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  1. And this is the stage were the accusers seem to run out of steam. Happy to point the finger but unable to tell us why. There is more chance of Boris Johnson telling all than evidence being produced about alleged interference. Cut and paste from what?
  2. Yes. You and others keep banging on about it when in reality Scholes made only a passing remark about it after bailing out. Other than this even Wild denied it was happening.
  3. Could have gone for a fee allegedly. So wise in hindsight. Since end of Jan played in 11 matches, 2 of which were less than 10 mins-was sub in 6 matches. Hardly strong evidence that he will be missed-plus when he played he wasn't very good was he?
  4. If this is the best you can do to suit your own interpretation of 'interference' then you are wasting your and our time.
  5. You forgot the most important positive-we still have a team to watch-oh I forgot you don't go anymore do you?
  6. So no different than you selling your house-you try to get the best deal you can. Not really bothered who it goes to despite telling the buyers all is well but there is a leak in the garage (Rochdale Rd) roof really. Do you think there are many potential buyers out there who have the best interests of any club at heart these days? The only recent one I can think of is Port Vale, but we have yet to see if they can finance the club sufficiently. Tranmere is probably another example.
  7. No more exhausting than the constant abuse directed at him. The present Edmundson transfer discussion being a fine example.
  8. Impressive contacts. Only just confirmed on the BBC Sport site-Sturridge and Moreno to leave Liverpool.
  9. Well there is a contradiction in there because from your many and frequent posts you obviously do give a toss. As for the second part, sort of moving the goalposts to get the answer you want aren't you? None of us know, we just have to see were he takes us, and at the end of the day what can you do otherwise?
  10. Just because many on here express dislike for the owner it does not mean the majority are against him, in fact I would guess the majority of fans couldn't give a toss who the owner is. They just want to see some success.
  11. Not a chance. A few newspaper headlines and features on MOTD etc perhaps. Oldham better known than Newcastle as a place not a football team-no chance. Better financial return-pie in the sky. 38,000 season tickets holders plus POTD's turn up and they haven't had a sniff of a cup or Prem Lge title for years. You cannot even class us as a sleeping giant given the attendances we would be likely to get. A better comparison would be Fulham, Bournemouth or Burnley.
  12. Based on this shouldn't we have a decent away record as we do have the second highest ground in the country? Ahh but we train at Chapel Road.
  13. There is a really good article in The I paper today about Tranmere and how Palios has transformed it's fortunes. Can only dream of what they have set up there and the facilities they enjoy BUT it all takes money and they got that by selling their old training ground. £2 million to pay off debts and £2.6 million to invest in the club structure. Link below. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/mike-dean-tranmere-rovers-league-two-play-off-final-newport-county-mark-palios-chairman/
  14. How many have we missed out on so far? Askey signed for Port Vale. Evans to Gillingham. Wow we need to get a move on!! Mr Moyes is still available I believe?
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