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  1. The point of managerial and tactical analysis disappeared a long time ago, in my opinion...
  2. Probably why they don't seem to give a fuck about the fans or seem articularly arsed that we've only shifted 600 season tickets..
  3. I think we'd be better off with me, you or the neighbour's cat at the helm rather than the Lemsegams, to be honest.. Any damage done by Corney has been accelerated by Abdallah. On top of continuing financial uncertainty, we've had a relegation, bizarre player recruitment, owner interference in team affairs, an unhealthy turnover of staff and have lost the use of the North stand (amongst other things which I've forgotten). A few sources claiming we were on the verge of administration under Corney has now been replaced by dozens of full on detailed accounts of how badly things are g
  4. I hear what you're saying - I wonder if the fact he got his comeuppance makes people think justice was done to an extent, even if it wasn't directly linked to us? He also gave us relative success, which many people count as all that matters, regardless of what followed. He abandoned the club, but having just missed out on promotion, we had a higher profile and were probably relatively attractive to potential buyers. At the moment we're sliding off the football map and are an even tougher sell than what we were then..
  5. I still blame Mark Hughes and Graeme Sharp for their respective roles in our demise at Wembley in '94. Our decline traces back to that fateful day..
  6. First opportunity (as far as we know) or possibly only opportunity. You have to be bonkers to want to buy a football club. You have to be idiotic and bonkers to want to buy a football club and not know exactly what you're getting for your money. Alarm bells started ringing when I heard an agent wanted to buy us. As agents are not known for being the most scrupulous bunch of people, I thought at worst he'd try and farm his own players through the club, which he obviously did but he's been much worse than that. The decline under Corney was steady, but there was a base
  7. No one above 4/10 tonight. And Morecambe were fucking shite..
  8. Yeah, but we did lose... It's a mediocre league. Mediocre teams that know how to win games like that do well. Mediocre teams that lose games like that don't. Smash and grabbed in our own back yard for the 3 millionth time in a quarter of a century...
  9. Added on to the last 20+ years of shiteness...
  10. 0-1. What a shock. Awful defending/keeping for the goal. Midfield anonymous. Hamer's crossing embarrassing. We created next to nothing. Rowe looks like he's got the hump... Happy New Season, all..
  11. Imitation is the best form of flattery. They really do want to be us, bless 'em. I wonder if they'd take our Chairman?
  12. Yeah, I think if Dominic Cummings had stuck his head in a fire, I'd have probably done the same...
  13. It's not about the individual (although it's never nice when anyone gets the sack, and I wish Natalie Atkinson all the best..) - it's about this trigger-happy, devil-may-care, don't-cross-me-or-else system Abdallah has in place, which can't be good for the club. Everyone else is going to end up thinking we're a club full of c***s and won't help us, should we need it in the future. It's also going to put off potentially good personnel from wanting to come on-board. I get your point about winning football making everyone stop moaning, but the way AL is doing things is on
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