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  1. More proven than anyone else we've got, no?
  2. Cheers, but he is. Macc's top scorer for two consecutive seasons..
  3. Two... ... which is two more than our current alleged striker.
  4. Agreed. If we have to play one up front though (which appears to be AL Law...), you'd surely play Wilson, who's scored goals in this division and can't possibly be worse than Azankpo?
  5. Probably. However, it's strange that the player who's never proved himself as anything other than shite is given more opportunities than the player who has actually proven not to be shite in the past.
  6. What's the story here? Proven goalscorer in this division, yet the pointless Akankpo given the nod over him every time? Wilson purely signed to appease those who think AL just signs his own? AL still interfering? Dino just shit?
  7. Remember when people were accused of accepting mediocrity when Corney was our owner?
  8. It's still a problem. We've got loads of midfielders, none of whom are even nearly better than Lyden..
  9. Plus the 2-1 win under Talbot, which guaranteed us survival in the league, the season after administration. Jermaine Johnson and Paul Murray the scorers. Felt like a line had been drawn under our troubles (at the time). The best atmosphere created from relatively low numbers that I can remember. Possibly the only time "Oh When The Blues.." has been sung for an entire half.. One of my favourite Latics games...
  10. Unfortunately, "Typical Latics" these days seems to mean no pleasant surprises.. We'll either lose by a little or lose by a lot here, I'm afraid.
  11. If he's happy enough with his own performance (I'm not sure he should be..) and won't give anymore in training, then maybe he should try and help Egert and Sefil become better players, instead of writing them off. He's stuck with them as defensive partners until at least January (and probably beyond..) so he might as well help get the team working as well as it can instead of sulking (if he even is..). If the team start winning, he'll get attention from scouts and he might even get his dream move back to Bolton..
  12. If, as a senior player, this is Wheater’s attitude (not that I’m saying it is..) he’s as culpable as the rest of the “shite”
  13. I think you're right - he's already met the fans recently at the forum and, while it might have been cathartic for the fans, didn't really achieve much. I'm not sure he has the will to change to run the club in the way the fans want..
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