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  1. Still a tad unfair, we've had more than our fair share of domestic dross., plenty of whom were signed by domestic managers.
  2. So you've no faith in our new head coach and his assistant, I take it?
  3. Bluddy Hell...….you mean he doesn't get youth team manager wages???
  4. The problem is beneath the subsoil. The ground is built on seriously dodgy Victorian landfill which doesn't allow for natural drainage. Water 'ponds' on the landfill.
  5. There is a youth setup, it's just not got PW in charge. You don't think a couple of dozen spotty teenagers are sitting around playing on their phones?
  6. You can add whatever you like, sunshine but I'm far from the only one who makes such comments and nothing you've said thus far has made want to change my stance. Would you care to comment on the question of the scholars now?
  7. Wot's he go to do wiv Peter Clarke?
  8. Just hang on a bit longer.....I bet it's a real side-splitter!
  9. Is this an admittance that you and the other halfwit are one and the same? Sad...no Grumpy....yes Old.... getting there. Now, about your comment on the kids.....on the basis of what experience exactly do you feel you have greater knowledge than the Lemsagems and the Academy staff?
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