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  1. League 1 Activity

    https://twitter.com/TheNinetyTwo_/status/966631142362402816 Shez to fleetwood
  2. Blackburn Away

    Maybe, with the Rochdale game now being re-arranged (to probably a Tuesday) more will jump on this game!?
  3. Players linked with us

    http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpool-footballer-lloyd-jones-accused-13398155 Would make sense....
  4. Bury (H)

    Bit generous.... 9/4 top half finish. 14/1 top 6
  5. Dan Gardner - Immense

    Did anyone else see the little spat between him and byrne last night?
  6. Bradford (a)

    Approx 500 Sold as of lunch time.
  7. North Stand Construction Thread

    Has them on trowel?
  8. Placide signed

    Poor penalty....
  9. And improved a generally sh*te midfield....
  10. Steward vs Oxford

    I know the steward in question, worked there for years, follows latics and England too, sound lad. Probably been wound up before hand/during the game but i suppose you can't react like that.... Hopefully just a slap on the wrist and get on with it. That oxford fella was looking for it too....already recording.
  11. Eintracht Frankfurt

    Facing the away corner. On the bottom tier. Western Block if i'm correct
  12. Eintracht Frankfurt

    Get in the end with the ultras. Great experience.