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  1. Transfer Rumours

    Gardner tweeted from Blackpool yesterday - he was on the beach with his young son. Crossed wires about Fleetwood or looking at the area?
  2. League 2 beginners guide

    Having posted our team for the last game we had in Div 4, in 1971 I thought it would be interesting to do so for our first game back in it after relegation. This is the team lineup for the game at Notts County Aug 9 1969. A 0-0 draw was one of our better results ea;y on, as we won only four matches upto the end of the following January. Frizzell's appointment as manager rallied the troops and we eventually climbed to 19th. Just three players - Bowie, Bebbington, and Whittle - remained in the team for the final match in the following season when we were promoted.
  3. Including the “look after your car mister?” surcharge.
  4. OWTB 2018/19 Prediction League

    What are you? A brexit negotiator ?!
  5. As Chief Exec one would have expected Mark Moisley to have exerted a responsible attitude to the club’s business affairs and obligations. If he didn’t and/or followed less than legitimate processes ( maybe at Simon Corney’s request) then it’s little wonder that AL decided to get rid of him. Some of the issues emerging from the woodwork would surely have been known by MM.
  6. And Dowie is lined up as manager ?
  7. 18/19 Kit Launch

    Same here. Rather bland ...
  8. The 'Were they really here XIv

    John Sleeuwenhoek
  9. OWTB 2018/19 Prediction League

    Did her family ever pay the ransom?
  10. Ex players and that

    The legend that is David Dunn has left B Rovers https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/dunny-leaves-rovers-role/
  11. OWTB 2018/19 Prediction League

    He was. And had a head that could move the ball faster than most players could (or can) kick it. Only player I can recall who physically bossed him was Alan Lawson our centre half when Big Jim played for Stockport. Last I heard Fryatt was a greenkeeper near. Las Vegas
  12. Fixtures 2018/2019

    Hardly “ever” though .
  13. Fixtures 2018/2019

    Other than Forest Green and Morecambe in the league I can’t see any ....
  14. Fixtures 2018/2019

    Doom and gloom merchant. Up by Easter 😁🏆🌞👑👌
  15. Trust AGM announcement

    I thought all ST holders were members