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  1. How is a 'decent League One' midfielder not better than our current bottom half of League Two midfield then?
  2. Stop giving the mysterious ITK and just tell us what you know. We get enough cloak and daggers from the clowns running the club.
  3. Sounds fair but I'm sure people on here will get the hump about comments like this no doubt. It looked unprofessional imo.
  4. Any progress on the Forward signing that would get some of the fans excited you referenced on Twitter?
  5. You should probably do a quick bit of a research to who you believe on twitter. Liars and wind up merchants in this case.
  6. Hang on, are we meant to believe the property developer won't be making anything on the side from Blitz and Gazal's houses on little Wembley?
  7. Good news. Was almost hoping it was Benteke for the Twitter outrage this afternoon.
  8. I was about to say I'd be absolutely astounded if we even explored this after the Hughes and Ched situations, but then remembered it is Latics after all. Lee, let's not beat around the bush here...are we looking into signing him?
  9. Good signing. Rumours we beat off competition from Forest for this guy.
  10. Blue and white one looks like a Wigan top. Similar badges too (I'm aware we were first...)
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