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  1. My only hope was that he would learn, had fairly decent back up from former colleagues and could invite a better calibre of player here, we will never know.
  2. He must be spending his life savings! Can’t be from his monthly salary and dividends, that wouldn’t bank roll the club, personal finances from the owner will come from his life savings, but that doesn’t mean he has no more savings!
  3. At least we had hope for a week or so there.
  4. We need to go for it now! Come on Oldham! (Feel a bit sick)
  5. My garden is a bog - can’t see this being on.
  6. Has to be the Nepo at left back thing to make way for Branger, although Nepo still is pretty attacking as a full back.
  7. Doncaster is a shit hole and I did want to go home.
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