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  1. Peter Shilton, Tony Ford, Terry Paine and David James according to Wikipedia.
  2. I can't get liquid smoke anywhere? Some bastards must be stockpiling it. Let's make sure there's a reckoning on the other side for the cunt from Wetherspoons, the cunt from Sports Direct, the cunts stockpiling liquid smoke and any cunt who's tried to profit from this crisis.
  3. One of the best meals I've ever had in there. He's not mentioned Latics once yet.
  4. You can't predict how these threads will meander. But I never saw spiced pear butter coming.
  5. I bought a little spray gun from B&Q. You do it in a fraction of the time. Almost enjoyable. It still sits below shredding branches and jet washing though.
  6. Of the UKIPs? Tell him to go back where he came from.
  7. The Greek: doesn't know the difference between STEWART Lee and Lee Evans.
  8. That's the problem. The bits I've found tend to be short routines from comedy festivals, they don't do him justice. I think there's a clip out there of him talking to Stewart Lee on his radio show. If you do get chance to see him on the other side grab it. He does do a fair few charity shows in that there London.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/stage/2012/aug/05/daniel-kitson-god-small-things Worth a read.
  10. He eschews the mainstream. His shows sell out instantly, so very hard to get to see him. I've seen him three times and every one was a work of genius. I was due to see Stewart Lee again next month, goodness knows when that will be on.
  11. He's brilliant, but no-one can get near to Daniel Kitson.
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