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  1. Rochdale (H)

    Agree mainly but Davies was at least an 8 immense physicality that constantly unsettled dale defence and nepucemo made that first goal with determination and pace to keep ball in and then excellent cross. Worked really well in first half at least - right in front of me.
  2. Scunthorpe (H)

    Just read that very same quote yesterday in a book by Hakan Nesser.
  3. Book Reviews

    Comic Book Hero Barrie Tomlinson Pitch Publishing, 2017 Hardback, 224pp, £14.99 Long before t’internet there were comics. From the 60s to the 80s and beyond they were at their peak, the staple of youngsters, a usually weekly treat that enabled us to read stirring tales of space, sport, adventure, war and more. Plus, as time went on more and more factual content came in, features on sports stars, looks behind-the-scenes, and so on, all combining to give a highly illustrated package of entertainment, escapism and news of celebrities. There are titles that will stand out for many – Roy of the Rovers, Eagle, Scream, Tiger – and this book is the narrative of the key figure behind their development in this period. As such it’s not essentially a football book, but it does demonstrate the game’s importance to the lives and reading habits of, in the main, boys at that time. (I’m sure girls did read many of the titles, but they were targeted at boys and, in fact, I can’t recall one mention of girls in the whole book). Barrie Tomlinson started at the Lion and the Tiger in the 1950s and developed the “Boys Sport and Adventure Department” at IPC, a major magazine publishing company. There’s no doubt he had a great feel for what would be successful, taking Roy of the Rovers from a story in Tiger to his own publication in 1976 as well as bringing success to many other titles. One of the major components of his formula was the use of top sportsmen and women of the day, both with their own columns and as guest features, handing out prizes to competition prize winners, or at events publicising the comics. The book is replete with mentions of how he got on board the likes of Paul Mariner, Geoff Boycott, Jack Charlton, Henry Cooper, Big Daddy etc. And he didn’t confine himself to sports stars, getting endorsements from Ernie Wise, Rod Hull and Emu, Roy Castle and others from “showbiz”. If anything the book is a bit heavy on the author rubbing shoulders and having pictures taken with “celebrities” but it does underline how the titles he was involved with were a mainstream part of popular culture at the time. Barrie Tomlinson was at the heart of this, bringing in new ideas, branching out himself into writing for more than 20 years the “Scorer” strip in the Daily Mirror, and introducing characters like Hot Shot Hamish, Johnny Cougar, Skid Solo and Fred Baker from “Billy’s Boots”. This is an inside look at what was certainly a publishing phenomenon, and a period in the lives of hundreds of thousands of youngsters, that is well worth remembering.
  4. Carlisle (A)

    Keith Curle had certainly given thought as to how to deal with us. Their players stuck to the plan as well. https://www.carlisleunited.co.uk/news/2017/november/curleinterview5nov17/
  5. Southend (A)

    Haiti friendlies confirmed
  6. Ex players and that

    He won’t be happy with Barnsley’s 2nd and 4th goals. Only able to push one into path of Barnsley player and well beaten at near post for the other
  7. Best Youth Product?

    Eddie Hopkinson . With Latics as a 15/16 yr old and went on to be England keeper
  8. Carlisle (A)

    Isn’t Clint Hill playing for them now?
  9. Southend (A)

    Until the international squads are announced then clubs can’t request postponements.
  10. Our front two.

    Think you’re a bit out with Frizzell that season Wee. He played 22 league games and got 5 goals. Whitaker got 17 and Johnny Colquhoun 14. Ledger on 8, Johnstone and Bowie 5 each. (in 61/2 Frizz got 24 league goals and Lister 17)
  11. Bury (H)

    Expensive week for me - another £10 to Playershare for Holloway’s first goal in league 👍
  12. If/when Corney goes.

    He gave BB80 a crusade and reason to get out of bed everyday
  13. Milton Keynes FC (a)

    I pledged £10 to Playershare for when we score 4 goals in a league match - must admit didn't imagine it would be in a draw! It will shortly be winging its way to the fund 👍
  14. Next Oldham Manager?

    McMullan - but purely a manager. In all the books about Latics he is just that , never playing. E.g. Latics Lads Latics Legends Oldham Athletic A Complete Record A-Z of Oldham Athletic Oldham Athletic 1915-39 In the third of those there are match by match lineups and he isn't listed in any I'm afraid
  15. Next Oldham Manager?

    McMullan isn't credited as making an appearance for Latics in any of the reference books though