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  1. Yep, and now it's the job of the manager and new owner to turn that mentality around. They should start the turnaround by having a winning mentality themselves. This is a league we should be competitive in and they should be aiming to get promoted out off it THIS season.
  2. Corney was castigated for his lack of ambition. I don't think having some expectation to return to a (albeit grim..) standard, where we've been more than established, is too much to ask. United fans are moaning because they've finished second. A lot of Arsenal fans had a campaign to remove the most successful manager in their history. In our other universe, I think we too should be more demanding for success - no one else in the football league has waited as long. Latics have been a losing club for over a quarter of a century. We should be one of the front runners next season. Set low targets and you'll get low outcomes.
  3. AL should show the door to any player or manager who thinks the same..
  4. A season of consolidation (or mediocrity..) in the division below where we usually aim for consolidation (mediocrity) might push many of our dwindling support over the edge. Wellens and AL should be looking for players now that are going to get us back up instantly. One season of consolidation leads to another and then another and then another and before you know it we've spent 21 years in the same division. None of this "aiming for the play-offs" bollocks either. We should be aiming to go straight up and settle for the play-offs if we have to.
  5. He seems to be highly rated in spite of that. I feel I'm missing something that many others can see.
  6. Is he? Genuine question. I've see him and Gardner play dozens of times yet still couldn't give anyone an assessment of whether they're any good or not. Do Bradford want Dummigan on the back of the goal he scored against them? And Gardner doesn't tackle, score and can't play out wide so what does he bring to the table?
  7. Ex players and that

    James Wilson, Neal Eardley and Robbie Simpson involved in last night's game too. I'd sign them all back in place of our current crop!
  8. Tonight’s games.

    Had one disallowed. Scored in the first leg. Had a 1 in 3 scoring record for us. If you think he's pants I can't imagine what you make of the players in our current squad..
  9. Tranmere V Boreham Wood

    Makes me sick..
  10. Tranmere V Boreham Wood

    If Tranmere sing a song it'll feel more hostile than Rochdale..
  11. Tonight’s games.

    I know it's become uncool to compare away followings, but... ..Shrewsbury took less than 800!
  12. Harsh if people have made their minds up. I think a bit of scepticism is fair enough, though..
  13. I havent read this "newspaper" article - wasn't the gist that the club is in a mess and players weren't getting paid, etc? Why would Corney say that to the press when it's ultimately his own fault?
  14. Wellens

    But successful previously..
  15. Wellens