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  1. I tip my hat to anyone who still has the inclination to discuss tactics and selection..
  2. Obviously we're not self-sustainable, but he seems quite pleased with himself for getting us "95% debt free", I think was his quote in an interview on Sky around the time Scholes was appointed...
  3. Are we still in trouble financially? Not been many stories of people not being paid recently.. Financially, he might be running us ok. It’s just every other single element that he’s running badly..
  4. This is why the whole club needs changing. The people at the top don't want such a system in place, and even if they did would be too incompetent to action it..
  5. I'm shit at football. Really shit. But I have this theory that if I played every game in a season up front at this level, I'd score at least one goal, probably in the way you've described here.. Vera is probably as close as you can get to testing this theory and he's already scored one, so one more would blow it out of the water..
  6. The people claiming Vera will definitely score today have obviously never seen him play..
  7. I didn’t say it was working. I suggested that might be his business plan..
  8. But this is the thing - he’s showcasing his low-calibre players at the expense of the club! Surely this should bother you? He’s arrogant enough to think that because he’s “been” an agent, he knows what players are saleable - and he’s clearly wrong! There might even be an argument to suggest if his players were any good, he wouldn’t be here at all because they’d be bought on talent, rather than high profile. Unfortunately a “former” agent has taken us over, who’s clients nobody wants and are being inflicted on our club..
  9. I don't think his motivation is as innocent as "football fan living the dream". I think his reason for taking us on dovetails with his previous company. Owning a football club means his clients can be projected onto a higher stage that they never would otherwise, if he wasn't owning a club. In could potentially be a good business plan certainly for his "old" football agency as the they have a direct route to raising the profile of their players. It's not working for the club, though and if his plan isn't working thus far and it's costing him money? Well tough fucking shit - if he's bought us to use it as a vehicle to peddle his average clients, then I have very little sympathy..
  10. He's been fucked over, but that only appears to have come to light AFTER he bought the club. His accountant told him he'd be crazy to take it on, yet he has done anyway and, as you say, we're still waiting for an answer to why he did take it on..
  11. Can't remember how the conversation went - was he saying he thought the money was just from the council to help build the North stand? As opposed to compensation for the Failsworth mess?
  12. Barry Owen confrontational and defensive from the off..
  13. Like everyone else in the world apart from Mo...
  14. Not recently and, bloody hell, whatever talent he had has definitely left him...
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