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  1. haha, no he didn't mention anything about his knowledge of the French lower leagues. The issue of the foreign legion was discussed though. He said Clarke and Maouche were taking on a lot of the responsibility for integrating the foreign lads and British players and ensuring togetherness. He was particularly complimentary about Clarke. Said he was an outstanding leader and vitally important to the squad. When a caller suggested that Clarke should be offered another year, he said he agreed 100%.... so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. He was actually a really good interviewee, managing to come up with some insightful answers to some banal questions and comments. For example, he said that after a game he always speaks to the opposing manager about the specific tactics they had use against each other rather than the generic way they like to play. He said most managers tell him that they target Clarke as one of our weaknesses, which he finds strange because Clarke wins most of his personal battles.
  2. He did a Q&A phone in on Radio Manchester last night. He said that him and Marco had agreed the job situation would not be discussed until the end of the season but it sounded like he wants it. He said he is already preparing for next season, said he knows pretty much every player in Leagues 1, 2, the National League and National League North, so has a good idea of who he would want to bring in.
  3. Interesting. My only experience of Mo was not a good one. He was giving a member of staff a very public dressing down in the North stand, at half time during a game about 3 months ago. The reprimand might have been justified but I couldn't believe the way he spoke to her. It wouldn't have been acceptable in a private meeting, never mind in public.
  4. Yes, this is similar to what I was told. There is certainly some ongoing friction. At least one member of OEC staff is banned from the OEC premises on match days. He can do that because the club have control of the facility then under the terms of their agreement.
  5. I did see that but I've been told by someone on the OEC side of the fence that it's far from good at the moment.
  6. It's £675. For that you get your seat, food before the game, tea/coffee at half time, a programme and a parking pass. Any home games in the first 2 rounds of the cup competitions are included. They still haven't announced what the price to renew is, but have sent an email saying that they have recently discovered that the club are making a loss on the package due to an "administrative error", so the price will be going up. There is a rumour that Marco wants to pull the plug on providing this in the North Stand due to the deteriorating relationship with the landlord. Not sure if there's any truth to this though.
  7. I don't disagree - I'm referring to an interview he did a few months back where one of the excuses he came up with for our relegation was that he had to change the playing style that was succesful at the start of his tenure to a more direct approach because the pitch was so poor.
  8. Or will he stay true to his relegation excuse and play hoofball for this game because it's impossible to play passing football on our dreadful pitch ?
  9. I think so. And it would be applied next season now.... if they still exist. I was just reading some more stuff on Bolton's situation. Someone claiming to know about the due diligence process says the actual debts are over £20million more than were being suggested. Looking more like administration for them the longer it drags on.
  10. Bury case adjourned until May 15, so they will finish the regular season at least. Sounds like the can has just been kicked a bit further down the road though. Other creditors joined the WUP and HMRC has taken over as lead petitioner, demanding £277k. They plan to pay from EFL money and season ticket sales apparently. But I wonder how they'll get through the summer if they use that money up to pay creditors?
  11. When you've worked or done business in the Arab world you get a feel for just how important saving face is in that culture. It really is extremely important to them.
  12. I agree. The statement doesn't even address their most pressing issues of the Winding Up Order and the staff not having been paid. Marco would be getting hammered on here for issuing a statement like that, and rightly so. In saying that his advisors have told him to walk away but he's "not that type of guy", I'd be worried that he's setting the scene to do exactly that, if I were a Bury fan. I'd be even more worried that he appears to have made a career out of asset stripping failing businesses and has shifted the ground in to a separate company owned by him and his son.
  13. There is a positive side to the story. When referring to the owner on these pages we don't need to type out Abdallah or Lemsagam anymore.We can just call him Marco. If it catches on, it might even stop people calling him Abdullah.
  14. I don't think the risk is as great as some are making out. As you say, he'd definitely get another job in football fairly easily. Thanks largely to the win over Fulham, he now has a profile in the wider football world that he could only have dreamed of 6 months ago. If he takes the job full time and gets binned off by AL after 5 or 6 months, his CV would get attention by virtue of the fact that whoever is doing the recruitment will now be well aware of who he is and what he has achieved here under difficult circumstances. His worse case scenario is probably getting an equivalent youth team role at another club, paying more than he's on at Latics (I'm assuming he's probably still on his youth team wage).
  15. You're right that the leap to it can "only be because the owner has something to hide" is speculation on his part. In our case it could just as easily have been done because the club sacked the person who used to prepare the accounts and no one else has picked it up. But I think his speculation is informed by his experience of such matters. He studies this type of thing for a living and has experience of seeing these events unfold at several clubs throughout the football pyramid. I suspect that him speculating that there is something to hide comes from the fact that, more often than not, there is when this happens.
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