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  1. Who is are the fans that are part of the group? What is their connection to the trust? When they refer to 'the purchase' of the ground, land etc. Is this in the offing or just a proposition at the moment? Where is the money coming from to fund this?
  2. My understanding is PW was trying to get hold of the chuckle brothers in the days leading to and after the Northampton game to discuss the future and was ignored and avoided. It seems decisions were made without him and PW suggested he would go back to the youths. Appears like they couldn't agree on this as he chucked his ticket in.
  3. I'm expecting "taken it as far as I could/want to explore new opportunities/would hate to leave the club he loves on a sour note etc..."
  4. Would take Big Sol. He's a basket case, will keep us entertained and he has actually done a decent job with Macc. He'd have no reason to swap Macc for Latics though. I'd imagine he'll stick it out and wait for a bigger gig.
  5. There's a few more lurking, they just aren't as vocal. I can't be arsed to do it myself but I'd love to see a timeline of all the shitty things AL has done or been accused of since he arrived (including number of staff moved on). Would be even better to slap it infront of him and see how he could defend it.
  6. The way I see it... If Wild is leaving for said 'personal reasons' then fair enough. But we all suspect this isn't the reason. If this is the case, I feel AL has dropped an even bigger bollock than usual in the fact he's missed a decent opportunity to slightly redeem himself by being honest for once/first time he's had the opportunity since the letter reply and trust meeting etc. If he had come out and said Wild has decided to leave due to a difference of opinion or something closer to the truth, he'd have gained back a very very small part of respect from some of the fan base. Instead it appears he's rolled out a lie to try and paper the cracks as usual. When Wild takes a new job in a few weeks and he clearly isn't taking a break from football, we'll all see once again how much of a pathological liar he is...and some will probably still refuse to remove the wool from their eyes.
  7. I used to use this board to get away from all the idiots and wind up merchants on twitter. It's probably even worse on here these days...
  8. Almost certain he'll have ideas higher than Oldham then in that case.
  9. Despite what is going on off the pitch, Wild has turned things around on it. He's a breathe of fresh air. Sensible, realistic and speaks a lot of sense. Seems to be getting a tune out of the boys. Solid first XI. Lang on fire, Nepo back on form, defence tightened up and mistakes eradicated. Remember Baxter and Dearnley to come back into the match day squad too. Makes the last few games interesting at least, especially if we can get a result against Wellens lot on Sat...
  10. What's the trust's next move if he doesn't respond in a timely manner? Can't wait forever so I assume there is a plan? Apologies in advance if I've missed it.
  11. Another thread turned into a bizarre argument between a few members. Never change, lads.
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