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  1. Don't worry about it. We're going to be in the Championship in 5 years..
  2. Funny how short some people's memories are... Wasn't there another lad (Spencer?) who was sold to Chelsea for a decent fee and never heard of again...
  3. Harking back to what Corney's done is a cheap way of getting the anti--Corney brigade onside and trying to establish himself as a victim.
  4. I'm usually for cashing in to an extent, but I don't trust AL to use the money sensibly here..
  5. Agreed. I actually hope we appoint someone none of us want. It would just be an opportunity missed if we appointed someone half-decent.
  6. I agree about the small-mindedness following relegation, but it was a completely different game to what it is now when we were in the top flight (the Premier League mega mega money started the season after we went down, typically..). Jack Walker bought Blackburn the title as a fan, but such investment wasn’t the norm that it is now. I think everyone tried their best while we were there - we smashed our record transfer fee, played three seasons and reached an FA Cup semi-final. It’s what came after that should have been better thought out. There’s been some bad management at the top, but we’ve also been bloody unlucky. I still believe we’d be in a much better place now if Mark Hughes hadn’t scored that goal. Even things like Manchester’s bid for the 1996 Olympics - stand to be corrected, but I think if they’d have got it we’d have got a brand new stadium out of it.. What a place Boundary Park will be when all this evens itself out...
  7. Indeed. AL doesn’t need to try very hard to divide the fanbase - we’re doing it all by ourselves!
  8. I’m not overly impressed by what the Trust has said and done so far but, to be fair, the NHS probably have well drilled set protocols for taking minutes at meetings - I would doubt the drill for this one was that well rehearsed..
  9. You're talking as if he came here with the right intentions..
  10. Did alright.. Particularly proud of my Peter Clarke prediction, given the conversation in the Peter Clarke thread...
  11. Meh, I apologise if that's what you were getting at - but I didn't read any reference to AL in your post. There seems a biased on this board that blames Corney for our relegation. Corney had us hanging on the edge but it was undoubtedly AL that came in and changed things which pushed us right over, when I think a few simple, calculated decisions could have kept us up.
  12. FTFY. These cliques you talk about were formed because our current owner brought in his clients who offered nothing on the pitch, paid them inflated wages for reasons unknown and expected the players on lesser wages to dig us out of the shit. If there's one moment that sums up what contribution the players AL bought in had on the team was Moimbe pulling Tom Eaves' hair!
  13. I'm not so certain. He wasn't in the same form he's been in this season. I remember thinking at Blackpool away in particular that he's had it.. I'm more certain that if AL hadn't bought the #frenchlads in that we'd have stayed up.
  14. Maybe... I think raising the morale in the changing room would have been a tough ask for anyone last season, though.
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