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  1. If you watch the 1st series of that Salford City, quite early on during a meeting he has a little moan and says " what the f**k have we bought a football club for? " or something along those lines! We don't need some ex premier league footballer who's bored, we need someone that wants to put his all into it! He doesn't strike me as being 100% committed to us ..
  2. and the sh_t spelling of 'official' ha ha was 1 of 5 blocked yesterday and I'm 2 in already today! .. lol
  3. so .. when and if this take over goes ahead, do we think they should have another 'mega' half time draw like they did against Grimsby? IIRC the 5 prizes drawn that day were : 1. 2 x Airline tickets to the US 2. 2 x Season Tickets 3. £1000 4. £250 JD (?) Sports vouchers 5. A day training with the players ... I personally won the last one! So what would we like this time around?
  4. I'd tend to agree with you, but maybe that may spur the players into trouncing Shrewsbury tomorrow ...
  5. I'd hazard a guess that's what Gerrard was alluding to on Twitter this morning! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-41259436
  6. but only for the more 'svelte' members of the populace who can fit in a 2xl or smaller! ...
  7. ... and I'd be really impressed if they did a non stop playing of Mouldy Ol Dough! Anymore anybody?
  8. .... forgetting that fans are 'boycotting' the whateveritscalledthisyear trophy, it'll make for an interesting night on Tuesday at ISZ all the same! in fact that's a point, I wonder if laddo will change the name back to Boundary Park, tell Ashley to do one ... kick the great unwashed out of the Chaddy End and re open the Latique? lol
  9. isn't the 'Barnard' that also got 2 goals one of ours too?
  10. maybe I'm getting mixed up then! is there 2 different ones? ie supporters and then hospitality?? I think the 100 club get access to the latter, and they're advertising that as 'guaranteed' access to it during games!
  11. top floor I think? .. last time I walked past and looked up there was still lecky cables hanging from the ceiling! ..
  12. I always thought it would have impacted on match day pie/whatever else sales within the ground anyway .. that said it would have been a good place with regards to locals passing during the day. Ah well never mind
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