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  1. I've been on holiday so I haven't been this season yet. He has always been towards the Rocky end of the North Stand. I'll keep an eye out on Tuesday. Maybe AL is moving him closer to him as a bodyguard.
  2. In any team, whatever situation the club is in, if a player isn't putting effort in he deserves stick. In our current situation there is only one direction that vitreol needs sending in. Abbott & Costello and their shills.
  3. It provides some comedy entertainment for those of us sitting at that end of the Joe Royle stand. Blessed relief when the alternative is looking at what's going on on the pitch.
  4. Finishing on Barry would add a whole new meaning to the old football expression : "one for the cameras".
  5. You've been sussed. Why are you persisting with the charade?
  6. The Chaddy End is going to be renamed "The Martin Luther King Stand".
  7. How long does the full defection process to Chesterfield take?
  8. There'll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Sholver.
  9. Maybe Burys potential demise would mean only one club dropping out of the football league. We would only need one club to be shitter than us.
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