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  1. There was about 6 or 7 interested until they realised just how far up shit creek without a paddle they were. I don’t think I could name one of them, so unless I’ve missed it then any attempted to get their name out there were futile at best.
  2. No possibly about it - that’s exactly what it is.
  3. It’s a group of fans looking to kickstart a wider protest movement.
  4. Considering Al said he put in £200k last month just to keep us ticking over suggests all is not going swimmingly with regards to Club finances.
  5. The numbers stack up too if we are to believe that Al paid ~£3m for the Club.
  6. Apologies if already posted, or if not possible to find out, but has anyone got an idea of what the staff roster looked like at the start of the 2018/19 season? Specifically in terms of number of personnel employed by the club vs today?
  7. You should know by now that Kow wants to know everything about everything.
  8. If Al got rid of Mo and Baz I think the mood would improve considerably tbh. It wont fucking happen though.
  9. Jury is still out on Dino as far as I am concerned. Says the right things (a lot of managers do) but since he was brought in he's claimed we have a good squad and praised the recruitment, then slated the recruitment the week after and said we have players that aren't good enough, before returning back to his original statement.
  10. I hate the current regime as much as the next person but I don’t necessarily agree with this. The last PL prospect we got is now playing regularly in the Championship and has been called up to the u21s.
  11. Hey Urko - the agency will 'pay' you £4k per week if you sign for us for a season, whether you play or not. However, you will only actually get paid £2k, the other £2k will stay with the agency. Something along those lines. I suppose it could via a number of other ways. *N.B - this is not fact...
  12. It's also a mandatory exercise. However it isn't coincidence it was announced just after the protests started. If everyone comes away from tonight with the concrete view that the BOD are lying, corrupt, dodgy cunts then those protests will recommence and likely in bigger numbers. This to many fans is simply a chance for the BOD to reassure them, however unlikely that is.
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