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  1. mikejh45

    Courtney Duffus

    On the evidence of what is he worth a place on the bench? Having a good goalscoring record in Ireland means nothing......we signed the League of Ireland's Player of the Year last season and he was, to be kind, not very good. Maybe the coaching staff have looked at him and decided otherwise.
  2. mikejh45

    Courtney Duffus

    Are you a spin doctor...….where did I say I was happy?....all I've said at any point is you, like me, have no idea what has gone on in the past between AL and/or SC, past and present managers, CD and his agent. There are lots of scenarios that may or may not have happened but you keep stating one and that one may or may not have happened. This meeting may have happened and it didn't work...….we simply don't know. But as usual, if blame has to be apportioned by yourself, it ultimately falls at AL's door.
  3. Don't want to compromise you or your source but any clues?
  4. mikejh45

    New Manager Thread

    How do you know Pressley wears thongs?
  5. mikejh45

    New Manager Thread

    Murray yes...Wright, an emphatic no. Never quite worked out what he brings to the table.
  6. Buy you are making up stories to suit your anti-AL rants!!!
  7. Ok...I'll try again as you don't seem to be grasping the situation....you have no idea whether he has sat down with the boy and/or his agent. Your default position on everything Latics related is AL is in the wrong.
  8. If only it was that simple! Do you know if that wasn't tried?
  9. mikejh45

    Forest Green (h)

    Hang on...if we don't put a stop to this straightaway, it's a slippery slope to anarchy, sedition, mob rule....who knows where it will end!!! There is only one Topoff/Topon, anyone else is in imposter.....besides, I need clarity when I give out my abuse.
  10. mikejh45

    Forest Green (h)

    What's bizarre is someone wiping wet paint off their shoes onto a wall. There are plenty of people who are moaning about the lack of funds in the club and then this idiot wastes valuable resources by sheer stupidity. Regarding his behaviour, he is the one who opposition want to target not the ones by the tunnel who, I agree with you should be ashamed of themselves. I don't understand why you want to praise him.
  11. Excellent idea.....sign God up...….just think of the fan base!!!
  12. mikejh45

    Forest Green (h)

    I reckon that's why he gets peddled.
  13. mikejh45

    Forest Green (h)

    But until you clearly know what's happened, how can you say if it's excessive or not? The letter states that he wiped wet paint off his shoes on to walls...…...which brain cell in there decided "oh, I've got wet paint on my shoes....I know, I 'll wipe them on a wall"...….the more I think about it, Billy Connolly got it right, we need to cull the human race!!! If a painter has to come in and put it right, then a full day would be charged at say £150 plus materials so on that basis, he's getting off lightly.