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  1. He's got a point with the first bit to be fair.
  2. He's got some uses and is better than Urko, but if we're being honest, he's not good enough if we want to be a side in contention to be promoted from this league. All the promotion chasing sides have some form of threat up top, be it a finisher or an effective big man. Time will tell with how Scholes wants to play, but we need a better calibre of player or a more effective option if we want to be top 3/top 7.
  3. So basically we've got to raise £6m or the ground is in danger of going to a third party - and we've no idea who it is? Could be developers etc. We struggled to get together a few grand for a scoreboard so any hope is through a significant investor. I don't see how this is 'fan led' apart from the fact the Trust has been given notice due to some sort of prior agreement.
  4. Didn't we do Facebook Live for Bunn's first presser? Not even a mention on the site for this one. Seems odd.
  5. I'm not one for making up new over complicated chants but the creative lads need to get thinking of something. If we copy the 'at the wheel...' from United fans or any other Red chant got that matter, it's time to give up.
  6. Imagine taking time out of your evening to post that on here. Maybe, just maybe, they thought they'd take the opportunity to show support and respect to the lads family?
  7. Wish we'd have done that with Sylla. Unfortunately looks like he's going to be a regular starter.
  8. Looks like the end for Hunt doesn't it. Does this mean AL is going to stop insisting Branger plays as I assume Nepo will be reinstated on the wing?
  9. If by a a few people you mean Matthew Bourne, you're going to be disappointed.
  10. Was this whilst managerless? If so, encouraging we are in the market whilst it's all being sorted out.
  11. Didn't get close to winning a header all game. 6"3 but looked 5"1 when jumping
  12. I said we wouldn't get to 1800 as soon as I heard it was Sunday. How wrong I was.
  13. He's been doing whatever it is a Sporting Director does for all season it seems so this should come as a shock or cause mass offence.
  14. Someone who hasn't played for a club for 2 years I assume. Equally, who on earth would walk away from a contract then?
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