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  1. I'm talking about the off field stuff. Last time I was there (which, admittedly, I think was the Penney season..) they had a cracking little fan park area, that was packed. Sort of like a scaled down version of the one at Anfield..
  2. Absolutely. I mean we should be doing that for the ones that turn up anyway and who knows? Maybe a couple of thousand (and only a couple of thousand, in my opinion..) might start coming more regularly if we have this set-up. Exeter are a club we could learn a bit from, I reckon. A club of similar size (or smaller, even..) with a decent "fan-park" set-up outside the ground (or they did when I was last there..)
  3. I'm not convinced - as I say, this was nearly 30 years ago. I reckon thousands of them are just not available to return anymore. What is proved here is that many fans very quickly packed it in when things started to go South! You might be right - we might be able to command 15k one day, but I don't think historical evidence is much proof of that. AL would have to tap into a whole new, massive, group that I'm not sure even exists.
  4. We do need the capital and The Plan, but we also need the right people driving it. I've lost count of the things that cost nothing that would just make things that little bit better (for example this week - the video doing the rounds on social media promoting the Cambridge game - had the date of the fucking game wrong..).
  5. And I'll spend all day in the "loft room" (whatever that is..) tomorrow quoting you attendances that prove otherwise. Said I'd take the kids to the park too, but won't be able to fit it in now. Sucks to be them...
  6. JoeP

    Cambridge (H)

    We're gonna win the league!!
  7. Crowds started dropping during the last season we were in the Premier League! Think we got less than 10k for the Wimbledon home game. The rot had well and truly set in well before TTA rolled into town..
  8. That was nearly 30 years ago! Most of those who went then have either moved away, lost interest, got other commitments or, sadly, kicked the bucket since then, I'm afraid. I'm with al_bro - the blaming the TTA for lost fans argument doesn't hold any real water, because the Oldham public never really met them half-way when offers were on.
  9. Not expecting much, from the summary now on Twitter..
  10. JoeP

    Jose Injury ?

    They were a dirty lot. I'm all for supporting the plucky underdog, but everything seemed fair game to them last night. Their manager was asked in an interview afterwards about Jose going off and he just went on about how difficult it was for THEM! No, "hope it's not as serious as it looks" or anything.. Beavers?? Not the word I would use to describe them, but something not far off!!
  11. JoeP

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Won’t S4C get the Wrexham v Newport game? They showed Newport v Leeds last season, I think..
  12. JoeP

    Bunn Officially confirmed

    I think he's finally worked out what our best team is, but why has it taken him so long (if it is, of course, him who has been picking the team..)? Is it also a bit strange that he never seems to know anything about the opposition? He's said from day one, he doesn't know what to expect from the division. In the interview Iversen gave before the Port Vale game, Iversen admitted no one had a clue what to expect from Vale and last night Frankie was asked in an interview before the game if he'd done his research on Hampton and Richmond, looked a bit perplexed and mumbled something about watching videos on social media!
  13. After the goal, Gardner had two team mates wide left in space that he could have passed to, but decided to run with it into a load of their players. He did well for the goal, but had some terrible moments. I think he thinks he's better than he is.