some postings on here I don't think we are at that stage yet.
  11. Ho Ho-somebody been dry bummed after us signing Wheater!!!!!
  12. You feeling better now for getting it off your chest?
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