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  1. Biggest away followings: York 1974 8000+ Southport 1974 8000+ Liverpool 1977? approx 15000 Northwich Victoria, same season as Liverpool above, at least 15000 (played at Maine Road) By the way we also had about 25000 for the home game with Bolton in the same season as the aforementioned West Brom game.
  2. milnrow latics

    Press conference today at 3.30

    Major announcement. On official
  3. milnrow latics

    Ex players and that

    Cassidy on fire. Scores again at York tonight.
  4. milnrow latics

    Ex players and that

    ​Cassidy scores again (mind you the ball did get deflected onto his head) then has a penalty saved. Oh and "Connor Brown embarked on a foray down the right and crossed for Jordan Preston to turn in his third of the season."
  5. milnrow latics

    North Stand Construction Thread

    Sun shining? In Oldham? This is Ice Station Zebra!