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  1. Billy 's comments carry more weight by virtue of the fact that he jumped ( after being widely praised for his work), rather than being pushed. So they can't use the "sacked employee with an axe to grind" argument to discredit him. Well done for speaking out!
  2. They've had that thing adjourned so many times already, I find it hard to believe they won't manage it again. They even managed to get away with blaming Brexit for their lack of funds this time! And a couple of weeks ago Bury got another adjournment that even the fans group were not backing. It seems like the Judges at these hearings don't want to be the ones responsible for pulling the plug on a professional football club.
  3. It seems that their actions are based on having a potential buyer with proof of funds, who will only buy if they retain league status. They also have a 'promise' from Dale that he will sell to them . Whilst I'm sure self interest was a major factor for League 2 clubs, it probably wasn't for League 1 and Championship clubs. Even if a club chairman wanted to keep Bury in the league it would have been a brave move to actually vote for it, given that the likelihood of a sale ever completing remained highly questionable. As you say, it might be better for them to focus now on starting again at the bottom. They need to find a way to get the ground off Dale. If they can do that they'll be well placed to rise through the pyramid quite quickly.
  4. It seems they are not ready to give up start a phoenix club yet. The Bury rescue board are apparently considering legal action against the EFL whilst also asking for direct entry in to the National League.
  5. Now confirmed tat they are not being readmitted and only 1 down from L2 this year.
  6. That is probably the reason why enough Championship/League 1 clubs will vote against reinstatement. They wouldn't want a situation whereby they let them back in, only for them to be unable to take their place in L2. There are too many risk factors in their re-launch plan for it to have even a 50% change of succeeding.
  7. It might be quite close. The group trying to get them reinstated reckon 15 clubs cast their vote yesterday and all 15 voted to re-instate them in League 2. Two League 2 clubs (Colchester and Walsall) were among the clubs named as having voted to reinstate them.
  8. Looking on the bright side, this probably frees up the budget to bring 3 or 4 more wingers👍
  9. Blatant nepotism in recruitment at ATS Accountancy.
  10. it's basically like the 100 club but busier and without half time access and post match presentations. On Saturday there were quite a few away fans in there and they were doing brisk trade a the bar pre-match.. Given what i paid for 100 club tickets, and the fact the OEC are serving food to the same standard as the 100 club for £5 a head, I cannot fathom how the club could have been losing money on the 100 club as they claimed to be.
  11. Yes, a deal will get done somehow. The EFL won't want blood on their hands and will do everything they can to facilitate it. Ironically that might include not enforcing their own rules on the new owner again. They'll obviously get a further points deduction and will be relegated but I don't think they should be in League 1. I'd have applied the points deduction to last season.
  12. Yep. Saw him last night in the Treasury Casino. He gave me $100,000 and told me to get myself a hospitality box at the Suncorp.
  13. Hopefully you will see this Billy. I emailed supporter.services@oldhamathletic.co.uk with details of my purchase last night and ............................. no response.
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