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  1. NDAs are pretty common practice. Nothing to be suspicious about at all.
  2. Exactly my read of it. Some people on here would really struggle with issues with actual complexity.
  3. He is crap, fancy him getting on the end of something though (if he stays on) Edit: looks like he isnt
  4. He has definitely been in Oldham for the last few days. 100% certain of that.
  5. Thanks for response Rummy, ive only just reactivated my paypal account. Maybe it takes a while to awake from its slumber, i'll try again tomorrow.
  6. Hi Admins Im trying to donate but am struggling to send to owtb.co.uk@gmail.com, via paypal even when following the link. can i send directly to a bank account? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Cheers
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