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  1. Well said Midsblue. Looking at the comparison of the standing of the club over two years is frightening. The direction of travel is terrifying.
  2. Plenty of others involved too. No denying we are in amongst it.
  3. Is it because Doyle is on loan from Bratfud?
  4. That Barnsley match for me. I remember blokes huddled round hand dryers in the Chaddy at half time.
  5. Yep, they got the ladder that went up to the gantry and passed it down to the paddock.
  6. If we can't get hold of a bus, I might be able to get a deal on a combine harvester. It's going cheap because it's not pulling up any plants.
  7. I will vote Bus Party with the proviso that we don't piss about for three years working out how to throw him under. I want to see a hard, no-deal bussing.
  8. Sums it up well. A thing to admire about Rugby Union is the players respect the officials. Doesn't make a dreadful sport worth watching.
  9. Just watching Jools Holland from earlier in the week. Slowthai (I'm down with the kids innit) is performing a song called Northampton's Child. Could refer to their number 5 today: "He scratched me ref".
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