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  1. If its just staffing levels then surely that would be easy to increase for a big cup match! ! 9528 more than enough for league 2.
  2. Throw in the donkey and i will consider it😁 Seriously that's what AL has invested his money in. Until somebody comes along with bottomless pockets of money then we're stuck with him. All people do is moan,moan,moan . They talk about protest etc but do nowt but moan. Not buying S/Ts will just make the situation worse, ok if people don't want to do it fine then go and find something else to do on a Saturday. AL is certainly not my cup of tea but without credible alternatives what is there??? For now we still have a club and as long as we do I will support it whoever owns it or plays for it.
  3. So you think SC left everything spic and span!!
  4. Like him or not it is clear that the previous owners have left him with one hand tied behind his back. It sounds pretty much that he will do a lot of player recruitment and get a head coach to mould them into a team. Realistically with limited budgets what else can we do except recruit overseas and youth development !!! Maybe it's time all those who haven't bought their season tickets to show their support and lets stand up and be counted!!!
  5. Joking, Have you seen the level of players up there!! As long as we get & keep a decent sell on clause.
  6. No wonder he didn't get the job, clearly states fill in with black pen!!!!
  7. Surely as an agent the one thing we can rely on with AL is to get a good deal!!!!! Or will he be struck with the dreaded latics curse of any deal will do .
  8. Sadly this is where our problems started. When we were in the prem we had a small minded div 4 board of directors. Their attitude was , Wow never thought I would live to see this so let's just enjoy it whilst we are here. There was no attempt to try and sell the club or attract investment, it was a bunch of old men with no foresight. When we did eventually get relegated our then board were just celebrating the fact we had 3 glorious years in the prem. The first thing they did after relegation was to clear out anyone earning more than £500 week. Inevitably another relegation followed and the rest is history. Look at the teams that finished below us when we won the old div2. WHU, Newcastle, Leeds, Southampton, Wolves to name just a few and look where most of these are now. Also look at the stadiums they are playing in and the investments ploughed in. I know their fan bases are much bigger than ours etc but teams like Burnley & Bournemouth have proved this doesn't need to be an obstacle. I know people slam the likes of Moore's, Corney and now AL but it all started with a group of very small minded business men who made one very lucky decision ( based on taking a cheap option ) by appointing Joe Royle. We can only prey that sometime in the future whoever the owner is makes the same very lucky decision we did back in the 80s.
  9. Usually successful guys like him enjoy the bigger challenges, and let's face it there isn't many bigger than latics!!
  10. He'd get far more publicity and satisfaction if he took over latics and got us to the premier league than he would taking over Chelsea!!!!
  11. We will know our expectations for next season if we offer Benteke a contract 😢
  12. Without doubt, plus the perfect hatrick. One right foot. One left foot and a header.
  13. Is Barry back , or did he just never go away!!!!!
  14. Unforgivable to go out with such a drab show. Should gave gone all guns blazing, would have made no difference had we done that and lost 6-0. Need a good clear out in May and hopefully start with AL .
  15. Most people wanted Corney out and look what we got, now most want AL out !!!!!!!! Alternatives on a postcard please.
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