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  1. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Think Edmundson has been wearing 4.
  2. Giles Coke

    I reckon there should be a 24-hour window where Baxter and Coke jokes can be made, then after that a blanket ban on them...
  3. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Not entirely positive about filling the squad with a bunch of le chien et le canard players on the back of a few fitness sessions and a game against Ashton...
  4. Squad movements, summer 2018

    #FrenchLads https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2018/july/13072018-christopher-missilou-signing
  5. Holloway

    Can't believe we've got actual money for him, 4 goals in 60 games!
  6. Prove it. Show me a story from every single club that he's been at where he's caused trouble, or stop spouting made-up nonsense. Seems strange that clubs would keep signing him if he was a troublemaker. He was absolutely popular in the dressing room - videos from the players and the way they talk on social media shows that, and if he's thinking this, you can hedge your bets that a lot of the other players feel the same.
  7. Ah come on. Davies is an experienced pro, who has played at some messy clubs (Bolton, think Barnsley weren't in great shape when he was there), for him to come out and say this is relatively significant. The pay thing will inevitably have a massive effect on players and their morale. Think Abdallah needs to be very careful, and those around him need to keep an eye on him...
  8. https://www.pitchcare.com/news-media/tantamount-to-theft.html Some more good news for the club. My view is this: we are in a bad way. We are run by an owner whose first priorities are himself/his former clients. The next 12 months are massive. Abdallah is rolling the dice on his bunch, and doing it as cheaply as possible (Bunn and the gang, #frenchlads). However. Keep JB x 2, and bring in a forward (like Davies, to be frank), and we'll be fine.
  9. Apols, actually the same poster multiple times. But yep:
  10. Gobsmacked that so many think it's acceptable for wages to be paid even a day late, never mind numerous days for the past 6+ months.
  11. Ex players and that

  12. Fixtures 2018/2019

    Keanu Marsh-Brown and Winchester too. Be like an Old Boys Reunion.
  13. Transfer Rumours

    More and more evidence that Wellens was clueless...
  14. World Cup Predictor Competition

    It's coming home.