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  1. Would you be happy if we were re-named Manchester City B and had our ground repainted sky blue?
  2. He clearly understands the game and will take us far..
  3. Certainly a long trek if you lived in Oldham...
  4. Yep, it was. Stitch also pulled his hamstring in the game which ruled him out for the rest of the season and Big Joe threw a bucket of water over a photographer. Not everyone got the good fortune I channelled..
  5. I was mascot at that match. Like to think me tonking a few past him in the warm-up had an influence...
  6. 1-0 defeat, then...
  7. Why was it the right decision? We'd just started motoring when he was sacked and he went on to take Barnsley up out of this division.
  8. In this day and age, it's rare for an individual to have such a connection with a club, especially at this level, as Shez does with Latics. As a fan, you want that the person to do well just that little bit more. There's no loyalty in modern football (as Shez himself proved!), but his status amongst the fans and the fact he's saved us from relegation twice should count for something. Have a feeling the new owners won't see it that way, though..
  9. Sage advice, but Northern Rail can do one after the "service" they provided between Preston and Poulton/Blackpool the weekend before last. Going to swerve this one, I think.
  10. It will be a pain in the arse to get to on the train..
  11. Might have imagined this, but when Barry Owen stopped being the Trust rep on the board (and started just being on the board..), wasn't there some complication whereby legally the club didn't have to honour the Trust's place on the board? Obviously they did, like...
  12. It's not just pace, I think the centre-back pairing could do with an injection of youthful enthusiasm. Both Gerrard and Clarke (and pretty much the whole team, in fact..) walked out of the tunnel at Blackpool with heads down, looking like they wanted to be anywhere else but where they were.
  13. We've got to give one of the younger players a go at centre-back - we're getting done for pace too often. In spite of Clarke having a bit of mare against Blackpool last week, I'd play him ahead of Gerrard and give Stott a go..
  14. Yep, all fair points. I'm taking the glass half full approach, though. The striker still has a better record than any of our current strikers (apart from Davies, maybe?) and Connor Ripley hadn't played much league football before last season! (Got nothing in answer to the keeper Shez doesn't fancy or the Bury midfielder, though!).
  15. Is this necessarily a bad thing? If it means we re-group and start moving forward, I don't have a problem with it.