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  1. Dulwich feckin' Hamlet...
  2. Northampton.

    Tremendous effort by all involved. Might not have happened if some fans hadn't got out of their pit early doors to go and shift the snow of the pitch, so well done if you went and helped out!
  3. Ex players and that

    Southgate was at the match. Mixed afternoon for Tarky!
  4. Wimbledon (H)

    I had that once. Penicillin cleared it right up...
  5. These are becoming a right pain in the arse. They're too tin-pot to be considered rivals, but I definitely find them more annoying than Rochdale...
  6. Ollie Banks

    Good luck to the lad..
  7. Rochdale (H)

    Agree with that apart from Placide should be an 8 or 9, Dummingan was about a 7, ditto Fane, nonsense about Davies being bullied and Doyle should be 11...
  8. Rochdale (H)

    Decent support from us. Terrible support from them. The low numbers I can forgive, but the lack of atmosphere they brought to the party I can't. They'll never be our rivals really, bless 'em...
  9. Ex players and that

    Dean Brill caretaker manager at Orient!
  10. Forgotten Heroes

    The turning point was Wembley (for no particular reason, the individual blame has shifted for me recently from Mark Hughes to Graeme Sharp, for missing a sitter at 1-0). We'd been on great for up until the Hughes equaliser and then didn't win another game that season after it. Being so close destroyed our belief. Regardless of what happened before it, we'd have stayed up if that hadn't gone in.
  11. Forgotten Heroes

    Gunnar Halle played in the Championship winning season - he's interviewed on the season video... In fact, I'm certain he won the equalising penalty against West Ham at Boundary Park.
  12. Newcastle Youth (H) 19:30

    Cheers. Be silly to kill the cash cow by wanting us to go out of the competition, but it's still awful. Have we seen any improvements in the England team yet since the Under 23s have entered the tournament? Or is it a 50 year project??
  13. Newcastle Youth (H) 19:30

    Do teams still get a fee for every win? We need a win to get back in the habit. For those two reasons - Come on you Blues. Otherwise, couldn't give a monkey's, to quote Dave Penney...
  14. Carlisle (A)

    Stick this on the "unpaid wages" thread.... We should have won today. We didn't. That means we've lost out on a windfall. But it's all good, yeah?
  15. Carlisle (A)

    I hear what you're saying, but I think Wembley has lost a lot of the magic it used to hold. It's an expensive bowl of a stadium that seems to be used by the FA when it suits to pay-off the massive debt it's created. Spurs away in the third round, cash in and use the money to build a squad for a play-off push, please!