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  1. Thanks Dave. The word plants highlightsed Shitpeas' buffoonary and eclipsed any other words in that sentence.
  2. Plants, the expression is didn't rip up any plants.
  3. No, but I prefer cheese and onion crisps to salt and vinegar.
  4. I worked it out on points won in the season to date and used that as a projection to the end of the season. They have taken the points net of the deductions. Using that as a projection would in effect further increase the number of points deducted. I've no idea what the official line will be. I know which method is the fairer.
  5. You think if there was no lockdown, the NHS wouldn't have been overwhelmed?
  6. Just done a couple of calculations. Macc collected 36 points from 37 games which is 0. 97 points per game. On that basis over the 9 remaining games you'd expect them to get 9 points which would leave them on 34 points. Stevenage work out at 0.61 points per game. 6 points from their remaining 10 matches would leave them on 28 points. Unless the EFL Dock them 6 points or more, Macclesfield should be OK.
  7. I know Lewis McKinney and I know his attitude is exemplary. It is wrong of Murray to tar them all with the same brush with his comment.
  8. Or a refund based on the actual value of un played matches. Cock all.
  9. Divide the cost of the ticket by the number of home games, multiply the result by the number of remaining games. Not that I expect a refund.
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