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  1. The owner signed half of the players , so that was going to be very unlikely.
  2. We actually played well against Exeter, but failed to deal the Jayden Stockley , we should have also had a clear penalty when was fouled I’m the area . Yes the performance s few days later cost Bunn his Job , but if the rumours are true, the owner kicking off in the dressing room after the exetyhe wouldn’t have helped team morale
  3. Midfield has been an issue all season , we simply can’t hold on to the ball , and defence keeps getting swamped (as was the case against Crewe on Saturday) .
  4. Bunn was just the scapegoat, apart from Carlisle, we had started to play some decent football . The players need to take a longer hard look at themselves after the last 2 games, if they’re up for the fight , then **** them off and play the young lads from the academy.
  5. Joe Worrall, was a blatant United fan, so he was never going to give the goal
  6. I worked with a guy called Wayne Kerr , his dad was called joe and his was called Anne .
  7. Didn’t realise the trust a operated closed shop / a cash for questions policy ?
  8. Do need to look for a quote , but any fool could see how badly the pitch deteriorated during the last 3rd of last season and dispite a decent summer and a relatively mild winter, the pitch is as bad if not worse than last year. You however, seem to think the state of the playing surface is not important.
  9. Where do you get your £500k from ? I’m sure Tottenham did pay anything like that when they paid for Rochdale’s new pitch .
  10. Clearly you think the state of the pitch and the lack of investment in it is acceptable then ... and you call me a clown
  11. And so did Lemsagam ,I go to the gym in the north stand, and work on the pitch didn’t start until at least 3 weeks after the season ended. Wellens (before he was sacked) said the pitch had cost us games and hoped we’d get s new one ... bit all Lemsagam did was to provide free food for the pigeons by reseeding .
  12. Our problem is going to be the state of the pitch, it was dreadful yesterday and will only get worse over the next 4 or 5 weeks . The pitch should have been relaid in the summer, but Lemsagam chose the cheaper option of just reseeding.
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