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  1. Southend

    Bin him in the morning. Get any fucker in to replace him and hope for a bounce.
  2. Southend

    We're absolute dirt, our hopes of staying up are solely on Hamer chucking it in to the mixer.
  3. Lancashire 2015

    19-3, the shits. We are inept.
  4. Rochdale

    It's bizarre. If my job gave me the opportunity to directly/indirectly help Latics, I'd try to give them a freebie. Like all the local businesses who sponsor and help, knowing they're going to get very little back. But Keegan seems to do the opposite, throws Latics under the bus at every opportunity he gets.
  5. Rochdale

    Back page of the Daily Mail tomorrow.
  6. Rochdale

    No shots on target in a game like this. Abysmal.
  7. Rochdale

    Bench is weak... Dale tried (unsuccessfully) to appeal Henderson's red. Sneaky fuckers.
  8. Lancashire 2015

    Not convinced the bowling will regularly be able to take 20 wickets. Long season ahead.
  9. Wilfried Moimbe signs?

    This is patently not true. Yesterday was his 2nd penalty of the season.
  10. Walsall (h) 12/4/18

  11. Walsall (h) 12/4/18

    Clueless in the final third. McEleney is so far off the pace, he has no right to be starting every week at the moment. Tope - shite, as per. Not sure what Gevaro has done to wrong Wellens. Wellens didn't cover himself in glory tonight. McEleney should have come off earlier, Fane should have come off because there is no point in having him on against a team like that who are happy to settle for a point. Moimbe is good, hope we keep him.
  12. Open Training day

    Already excited for us doing this instead of training being blamed as the reason for our 3-0 humping at Oxford on Saturday.
  13. League 1 Activity

    Think there is a no loanee rule.
  14. League 1 Activity

  15. Blackpool (H)

    Fane can be effective, but he literally can't kick a ball. It's a minor miracle he's a professional footballer.