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  1. Bury should be relegated because they have cheated their way to promotion last season, Cancel all their games this season and told that if things are not in place by the end of the season they will be kicked out.
  2. Wonder how many times whilst watching yesterday did he mutter to himself, "What the he'll have I done here"
  3. Well after 60 years of watching latics through thick,thin and even more thin today was the last straw. On the pitch it was a complete shambles, as well as having half a team of absolute shite players it is even worse to think somebody like Vera is actually paid to even turn up . If Mouche is captain then we really are doomed, I can only assume he's captain because he speaks two languages !!! Also why is he played in a defensive holding role when he can't tackle a paper bag. Tactically Bandido looks completely inept, there appears to be no system to even try and play to, defenders appear to concentrate on making sure they don't come into contact with opposition forwards. By the time the last 15 mins came he just threw 8 men forward without one idea of how we would get the ball upto them. Today has just confirmed all my pre season fears that next year is the National league and God knows where in the years to come. Off the pitch we are no better, the main stand is an embarrassing wreck and should be condemned. The toilet facilities are worse than those in public parks and today I couldn't even get a drink of coffee. The club has become a complete shambles and is slowly dying which is extremely sad to watch.
  4. Wow what a great signing and what a mess Bolton must be in!!!!
  5. Understand he's not played for 12 months because of injury and won't be fit for 4-6 weeks. Only latics!!!!!!!
  6. Let's just hope and prey that there is 2 absolute shite teams in league 2 worse than us!!
  7. Thought he made a couple of good saves low down and in the conditions. I just don't understand what they teach goalies these days though. I was a goalie and if I could get 2 hands on it to punch it away ( As woods did twice today) I would get bollocked for not catching it. Also , as their 2nd goal shown , I was also taught if you dive and get a hand to the ball try and knock it out for a corner. Far to many just knock it back into danger. Seems crazy to me but im sure some modern day coach will tell me otherwise!!!!
  8. Friendly or not , watching that lot today was depressing. We will have a fight to finish higher than last season. Woods in nets will cost us 6/7 goals this season. Good shot stopper but disaster off his line. We need at least one old guard CH and have serious doubts about both fullbacks. Midfield maybe just passable on a good day !!! Upfront - Absolutely nothing to even trouble a primary school team. Something has to change and quickly , problem is I don't see that happening.
  9. So front 3 - Vera , CoG & Benteke. Can hear league 2 defenders shaking with fear from here.😂
  10. Yeah, its was that game that the realisation set in that FB wouldn't make a manager. We won but I came home fuming!!!
  11. Well I hope somebody else signs him before we do. Contributed very little, don't remember even one chance he created or shot on target.
  12. So how does the FFP rules work then, I thought it was a only a certain % of turn over that can be spent on players wages. Given their gates and other income from sponsorship etc I wouldn't think its that big!!!
  13. True but we let the best defender go for nowt!!
  14. If its just staffing levels then surely that would be easy to increase for a big cup match! ! 9528 more than enough for league 2.
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