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  1. LaticsPete

    FA Cup 2018-19

    On sale to ST holders tomorrow initial 550 allocation for Main Stand
  2. I learned sadly on Saturday of the death of Dennis, a longtime and loyal Latics supporter since the 60s. A Shaw man, Dennis was a talented cricketer as well as playing football locally. It was doubly poignant that his death occurred in Mexico whilst there for his son’s wedding. RIP. Another Latic gone but not forgotten.
  3. LaticsPete

    Cambridge (H)

    Cambridge kept two players up when defending corners ....but none on their posts which probably cost them the first goal of ours.
  4. Is this the same player BP mentioned just the other week? The one whose club wouldn’t let him go out on loan.
  5. LaticsPete

    Ritchie Wellens

  6. Ground capacity apparently 4200. Crowds (incl v Macclesfield in First Round) normally 2000 - 2300.
  7. No Nepocumeno tonight. Has joined up with his national team....
  8. I give you Scarborough in 72/3, 1-2 away in replay ( so we failed in two matches to beat them - and we were Div 3 at the time) However it was only three years since South Shields had beaten us in another replay , this time at home. Same score.
  9. LaticsPete

    1914/15 Squad

    Have now found mention of Galvin. Played 13 times and scored 3 goals in 1905/6, when we were still in Lancs Combination.
  10. LaticsPete

    1914/15 Squad

    Frank Hesham played for Latics from 1907 -9 . 40 first team matches. Lost his life whilst in Royal Garrison Artillery on the western front in 1915, aged 34 Sandy McAllister , 1905-6. 5 appearances. Died from food poisoning when serving with Northumberland Fusiliers in Italy in 1918, aged 39 Can,t find any record of Paddy Galvin ever appearing for our first team. EDIT: Now located him as playing before we entered the League. In 1905/6 he had 13 appearances , scoring 3 times.
  11. Latics to win by three. #OurNameIsOnTheCup
  12. LaticsPete

    1914/15 Squad

    Arthur Cashmore, who played 16 times that season, received facial shrapnel injuries but after the war came back and played for the club until the end of 1919. None of the published record books give any mention of fatalities amongst the staff.
  13. I watched MK Dons at Hyde on tv , last season I think. What impressed me was the way MK went at them right from the start. None of the “let’s keep it tight to begin with , absorb their early enthusiasm and pressure “. MK pressed and attacked and took control. After that the result was never in doubt. Tactics for Monday? Go at them right from the start , be confident and assertive, and boss the match. Might not make a tv fairy tale story but sod that.
  14. 38000 for spurs v Newport (Rnd 4) last season and 47000 for the “derby” v Wimbledon (Rnd 3) - can’t see more for Latics