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  1. I may be should have added that neither of those people would be in a position to get anywhere near to funding this venture from their own wealth.
  2. I've heard the names of two of the people allegedly involved in this. Neither of them are fans of Lemsagam.
  3. In this morning's Sun, the match report claims that Lemsagam banished Hunt from the squad for refusing a move to Lincoln in the transfer window. It says he refused to leave because he'd have had to take a pay cut ..... Having said that, the rest of the article was littered with inaccuracies, including calling the caretaker manager "Chris Wild", so I'm not particularly inclined to believe it.
  4. Indeed. I got talking to him at event a couple of years ago. He'd never met me before but straight away he started slagging off several of his colleagues at Latics and told me quite a few stories about them. I subsequently found out that at least one of those stories was definitely not true. So I wouldn't take anything he said as gospel.
  5. Gardner was on Radio Manchester earlier talking about the Scholes appointment. Also said that he'd had an operation last week and wouldn't be fit until next season. So we might well have seen the last of him.
  6. Good question. One might speculate that they might need the trust on side for their future plans for the site. They have to give the Trust 6 months to consider making their own bid if they are planning to sell don't they ? Given that they both live in the States, I'd be surprised if they were coming all this way to just to have a casual chat for an hour on a Monday evening.
  7. It's conceivable that he has received some sort of embargoed press release that he can't publish until a certain date and time. If that date is tomorrow the only thing he can say is that it definitely won't be today.
  8. Massively ? No. I'd say the bigger effect is on our attacking potency by using one of our most creative players as a makeshift full back and replacing him on the wing with someone who is clearly less effective.
  9. I think that's the point. Of course he's not going to be telling Scholes him and his brother want to pick the team. But Scholes has to decide whether or not he believes him.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6637935/Paul-Scholes-manager-boyhood-club-Oldham-no-meddling-club-owner.html Mike Keegan says Scholes will take it if he is confident that the Lemsagam brothers won't meddle in team affairs ....
  11. You can create a free account and read 2 articles a week without paying.
  12. The Times still think Scholes is getting the job... “It’s not important what pundits think. I don’t understand why managers even give it the time of day.” Paul Scholes tells @DickinsonTimes about swapping the studio for the dugout #MUFC #OAFC https://t.co/jZ2rNyaatN
  13. I think there are some follow up interviews going on after the press conference. May be one of the journalists might get a less ambiguous answer out of him then.
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