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  1. Inflatables on the pitch on 60min. Beach balls, rings, lie lows, paddling pools, alligators, dinghy's, light aircraft. Pitch needs to look like it's been carpet bombed by Toys'r'us …….. may not achieve anything but would be quite amusing and get lots of TV replay. Small items easy to smuggle in, may need a ninja squad to throw larger items over the wall from outside. Diversion tactics required to keep security occupied. Shhhhh, keep it to yourselves, and what ever you do don't put on social media, I tried once and made a total arse of myself. Most important don't tell my wife, she's shit at secets.
  2. We require at least one Non Exec Board member with the necessary contacts in China and Japan. There are people in these countries who seek prestige rather than profit. To be owner of an English football club still appeals to many, it's all about having the contacts.
  3. Artificial Intelligence may be considered an appropriate epithet by many on here
  4. In my first 24 years supporting Latics we had 2 Managers, neither set the football world on fire at the outset as both were novices in management. Second 24 years have seen us go through 20+ (can't be arsed counting). Were we simply lucky back then and unlucky now, or are we ignoring that stability breeds success but doesn't come imnediately. Personally I believe the modern game set-up and players themselves are more often the problem than the manager. Everyone's now too scared to play risky foitball as it reduces their accuracy percentage come the Monday morning statistical analysis. It appears players can now make a good living playing percentage football and they judge themselves on high pass and tackle completion rates. There won't be a column for working your arse off and making yourself available for your teammates, but I wouldn't be surprised if you get a gold star if your kit doesn't need washing at the end of the game because it saves on the cost of a scoop of Daz. Stability, patience, hardwork and honesty please from top to bottom. Get stuck in today lads, play for Oldham because we always dreamed of doing what you do.
  5. Entertain a clown and you become part of the circus. Next please. Roll up, roll up,, try your luck.
  6. Apologies for not being Oldham related but was sad to hear that Kevin Beattie died this week aged 64 - He had been working as a radio pundit on Saturday for Radio Suffolk and died in the early hours of Sunday morning.For those of a certain vintage he really was a superb player for the best Ipswich team ever produced which was managed by Bobby Robson who had guys like Mick Mills, Wark,Muhren,Thijssen,Mariner,Brazil and Gates and the Ipswich Fans regard him as their Greatest Ever Player. I enjoyed watching him play and although he was mainly a CB he could play anywhere - Bobby Robson said he was the best player alongside Duncan Edwards England had ever produced. I met him on two occasions and he was a sound down to earth guy - No heirs or graces just a working class guy who was a cracking footballer - He was so important to Ipswich he was playing nearly every week with cortisone injections and that did for him as sadly through injuries he was finished and had to retire at 27 - He tried to come back at Middlesborough and in Norway but he was done to all intents and purposes.His life after football followed a familiar path for top level players forced to finish early and he bought a pub which led to his downfall on the booze - He lost the lot but eventually got his act together for the sake of his wife,kids and grandchildren - His wife suffers from MS and he had been her full time carer for the last ten years with his Ipswich radio work being his time away from the caring when his kids watched his wife Maggie.Rest in Peace Kevin - You really were some football player.
  7. I see Jack Byrne is now at Kilmarnock, anyone got any opinions about his time at BP. .. ... please don't, only jesting.
  8. If we're at the point where posts are being grammatically reviewed after an away victory, it may be worth considering an alternative pastime. Some people are far too happy to be blue.
  9. Aye, knowing our luck we'll score 255 and still go out on penalties.
  10. Hi Simon, how many chickens do you think it would take to kill an elephant? Good point though and totally agree.
  11. Any team could walk this league if the manager can generate a work ethic and team spirit to collectively implement simple systems. Will always have round pegs in square holes, but a below average set of players working their arses off for each other to a good plan will trump above average players working their own. No 'I' in team but there is in ' lazy bone idle bastards' In FB we trust.
  12. Dear Mighty Bosh My name is Dr Budwali Mukumbi, a first cousin of Nigerian Astronaut Major Abacha Tunde. He was the first African in space when he made a secret flight to the Salyut 6 space station in 1979. He later took a flight to a secret Soviet military space station in 1989, unfortunately he became stranded there 12 months later when the Soviet Union was dissolved. His other Soviet crew members returned to earth on Soyuz T-16Z, but his place was taken up by return cargo and empty vodka bottles. Since that time there have been occasional supply flights to keep him going, however whilst he remains in reasonable health and good humour he is desperate to come home. In the 18 years he has been in orbit he has accumulated the equivalent of £24,000,000 in pay and travel expenses. This money is held in a trust in the Lagos National Bank. If I can gain access to this money, a down payment of £3,000,000 will enable the current Russian administration to divert the orbiting Soyuz 56-Y and bring him back to earth. In order to access this trust fund your assistance is kindly requested. My colleagues and I are willing to transfer the total amount to your account for subsequent disbursement, since we are employed civil servants we are prohibited from operating foreign accounts in our names. In return, we have agreed to offer you 20 percent of the transferred sum, while 10 percent shall be set aside for incidental expenses in the course of the transaction. You will be mandated to remit the 70 percent balance to other accounts in due course. Yours kindly Dr Budwali Mukumbi
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