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  1. Sorry, not been around much recently. I've removed the approval flag now.
  2. Mmmm. There are some delicious statist tears in this thread.
  3. Well, as an unashamed fan of American sports it should come as no surprise that I think the salary cap model is a good idea... for them. It wouldn’t work for Association Football; the only possible way it could is if FIFA were to micro-manage the job lot. Imagine the FA turning round and telling Arsenal that, as part of their licence to participate in the Premier League, they had to hand over, say, 50% of their operating profits to redistribute amongst the rest of the pyramid AND only pay world-class footballers a massively deflated sum compared to what they could earn across the Channel. It’d be bye-bye, European Super League here we come. If football clubs are indeed valuable community assets, then the community need to step up and sustain them. If they’re not interested and/or capable of doing so, tough shit. I know that sounds strong but hand-wringing, meek platitudes and virtue-signalling achieve nothing.
  4. Notts County? Squires alluded to them in yesterday’s toon.
  5. Businesses fail all the time. It’s shit for the people directly affected, but another one will take its place. It’s the bollocks of the jungle out there.
  6. No town ‘deserves’ a football club unless it’s paid for by public funds, which should never happen as it would be a gross misuse of taxpayers’ money.
  7. BeckfordsLeftFoot! Christ, you were a right pain in the arse. How are you?
  8. I don’t think about them at all. And that’s besides the point anyway. If someone wants to take their child to a game of football, they should be able to do so without someone suggesting they’re morally bankrupt for doing so.
  9. It’s a game of football, not the AGM of the Black Hand.
  10. Erm, I was actually displaying my wokeist credentials by showing my support for everyone's favourite Asian-American celebrity chef.
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