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  1. LaticsPete

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    That’s the trouble with plans Andy .....😉
  2. LaticsPete

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    “Whole list of signings for every other club” Where on earth are you looking?
  3. LaticsPete

    Forest Green (h)

    From the FGR forum “Oldham's officials and Directors were a reaffirming contrast to what the Club has experienced from Bolton's Chair. A real pleasure to meet and talk to including their guest 'legend' Roger PalmerIn particular, Oldham's Chair gave a warm welcoming speech to all from FGR then turned to Dale. He congratulated Dale on the innovation introduced at FGR and went on to mention the photovoltaic panels and the Mowbot. Afterwards he sought Dale's advice on eco measures. Respect and good old fashioned virtues that did the home club great creditSadly some of our number let us down. Despite being a Northern outcast from Bury, Pitchfork turned up in Chinos and summer wear along with a couple of others. Our hosts provided blankets. Well really!I have lost count of the number of time opposition supporters have warmly congratulated us on the quality of football FGR plays. Oldham was no exception.”
  4. LaticsPete

    New Manager Thread

    Not about me Archie. Just passing on what has been reported.
  5. LaticsPete

    New Manager Thread

    Dave Flett, the reporter, was interviewed on bbc radio York and when asked about other candidates (ie rather than Steve Watson) and in particular Askey said (I can’t quote precise words but it was more or less this) “I’ve been told by sources inside the club that both he (Askey) and another former League 1 manager were considered but Steve Watson was very much the man that stood out” That seems like a rejection for whatever reason , whether financial or anything else.
  6. LaticsPete

    New Manager Thread

    Knocked back according to the York Press.
  7. LaticsPete

    Doncaster (A)

    Posted Tuesday at 12:24 PM 1500 would be an achievement You’ve got all your bases covered Kus...😀
  8. LaticsPete

    Jordan Lyden

    The injury confirmed. https://theclaretandview.com/2019/01/10/jordan-lyden-aston-villa/
  9. LaticsPete

    New Manager Thread

    Askey interviewed for York job - but it went to Steve Watson. From York Press “John Askey, who The Press understands was interviewed for the City vacancy too.”
  10. LaticsPete

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Except Luton isn’t in London and is 135 miles from Sheffield whereas Oldham to Fulham is 220 miles. Regardless , over 4000 to Fulham is top notch, the sound and support was immense, and ....we won..
  11. LaticsPete

    Forest Green (h)

    Nixon saying that Doidge going to Yeovil so he may not be playing against us on Saturday. BOLTON. Here’s the real sad stuff. Doidge been back up today to get his gear and head back for YEOVIL. Shabby.
  12. LaticsPete

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    It happened BigDog - other than the lose bit 👍
  13. LaticsPete

    Simon Blitz

    No career as a cameraman after that....