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  1. It is difficult to credit the positives whilst the huge dark shadow of Mo and Shitpeas hangs over our club.
  2. The 10% that don't hit the wall aren't necessarily goals.
  3. If this is the reaction we get to a boycott, bring on more boycotts.
  4. I like reading this board, but the number of puns is a huge drawback.
  5. I think your new name may be taking you towards OWTB misspelling legend status. Your current level is: Lacovitti. (Is your last name Dogis?)
  6. They get criticised for being shit. The above example and Saturday are just two examples were we've suffered at the hands of their shiteness.
  7. Friendlies count now to justify this we're shitter than non league bollocks. FFS
  8. Or both roles allow sad losers to get themselves into a position of power.
  9. We need referees, that doesn't mean we can't point out their failings. Their many, many failings.
  10. It happened to me in the mid 80s. I thought I'd made a mistake but I hadn't.
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