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  1. That's been wrote for writing's sake. Won't bother, ta.
  2. UpTheLatics

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Lovely lovely lovely.
  3. UpTheLatics

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    2-1. Big Robert.
  4. UpTheLatics

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Neat finish from Baxter. A quick second and I think the game would be over.
  5. UpTheLatics

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Latics win and three draws would be ideal, maybes a win for Carlisle.
  6. UpTheLatics

    Statement from Abdallah

    Spot on. Wild deserves huge credit and I hope he has benefited from the last few week.
  7. UpTheLatics

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Good point.
  8. UpTheLatics

    New Manager Thread

    We should also say that Pete Wild deserves a medal for his last few week. League form was decent - won three, drawn one, lost 2 - with 10 points from 18 (MK performance deserved at lesast a point) and, of course, the memorable victory over Fulham. He's at least kept us in the play-offs and improved the goal difference by 6 and landed us a few quid in the FA Cup. Let's hope, with all the fanfare with Scholes, he isn't forgotten come the end of the season. Huge contribution.
  9. UpTheLatics

    New Manager Thread

    It is. "Right lads, 16 games and I want us in those play-offs. Got it?" Christ - some of our lads would have a pressure-induced seizure.
  10. UpTheLatics

    Footballers views on Paul Scholes

    Small cock, though. Can't have it all.
  11. UpTheLatics

    Bury (A)

    A consistent few hundred idiots ruin this fixture making it one of the least enjoyable away fixtures we have. There again, the home fixture was our best league peformance of the season so owt similar would be spot on.
  12. UpTheLatics

    New Manager Thread

    Believe me, marra, I'm not expecting that. The consensus of this board's opinion still seems to consider us gatecrashing that top 7 to be realistic. What I've quoted, barring one run of form, is unlikely to happen. I think it would be unfair to expect it.
  13. UpTheLatics

    New Manager Thread

    Excellent. His challenge: Average points total of 7th placed team in the last five seasons is 72.4 (two of the five years was 75). If we win tomorrow, he'll need to achieve 1.88 points per game. If we lose, we'd need over two points per game. If we go with us winning tomorrow, he'll need to win at least half his games to have a chance.
  14. UpTheLatics

    Jim Williams R.I.P.

    Sad news. Jim was an excellent journalist and from an era of journalism when local newspapers reached most households. I studied journalism at university and completed my dissertation of the representation of the two main groups of people leading up to, during and after the race riots. My conclusion was that the Chron had a bias under his editorship (institutional, mind you; it was traceable before Jim was appointed). My opinion, of course. Nor was it comment on Jim as a person. Lots of newspapers, as we know, had - and still have - a bias towards groups of people. I don't believe this is true. Intrigue has existed since the invention of the printing press. George Orwell wrote some excellent stuff about local newspapers, niche newspapers etc. The problem, aided by the invention of the internet, that could serve as the unique source of all information (Orwell incidentally predicted something along the lines of an electronic enclycopedia), is that we no longer believe we should pay for news content. I'm under 30 and still buy newspapers, but that's rare. The Guardian are building a base who is willing to purchase its content voluntarily; the Times, however, have used a paywall for some years now and last I heard had in excess of 100,000 subscribers. The harsh reality is that local newspapers, who have to transition to the online world, will die because we just won't pay for it. The days of proper write-ups following council meetings seem lost. Personally, I believe communities need to fund local journalism otherwise the notion of holding local politicians etc to account will go forever, and that is, well, bad news. It's a sad comment on the lack of engagement in pretty much anything that isn't a meme or some petty thing on Facebook by certain ages. Having said that, there is evidence to suggest the current 18-24 age demographic is reversing that engagement decline. Fingers crossed.
  15. Brilliant that David. I'll be ordering one.