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  1. Iversen Hunt - Clarke - Edmundson - Nepomuceno Missilou Dearnley - Maouche - Baxter - Branger Lang This simply has to be the formation to go with. Even if they have returned to training, the Forest & West Ham lads wont be thrown straight in.
  2. This is why we will get nowhere near the playoffs. Just not good enough.
  3. One for the Trust to answer: Might be a daft question here, but I assume that Brassbank won’t sell to someone who doesn’t have the best interests of OAFC in mind?
  4. If anything that should help the defender as Branger cutting inside would mean coming on to the defender's strongest side.
  5. It's almost as though having such an irrational hatred for all things Man U means it earns you more 'top blue' points.
  6. Already giddy for it. Unbeaten in their last 6... Morecambe (A) 2-2 D Newport (H) 3-2 W MK (A) 1-0 W Colchester (H) 2-1 W Macc (A) 3-3 D Carlisle (H) 2-1 W However, they have the joint worst away record. Have to win this to keep the momentum going into the Morecambe game in hand. Surely the same team as tonight?
  7. Great start to Scholes' reign. Need to beat an in-form Crewe on Saturday and then roll Morecambe over. GD is right up there with the top 7 too.
  8. I think he'd rather be in the crowd as a fan.
  9. ...quickest I've ever gone from hard to soft.
  10. More chance of Scholes starting for us than Chong coming to Oldham.
  11. Yeah, definitely don’t believe that for one second. Whether he is referring to the debts from the Corney era (excluding what’s owed to Blitz & Co) I don’t know. Then you have Lee Sinnott hinting that Blitz could well make us homeless should AL not pay him the £300k he now owes him (probably being OTT...).
  12. Anywhere we can see the Scholes interview for those not signed up to LP?
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