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  1. JBE's playing well. Full-backs are scared of him at the moment, and he's good to watch.
  2. Not sure Scholes could have done anything different. Lang injured, Baxter and Dearnley blowing since about half time. Frustrating. COG with the worst cameo since Ali Dia. Truly embarrassing.
  3. Branger MOM tonight, they genuinely couldn't cope with him.
  4. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/february/11022019-paul-scholes/#.XGFnAIf4nnp.facebook
  5. Would've been whichever of Miller or COG wasn't playing. So no, probably not...
  6. Deserves a gold brick in the North Stand. Up there with Purdie, Dunfield and Lee. What a signing he's been.
  7. Sam Graham has gone on loan to Central Coast Mariners in Australia. Bet he's already missing Oldham.
  8. 3 matches is for violent conduct. Will only be 1.
  9. Unless he's got binoculars, he's got no right to.
  10. Branger played well. The injustice is that neither ref nor lino give anything immediately. It's bollocks. I hate Doncaster and referees who are attention seeking cretins.
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