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  1. Downvote for misspelling privilege.
  2. I was subjected to it. They do phonics nowadays to teach how the letters combine to make sounds.
  3. What's that got to do with transfer rumours?
  4. Great point. They've devalued their own competition.
  5. I don't think the stadium was opened until a few years after that.
  6. The original question related to escaping the hot part of the year. In relation to the seasons it moves.
  7. Not sure if you're trying to wind me up here, but you can have one bite. The Islamic calendar is lunar which is about ten days shorter than the solar one. Ramadan moves forward about ten days each year.
  8. Wembley is over used and utterly devalued. I've been to the new Wembley with friends supporting York, Stockport and Macc. Two of those were play off finals, the other the FA trophy. I don't agree with FA Cup semi finals being played there. At least I've seen Latics play in an actual cup final there.
  9. Exactly. He hasn't named a single player.
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