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  1. My garden is a bog - can’t see this being on.
  2. Has to be the Nepo at left back thing to make way for Branger, although Nepo still is pretty attacking as a full back.
  3. Doncaster is a shit hole and I did want to go home.
  4. We’ll just have to beat Man City in the next round...
  5. I thought these were supposed to make players look good?!
  6. As an 8 year old I thought “Joe Royle’s blue and white army” was “Joan, Joan and Tony”. Still can’t quite get it out of my head.
  7. Last 30 minutes, naive footballing side with 10 men start playing football against the long ball, but organised, leaders of a league of hoof ball. Oldham the better side, but I am torn as to whether or not I want us to take more advantage of fouls to gain an advantage and firm up that card. Referee must have eaten 6 packets of quavers with “be a ref” tokens on. Bad, but I am coming to expect it now.
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