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  1. He seems unable to say anything without coming across as confrontational.
  2. Interesting listen that. Revealed some things I wasn't aware of before like the time AL only paid the starting 11.
  3. JH would be John Harbin I think. Been back around the club for a while.
  4. https://www.theoldhamtimes.co.uk/sport/17641148.lee-clark-keen-on-oldham-athletic-job-with-interest-high/ " there is suggestion from those close to Boundary Park that Abdallah Lemsagam is considering a ‘continental style’ structure for what would be his fifth appointment. "
  5. A potential candidate from left field ... Joleon Lescott was a guest in the boardroom at the last home game. There could be absolutely nothing in it of course.
  6. As others have pointed out, Rangers can. The lack of compensation due would also give them an advantage, as they could offer higher wages due to the money saved. At least that's what I'd expect his agent to be telling them, similar to what happened with Ramsay's move to Juventus.
  7. Only a year left on his contract. Could have him free in 12 months so l don't think it's too bad in that context.
  8. Yes it does sound that way. But he's still leaving. I'd venture that not having control of player recruitment is still going to be an issue for the next manager or, more likely, head coach.
  9. I'm assuming that, unless it's Mo, any appointment will be made after the bulk of the recruitment has already taken place.
  10. Thanks for that. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I'd heard the delay in announcing prices was due to a poor relationship with the OEC and that he was considering offering the hospitality element away from the North Stand. Sounds like he's decided to just try to take the money anyway without any arrangements in place!
  11. Clearly if the club are making a loss on the service, they can't be expected to continue to offer the same benefits for the same price (how that is possible at those prices I can't fathom, but that's a different debate). Essentially they are swapping something of tangible value (a car park pass) for something of intangible value and of limited appeal to many ( potential prize draw wins). I'm excluding the other new benefits from consideration that are available as standard to all season ticket holders. So it really comes down to whether or not you drive to games, as to whether you consider this package at the same price to be better value than the old package at a potentially increased price. It sounds like the club have reached the conclusion that a majority of 100 club members don't drive to games. For those of us that do drive, it's clearly a significantly worse offer but if we are in a minority (I'm very skeptical about that for reasons stated in an earlier post) then it's probably the right thing for the club to do.
  12. I'm surprised by this comment about the parking. Living 30 miles away from the ground I used mine for every game, but was often re-directed away from the dedicated 100 Club parking spaces to other areas of the car park because the allocated spaces were already full. You are correct though that it was indicated that the price may go up.
  13. No idea if he has travelled or not but he did pick up an injury in the Mansfield game.
  14. haha, no he didn't mention anything about his knowledge of the French lower leagues. The issue of the foreign legion was discussed though. He said Clarke and Maouche were taking on a lot of the responsibility for integrating the foreign lads and British players and ensuring togetherness. He was particularly complimentary about Clarke. Said he was an outstanding leader and vitally important to the squad. When a caller suggested that Clarke should be offered another year, he said he agreed 100%.... so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. He was actually a really good interviewee, managing to come up with some insightful answers to some banal questions and comments. For example, he said that after a game he always speaks to the opposing manager about the specific tactics they had use against each other rather than the generic way they like to play. He said most managers tell him that they target Clarke as one of our weaknesses, which he finds strange because Clarke wins most of his personal battles.
  15. He did a Q&A phone in on Radio Manchester last night. He said that him and Marco had agreed the job situation would not be discussed until the end of the season but it sounded like he wants it. He said he is already preparing for next season, said he knows pretty much every player in Leagues 1, 2, the National League and National League North, so has a good idea of who he would want to bring in.
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