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  1. I meant the idea that athletes should be playing 9 games in 14 days, as if that is remotely healthy or sustainable.
  2. If anyone needed any more evidence that this dickhead isn't fit to be in charge of a professional football club... https://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/157/latics/133227/maamria-finish-the-season-in-the-next-two-weeks
  3. "Contract honoured." Club is fucking weird.
  4. I really don't get this. This league is garbage on the whole, we have passable players in most positions. He's under performing significantly, even with the limitations from above.
  5. This is precisely why tinpot sides like these shouldn't be allowed in professional football. Get a proper ground.
  6. Steve Robinson arrested over the weekend, Tommy Wright convicted of bribery today.
  7. Commercial Team: "Abdallah, we're having a meet and greet session for the fans, are you going to come?" AL: "Fuck that, they all shouted at me last time, I'm not doing that again. Send the groundsman for a laugh, see how the pricks enjoy that."
  8. Good luck to them. 4 lads putting their heads above the parapet and trying to do something about this is admirable.
  9. This thread is sickening. I've had a lifetime of games against Port Vale, Walsall, Doncaster and Shrewsbury, seemingly on repeat.
  10. Holloway scored about 4 goals in 3 years here. As a striker. He is not a great player...
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