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  1. Ironic, as well as PL clubs splashing money like confetti , Macclesfield and surrounding areas like Wilmslow and Prestbury probably have more millionaires than anywhere else in the UK!!!! Yet the football club goes bust.
  2. Barry boy ready to step up. Nowt to lose because we've already lost it all !!!
  3. Yeah should play the poxy tinpot cup first. Hope the EFL fixtures make financial sense !!!!! Can see the latics 1st 3 games behind closed doors being Bolton , Tranmere & Bradford..
  4. Can you renew S/T online ??? When i go through web site it just directs me to the ifollow page and asks me to sign up to that !!!!!
  5. What was that all about !!!!!!! I watched all the way through waiting for the last bit - So latics fans I am here to tell you that happy days will be returning , my consortium is reforming to buy the club and rid you of your misery. Complete waste of time.
  6. We were on top every month!!!! It was a running score based on something like 5pts per goal plus a win bonus and points deducted for bookings etc. The team leading the table each month won £2500 and Latics had a great start to the season , they were so far in front after 3 months even a poor month meant Latics were still on top. In fact it was Manure Utd that complained moaning that as we had such a big lead it was unfair to the rest and it should be reset each month. Thankfully they didn't agree and the rest is history.
  7. RIP big Jim, Gave me great entrainment when I was a kid. Could pass a ball with his head better than most could with their feet.
  8. I dont want a refund because to be honest whatever the cost of missing those matches was worth every penny , not having to be forced by my son to watch that shite just because im a S/T holder, priceless
  9. League 2 meeting tomorrow to discuss how to end season. Growing support for it to be abandoned!!!!!!
  10. Not correct, IF the CC company process the payment they are legally obliged to honour the purchase cover. It is upto the CC company to stop processing the payment if they think the company may fold.
  11. Irrespective of what's going on off the pitch , more importantly what's happening on it. Do you really want to buy a S/T with the same old borng shite we've had to endure for years. Added to the fact that we have a tactically inept buffoon in the dug out. I've been a S/T holder for 50 years, I have little knowledge or influence on what goes on internally. All I want is some enjoyable football to watch and Dino is not capable of delivering that. I won't be renewing next season because enough is enough.
  12. AL in the current situation is just like the C19 virus, It's moved to the delay stage!!!!!!!
  13. So if the club can now put matters in the north stand right i assume this means they were responsible for this in the first place!!!!! If so it just confirms what lieing barstewards AL and Barry boy are.
  14. It can only proceed quickly if AL is prepared to accept it , which is extremely doubtful. Why woukd he walk away from millions he has put in without a fight , he could have just walked months ago. I suspect AL is going nowhere without a fight.
  15. No way will AL have to pay the £600k on Friday. 1st off the debt will have to be proven , if it is then AL will be given a set time to pay it, probably end of the month. I suspect the £70k tax bill will be paid before the winding up date. So come Saturday we still have AL and his toxic team of imbeciles running the circus but with the threat of admin hanging over us until month end. Should that be the situation then we have the worst case scenario of 1/ AL pays up and the circus goes on 2/ We are put in admin and start next season with 12pts deduction and then we rea
  16. Problem with the meeting on Friday next week, the hearing may turn round and say ok you have until end of month to sort debts out. Then if he cant we start next season minus 12 !!!!!! I would doubt there will be a conclusive answer on Friday.
  17. Probably good timing because the 12pts deduction will come this season. With Stevenage so shite & only 1 down its probably the only season we could do it & still escape the drop!!!!
  18. Barry boy says its a complete fantasy and HM Customs doesn't have a clue what they are doing. He's hoping to spend sometime at the treasury next week to show them where they are going wrong.
  19. I hate time wasting and certainly don't condone it but why is it that when Latics do it every minute is added on , think the Crewe game was 12 min over both half's, but when other teams do it we get 3- 4 min max!!!!!!
  20. Thanks for the info. This is exactly what I'm going on about though. If I hadn't have posted on here I wouldn't have seen these Q & A. I don't want to criticise other fans I'm just making a point about communication. Not everyone is on social media or log into fans forums etc. If the people that run these things want more fans support then communications need to be expanded.
  21. Look, I've been a S/T holder for 40 years and probably classed as a so called happy clapper. I no more like AL in charge as anybody else and would love to see him gone. Most of the happy clappers I know are of similar mind. However, whenever I view these fans sites I see a lot of slagging towards the HCs who you think are all supporting AL & his regime. Also I notice there was a Q & A last night with AL and all I have read about is his comments about the squad valuation. Then i think to myself what kind of questions were being asked for God's sake !!!!!!
  22. And that's exactly why the actions taken so far gave been so successful !!!!!!!
  23. And your a typical happy sarcy. If you want support for your actions then be more pro active to the happy clappers. Don't expect people to come to you if you want change,
  24. No and that's exactly the point I'm making. I know little of PTB's stuff and even less on where to find it???? That's part of the problem with us happy clappers, we're not tech savvy.
  25. Problem is with latics fans at the moment is they can protest all they won't but AL isn't interested and just dismisses these type of spontaneous actions with utter contempt. The biggest problem though is that there is no credible alternative put forward. I know little about FLG or PTB which in itself is testament that they lack any structure and little clarity on what they want to achieve and how the club should be run in the future. All they seem to promote is AL out , then what!!!! The whole thing needs proper structure with some financial backing from serious investors to ev
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