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  1. Of course you can blame the Bosman ruling, player no deliberately run down their contacts to either for the club to pay them a higher wage or to allow them to move as a free agent. Prime examples of this are Aaron Ramsey , and closer to home Chris Porter , both run down their contracts and left for nothing -prior to the Bosman rule , the clubs would have held on to their registration and forced s transfer fee .
  2. The issue is not scouting (or the lack of it) the problem is that since Bosman, the player have become too powerful and too greedy - even if could find them, their wage demands would be beyond what we could afford - can you imagine how much players of Ritchie’s ability would command today , when players like Menig can command £11k a week
  3. He’s not French or a mate of little Mo , so not a chance
  4. I didn’t say it wasn’t a crap performance or that Carlisle we’re lucky , I said that they scored with almost every shot they had, and implied that we didn’t deserve to lose by 6 goals . How do you explain the result against Bury if Bunn (and to an extent the performance against Exeter ) was such an unpopular manager and as a team they played far worse against Macclesfield than they did against Carlisle , the performances against Crewe and Morecambe (considering that players normally run through brick walls to impress a new manager) weren’t that sparkling either
  5. Not really, look at the stats for the Carlisle game , they had a day when everything they hit, came off - 9 shots 7 on target 6 goals v our 9 shots 1 on target
  6. That’s your opinion which you are entitled to and I have mine which I’m also entitled to. If you look at the team has been set up by both Pete Wild and Paul Scholes it not s whole lot different than how Frankie Bunn up his teams, and there is a reason for this , we don’t have (or didn’t have) the players to play fast flowing attacking football
  7. Prior to the Carlisle game , we had started to play some decent football, we beat Bury 4-2, should have got at least draw against Exeter, and had couple of refereeing decisions gone our way in other games we would have been challenging for the top 3. Clearly(in my opinion) what is happening behind the scenes is having an impact on the players . The owner (or his brother) dictating who plays and who doesn’t , signing players from the bottom of the French lower leagues and paying them far much more than they’re actually worth
  8. Never used it as a weapon, but if you’re honest , bunns sacking (whether you like him or not) was harsh , and there had to be more to the picture than just one bad result. No doubt, when former players and employees, like Davies, Gerrard and the kitman tell their stories , the truth will be out , and as they say ..there’s no smoke without fire
  9. And here the reason why (though not sure why it should be such a contentious issues) ... Allegedly used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.
  10. I use the word allegedly because it wasn’t there to witness the incident, and those that were haven’t publicly commented on it.
  11. Really, is that why haven’t been able to name a full bench on at least 2 occasions this season.
  12. Perhaps the real reason for Bunns sacking was that a certain player (allegedly) had AL by throat after his dressing room, after he stormed into after the Exeter game
  13. So taking in to consideration that Bunn was sacked for one bad performance (Carlisle) would you say tha Wild lost the dressing because of the Macclesfield performance and that Scholes has (already ) lost the dressing room because of the performances against Crewe and Morecambe. Of the players that Bunn was allowed to sign on a permanent basis all were at the end of their careers (or had been brought out of retirement) , do you really that Bunn with 20+ years experience in youth development only wanted to sign 33 year old players, or do you think his hands were tied by the budget he had been given ?
  14. The owner signed half of the players , so that was going to be very unlikely.
  15. We actually played well against Exeter, but failed to deal the Jayden Stockley , we should have also had a clear penalty when was fouled I’m the area . Yes the performance s few days later cost Bunn his Job , but if the rumours are true, the owner kicking off in the dressing room after the exetyhe wouldn’t have helped team morale
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