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  1. More and more fans now voicing their anger at the club that the ST finance option is no longer on the table as we've had our credit license revoked.
  2. I don't think there's a single Latics fan who "wants" Banide (or any other OAFC manager) to fail. People may well be pissed off with the endless shite we've endured year on year, now culminating with this berk running us like a shitshow and turning us into some 2nd rate European football talent school - and rightly so - but I still don't think a single fan will be 'willing' a manager to fail at Oldham.
  3. A quick 30 second glance at both 44 ITK 2 and Leckmeister General would show they are certainly not "ITK". Nothing to see here..
  4. Handful of aways interest me and that’s it. The rest, along with Al and the other clowns, can fuck off.
  5. Go on I’ll bite - how does that image give the impression he looks to have been locked out, given they appear to be walking to the door?
  6. A little birdie says there's a slight chance he comes back.
  7. Still has me chuckling on a daily basis this.
  8. Having just spoken to Kuwait SC Twitter, they tell me Banide was sacked during that title winning 16/17 season and Abdullah was the man that led them to the title.
  9. He managed them from June ‘16 - Oct ‘16 without taking charge of a single league game.
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