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  1. Good to see that we aren't selling at the first opportunity.
  2. But you do care otherwise you wouldn't be on here. How do you know it would fall on deaf ears? If the dopey chuckle brother can get his point across, why can't you?
  3. Brave words but I don't get your point.....if you had a chance to put your concerns across....why didn't you? Also he still has the major say.
  4. Why didn't you go up to him and tell him that you don't want another "load of dog shit signings that will take us to the Conference"? You missed an opportunity to bypass the Trust there, I reckon.
  5. Ask Chuckie22........he'll pick some French bloke out of the blue and his alter-ego will upboat it.
  6. BetVictor has a Pep Clotet at 16/1. Had to google the chappie. Lots of managerial experience at many clubs but never around for longer than 2 years. Used to getting the sack. Sounds perfect.
  7. WTF are you on??? Whatever it is ain't cheap. Is it just possible, Chuckie22, you can just accept that JS is no longer here? As it stands....you bleating on, several times a week, about him not still being here is taking up valuable space in the atmosphere!!!
  8. FFS...…. how can you guarantee something that can't ever happen? You are extremely fluent in talking Bollox?
  9. Nope....nothing you've said, using either of your names, has convinced me otherwise and why you keep up-boating yourself is a little bit strange. So, back to the original question, Chuckie22, you said "If we hadn’t sacked this man after Rotherham I can guarantee we’d still be in League One".......how can you guarantee this?
  10. How do you happen to know so much about Shucky if you've never met him?
  11. That makes no sense at all, Chuckie22......but stick to the question.....how can you guarantee?
  12. Chuckie22.....where's the guarantee apart from words???
  13. Chuckie22.....please give me a clue how you can guarantee we would still be in League One?
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