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  1. No , Hamer's goal has kept him safe on goal difference. For now!!!!!!
  2. Crewe top of the league with 11 home grown players in a squad half the size of latics.
  3. Oh how the rat has turned, Baz used to sit behind me in the old ford stand. He was the loudest uncouthed yob there and every match he would slag off every player for every misplaced pass or missed chance. He would finish the match by marching down the stairs shouting where every board member could stuff his season ticket. The mere thought that this sneaky rat now has the audacity to speak down to any fan is an insult to the whole club. He's wormed his way up via the trust to somehow become a board member for his own selfish indulgence , but whats worse is the people who have allowed him to do It. Unfortunately BO is a sad indictment of where our club is and it makes me sick to think that after 60 years as a supporter it has ended up here. Sadly I feel that I no longer have any feelings for the club and im sure that many others feel the same. The cancer has well and truly set in and even if major surgery was to take place the damage has been done. Thank you AL , MO and especially Barry the most hypocritical bastard I have ever had the displeasure of meeting , for killing my club.
  4. Dread to think how much lower we would be without Missilou & Sylla this season.Would think most of those 97 missed passes are by defenders. But Mouche,where do we start!!!! It's bad enough he starts every game but the fact he can continually play shite and not get subbed is beyond comprehension , this fact alone proves that the manager can't have any control of selection because no manager worth his salt could watch a complete lazy arse like that and not want to drag him off after 15 minutes.
  5. Another thing that puzzled me more than Mouche's free kick, When we got a free kick near their box or a corner we sent most of our players into the goal area and they left that small 5ft speedy lad at the half way line. We left a 6ft 4" defender back to mark him , why didn't we leave someone like Missilou to mark him & send Egert up ???
  6. There's a huge difference in running about when you have the ball and chasing after it when you don't.
  7. Whilst the players are not the best there is far too much negativity on the pitch in the last 2 matches. Never more illustrated than the free kick at the death. Mouche especially, must know its virtually the last kick , everybody up in their box and he plays it short !!!!! I don't think even under previous negative managers we would have done that so has this manager put that negativity there!!!!!
  8. Because we spend so much time chasing without the ball, then when we do win it back our back 4 just lump it up to nobody and the chasing starts again. Totally unimpressed with Dinos tactics and playing like this at home will soon see crowds below 3000.
  9. If that's true ( and hopefully it is) does that imply the others were weak managers and allowed that to happen!!!!!
  10. Isn't the loan signing deadline open for another 3 weeks???
  11. Don't understand why the ELF didn't give bury until next season. Tell them they will not play any games this season and will finish bottom of the league with no points. IF by the end of the season they can prove they have finance and proper ownership in place then they can start next season in league 2. IF they can't they could let the National league have 2 play off promotion teams to keep league 2 with 24.
  12. IF Bolton do get kicked out tomorrow do GMR go with them😂
  13. Won't be the last but let's hope we won't be the next!!!!
  14. If Bury have been saved then great but they should still be relegated, They have cheated their way to promotion last season by taking on players that others cant afford then not paying them. As they have not paid wages since Feb then the ELF should deduct all the points they won since then so they wouldn't have won promotion. No doubt a new owner will now come in with a clean slate and start again at least for now in s league they shouldn't be in. I really hope they get what they deserve , relegation.
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