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  1. At least this stops someone moving us to the Macron and renaming us Bolton Athletic.
  2. Lancashire womens cricket team are at home at Old Trafford tonight. They don't win either but they are better looking. Cricket it is.
  3. The most important stat from Saturday was that Bradford won 72% of the headers.
  4. I was the policeman stood next to the goals in the picture.
  5. Last great referee I saw was Jack Walker in his last season. I think it was Southampton we were playing. An Oldham forward through on goal was brought down as he went to shoot, The ball squirted out to another Oldham player and he signaled play on and we scored. He then called over the Southapton player and sent him off.
  6. Holloway confirmed as joining Shrews for Undisclosed fee.
  7. Very poor performance all round. Coach and Captain agree on that. Interesting to see response.
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