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  1. You'll be rustling a few feathers on here, by suggesting Corney was the "right guy"! Ha! It's not just the top person that needs to be competent. As a club, we've never really been that enterprising. That needs sorting out..
  2. I don't think we really need rich people in - we need the right people in...
  3. You're right. I'd go one step further than that and say a lot of them are here by pure nepotism. They haven't worked their way up through the youth system or are on the way down after a successful career elsewhere - they've literally been given contracts because of who they know. I wasn't there yesterday either, but the "playing well yet losing" dance is one we've done on many, many occasions over the last 25 years... The abuse from the fans (within reason..) is part of the gig, I'm afraid. We've been relegated from the division above and are currently bottom of the entire league. Tough shit and welcome to the real world..
  4. I struggle having sympathy for the players. A few of them have taken us down once and look like they’re going to take us down again. They’ve all happily signed contracts to be here as part of the sordid way the club is being run. The fact that Maouche allegedly made the “calm down” gesture shows that he, for one, possibly just doesn’t get it..
  5. And Egert. No one's seen him play for us yet, he's played 8 games in two years, but he's the answer too...
  6. Same here. If I'm honest, a couple more Bradford goals wouldn't be the worst thing. Concentrating on the prediction league, now..
  7. Of course. But having a capable, engaged and respected manager is also a factor..
  8. Has anyone actually said that? It's hilarious when people get so defensive when it's suggested that lack of interaction from the manager during the game might just be a factor..
  9. Doesn't mean anything!! And if anyone suggests it does, they're an idiot!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The opposition know we're going to do nothing with the possession. Game management by the opposition..
  11. He could do it better than any attacker we've got at the moment. Beggars can't be choosers, and all that..
  12. I’ll learn to spell his name properly, if he’s still here at Christmas..
  13. Actually thought Ivacotti had a better game than Sefil. Prefer him at centre-back to full back and would play him and Wheater in the interim. We’re also lacking a big striker who can hold the ball up (so not Vera..). Dare I say it - come back Chris O’Grady.. Can’t decide if Tuesday was a good performance or not. It was 110% effort all round (generally) against a good Blackburn team - reserves or otherwise Bradley Dak and Stuart Downing are Championship players. That said, we lacked a lot of quality and I think even having an O’Grady type - and definitely Peter Clarke - would have seen us over the line. We also did ride our luck during the 90 minutes and, again, created little going forward. There’s cause for cautious optimism, but still a hell of a lot of work to do..
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