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  1. And here's me thinking Chuckie 22 was just being lazy!!!
  2. Agree with most of what you posted but the Peterborough message board says different in regards of interference. Also, it could be a question of how much interference.
  3. Hated by the fans at every club he's managed...….why would we want him? MacAnthony, at Peterborough, likes to get involved with team selection so not suitable for us.
  4. Seen 'em on Breezehill……...Alf Suarez sank his teeth into Bert Cavani's neck...…..bloodbath!!!
  5. I'm sure PW would have a few words to say to you about that description.
  6. What are you saying here? Don't play for your country because it's a disgusting disgrace!!! You should lay off the scrumpy.
  7. Of course he has……...his stock went up after Fulham. Anyway, someone on another thread says PW likes AL. How true that is, I have no idea.
  8. I noticed that...…...strange folk down there...…..could be related to Chuckie22.
  9. Not sure you can describe postponements as a disgusting disgrace which implies someone is at fault. As the situation is weather controlled, I would say it's unfortunate. Unless you are blaming AL for the pitch problems which have been an issue for decades.
  10. Bluddy Hell.....how is postponement of matches due to the weather situation a disgusting disgrace? Unless that's another interference by AL......b*stard.
  11. I can almost agree with this point, Bob. But Scholes would have known who he was dealing with so he, alone, must take the ultimate responsibility of accepting the job and his performance (or lack of) as a manager for the 7 matches he was in charge of.
  12. Dave......there are 92 clubs with several hundred out of work experienced and unproven managers of which a reasonable number are out of our league. There will be a healthy list applicants for AL to choose from. Whether he picks one of those is a different matter.
  13. Just gone back over the thread and somewhere, without foundation, I read Chapel Rd. Apologies to all if they were daft enough to believe my misleading post.
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