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  1. josh_latics

    Colchester United (h)

  2. josh_latics

    Behind closed doors

    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/advanced-profanity-filter/piajkpdbaniagacofgklljacgjhefjeh?hl=en Removes swear words, for anyone who doesn't fucking like them.
  3. josh_latics

    Behind closed doors

    This is a great read.
  4. josh_latics

    Behind closed doors

    Can't get enthused either way about a stiffs game. Had we won 7-0, I wouldn't have given a shit.
  5. josh_latics

    Lancashire 2015

    Allott and Chapple must be under threat. Player-wise? Brown and Croft have underperformed for a while, but may do a job in Div 2. Shiv will surely retire. Vilas is far too much famine with the occasional feast. Not convinced Lilley, Lester, Lamb, Jones are good enough. Hopefully Hameed will come good again, but he's been out of nick for about 2 years now. Davies, Livingstone, Onions, Bailey, Parkinson, Bohannon and Gleeson then for the core next season. Jennings and Buttler as and when they're free.
  6. josh_latics

    Lancashire 2015

    Poor today. Hopefully a big clear out over the winter and try and shift some of the deadwood.
  7. Losing £9k a week... roughly 1x Queensy Menig.
  8. josh_latics

    Newport (H)

    Didn't Happen of the Year Awards. https://twitter.com/_dhotya?lang=en
  9. josh_latics

    Newport (H)

    I am going to make you all get on board with xG.
  10. josh_latics

    Newport (H)

    Not 100% sure we have a cogent Plan A...
  11. Baxter: had a year out of the game, then a year playing with kids and the stiffs. It'll take time for him to get right.
  12. josh_latics

    Newport (H)

    He has been so poor with his distribution. Does a decent turn and then loses it seconds later. The system we play makes him our main creator in midfield (should be Jack), but he's found a team mate about 6 times in the last month. He needs dropping. Baxter in.
  13. josh_latics

    Newport (H)

    We're lack direction going forward. What's our plan to create? Can't just lob Jose on with 15 mins to go and expect him to make something happen.
  14. josh_latics

    Newport (H)

    Strap Gardner to a rocket and fire him to the moon. So poor. Missilou getting a lot of credit: think he was at fault for the goal? Clarke went beserk at him after wards.
  15. @lookersstandandy will have something to say here...