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  1. I was being sarcastic - it's obviously nailed on that he interferes, even though he denies it. Forcing Wellens to play players effected the quality of the team we put out, the formation we played and, ultimately, the outcome of games. It's Abdallah's fault we went down. I reserved judgement on any manager that has had to work under him, to an extent (although, I don't have Scholes down as someone who's cut out for management..). As for the effect Abdallah's bizarre wage structure had on morale..
  2. There's a rumour doing the rounds that Abdallah medals with team affairs. If he did that when Wellens was here, it's Abdallah's fault we went down. Not Wellens. Leave Wellens to it and we'd have stayed up, I reckon.
  3. Strange example to use - completely different personality and only any good for one season, if I remember rightly. See Sheringham at Stevenage - ticked the same boxes at Scholes (except being a fan, of course) and look how that turned out..
  4. No blame for the managers from me - as I say no manager can succeed under this ownership. Wellens or Bunn I'd have back tomorrow, under a competent ownership. Scholes, I wouldn't - there was no evidence to suggest he was capable (in fact more the opposite).
  5. You're right, we won't ever know for certain, but even in his short stint there was nothing to suggest he WAS up to it - in fact I'd go as far to say the performances were the worst of the worst that we've seen under this Golden Era at Latics. As for raising the profile of the club, I'm not so sure. Doesn't seem to have the personality to generate that sort of attention. I think the media were even well past the "Paul Scholes' Oldham" thing by the time he resigned. Could probably attract players, but would he know what's needed for this division? Any up and coming United youth players he could borrow would be kicked off the park. No manager can succeed under this ownership, but even in the most perfect scenario, I'm not sure I'd be keen to revisit the Paul Scholes experiment..
  6. Nah, it was Scholes. Based on the fact that all great players make great managers...
  7. What have you seen from the current owners that suggests they can do anything properly? They haven't a fucking clue what they're doing and they're not willing to learn. They're going to do it their way and their way only and it'll take us over the cliff..
  8. When's the last time it was, I wonder...
  9. “Well, we’ve had a good run” should probably be the tag line for it..
  10. He would be a great candidate for captain. Very "current Latics". Really leads by example and rolls his sleeves up when the chips are down..
  11. Sylla was one of the few players who's game improved last season and would've been useful to hang onto. Not a world-beater by any stretch, but the fact he's gone and likely to be replaced only by someone inferior should worry us..
  12. Especially from whoever's pie he returned at Fleetwood...
  13. Connor Brown has a Conference Championship Winners medal after Barrow declared Champions... Connor Brown now has won more medals and promotions than Oldham Athletic have in the last 29 years...
  14. I was getting bored of football before lockdown. In the absence of live stuff, I've been watching some '90s games and a lot from Latics' glory years (thanks @lookersstandandy). It whet my appetite for the game's return after lockdown. But, those two games last night were dull, dull, dull. In reality, I don't think I've missed the game in it's current guise at all while it's been off. And as for missing Latics in their current state - no chance. The social aspect only holds any appeal whatsoever.
  15. Yep, RIP. Got the train a lot to southern games. Seemed a nice enough bloke.
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