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  1. League 1 Activity

    About 12 seconds, I think..
  2. League 1 Activity

    I don't begrudge the genuine fans their moment of glory - but there's way's of celebrating your achievements. The way they ran over and goaded the City fans reminded me of when they beat us 3-1 at their place in the Dowie play-off season to pretty much guarantee we couldn't go up automatically and seemed more bothered about winding us up than celebrating the fact that they'd just won the title. Must be something in their fabric... Plus there's the whole "Latics" thing.
  3. League 1 Activity

    I'm all for an FA Cup giant-killing - it's just a shame it had to be Wigan who were the giant-killers this time round. Horrible club and I hope they get battered in the quarters..
  4. The Pitch

    If Richie can get us playing expansive, attractive and winning football on a velvet surface, then I'm all for it. However, the reality is that this division is a slog - we haven't got the money of Wigan or Blackburn say, but Shrewsbury are near the top because they've ground out results, like we tend to do when we're playing on this pitch. I think it's more of a problem for the opposition..
  5. The Pitch

    To who's benefit would be to sort the pitch out? This season and at this stage of the season in the previous few years we tend to start winning when the pitch is as it is. Unless we start playing like (and getting results like..) Barcelona it's of only really benefit to the opposition and why would we want to help them out? The club's Golden years were played on a surface that the opposition hated. It's also not like 3,000 extra people are going to come flooding through the gate just because the pitch is sorted. I say spend the money on putting a roof and a few TVs showing Sky Sports on the back of the Jimmy Frizzell stand instead..
  6. The Pitch

    Dale have pandered to media and Premier League pressure. Probably cost them any chance of an upset in the cup..
  7. Priorities?

    Not bothered about the pitch. We win more games when it's in this state. Ploughed is the new plastic...
  8. I wonder if anyone sees us as rivals or dislikes us? I don't like City or United, but I doubt they even remember we exist. I also doubt the dislike for Bolton, Blackburn or even Wigan is particularly reciprocated. The rivalry with Rochdale is also a bit of a non-starter. I for one don't harbour any dislike for them and I get the impression they feel the same. Maybe we need to start being more annoying..
  9. Blackburn Away

    They lobbed a few things over onto our side, including the smoke bomb after the first goal which thankfully landed on the meshing..
  10. Blackburn Away

    The Jonny Placide one? I'm not one for blatant crudity, but I did think that was quite funny..
  11. Holloway

    There's been some harsh comments on this thread about him, but I can't let that go. He did four things of note; - get fouled (not his fault), - flick the ball on when he knew he was the furthest man up the field giving the ball straight back to the opposition when we were under pressure. - tried and failed to beat three players when a simple ball was on to Pringle, thus giving the ball back to the opposition when we were under pressure. - did well to create the chance to score...but didn't even hit the target. Based on this game and any other, I could fully understand why Wellens doesn't rate him, I'm afraid.
  12. Blackburn Away

    footballer? Cracking first-half. Fortunate in the second. Bryan Man of the Match. Gardner definitely not. Cracking support from us, although I think smoke bombs would go into my Room 101, especially when the opposition's fans try and lob one into our end.
  13. Blackburn Away

    They should be prepared to be embarrassed, then... They're not famous anymore.
  14. Benteke Signs

    Someone's been mischievous: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Benteke