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  1. This has gone very off topic. However, two words. Nicole........... Papa.
  2. You will play Branger, by order of the Pesky Blinders. (Pesky was better before the edit 22)
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Added time was horrible, did the fourth official show how long was to be played. COYB the unthinkable is still possible.
  4. We're not discussing it with them. They aren't even aware not to be bothered about our pointless, petty debate.
  5. Indeed. These things are established over a reasonable period of time, not a snapshot of league position. It's not impossible for us to be a division higher than Mansfield next season. Remember soon to be non-league Yeovil in the Championship?
  6. You are getting sillier. Given the choice last summer would a player choose to sign for one of say Burnley, Brighton and Bournemouth or Aston Villa. They would probably opt for the Premier league club. Does that make those clubs bigger than Villa? We are concerned because much smaller clubs than us are higher up the leagues. Do you think Rochdale are a bigger club than Latics?
  7. There is no definition of what makes one club bigger than another. To throw training facilities in there is a bit desperate. We are bigger than Mansfield.
  8. There would be no doubt that that was definitely over the line.
  9. And England would have a couple more world cups.
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