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  1. This genuinely isn't supposed to be an "I told you so" post, but I'm actually please that this latest episode seems to have lightened a fire under some people. When I heard an agent wanted to give up his job to take us over, something didn't smell right. Pushing his clients through our club last season and paying them inflated wages made it smell even worse. I'm glad the majority are now on the same page..
  2. I take it this means The Trust are no longer willing to work with Mr Lemsagam?
  3. Boycott for the rest of the season. The home attendance dropping from 3,500/4,000 to a couple of hundred would be a hell of a statement
  4. Too right. TTA started with the right intentions. This "former" agent's only intention was to farm his clients through the club and bully every member of staff to get in line to feed his own ego.
  5. Depends on the definition of a “young upstart”, I suppose, but Johnson seemed to have the confidence/arrogance in combination with the right energy that Dunn, Wellens and Kelly just never did..I count them as somewhere in the middle. Moore shouldn’t have been sacked. Talbot lost it towards the end...but did mastermind the victory over City in the cup!
  6. It might (should) effect season ticket sales and therefore the budget.
  7. How do you think the profile of the club will look if we continue in this vein until the end of the season? The media furore around Scholes' appointment has pretty much vanished already. Do you think players will still want to come and play for Scholes if he continues to show no indication that he knows what he's doing?
  8. I agree, but I actually think it might be easier to find a manager who can work under AL than a new owner who wants to take the club on and invest..
  9. I get that - what I'm saying is this season he should be showing signs this season that he deserves backing in the summer. Just going through the motions this season and blaming the squad/tiredness/pitch, etc is unacceptable...any fuckwit could do that.
  10. The grizzled veteran (Sheridan?) or young upstart (Johnson?) actually did alright for us. I'd take either...it's everything in between that have been shite.
  11. What if you give someone time and they continue to be shit, without showing any signs of progress? At the moment, going down that route could cost us our league status. It's a hell of a risk giving someone time just to prove they're "up to task"... I don't expect instant results, but I expect signs that Scholes, with the backing, is the man to take us forward. I find quite unbelievable that people are happy for him to go through the motions for the rest of this season in the vague hope that he'll get it right next season. If I was a season ticket holder, I'd be pretty darn insulted and be telling the club to shove the prospect of buying one next season up their arse..
  12. Depends how much we're paying - if we broke the bank for Scholes then surely we could have afforded Grayson or Evans who have a proven record at this level. It could be yet another act of mismanagement by our owner. Don't get me wrong - I hear what you're saying and agree to an extent, but I think there has to be something - anything - to suggest we can progress under him and he's worth investing time and money in, regardless of the factors going against him. If the performances continue this season, it's only blind faith that he'll get it right next season..
  13. Are you saying we should have stuck with Kelly, Dunn or Wellens, then?
  14. Maybe not knowing what to look for when recruiting a manager is our problem rather than hiring and firing?
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