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  1. Does he actually say he's off or just the tag on the image " we will see each other again?" Could mean he's leaving or just missing his teammates? Oops didn't see the bottom bit 😂 Good luck Krys!
  2. Carlisle have beaten us to it releasing their retained list!!!
  3. Didn't one of the statements on Friday say just that? Sure I heard or read the stadium plus land. From club statement: The Club has reached an in-principle agreement with Brass Bank to purchase Boundary Park and the surrounding land.
  4. Interesting that Sky Sports changed their wording about Bassini's involvement to "investing" rather than "buying".
  5. Especially with Stevenage being postponed - lose and with admin could then be 4 points and they have game in hand and have to come here 😲.
  6. But you said £2M like Swindon! He said he wanted the £3.8M put in to "finish" the stand plus a bit extra. If the club ends up owning the ground and fully utilises the JR stand then we might see an upturn in our league standing 🤞.
  7. There's also the outstanding debenture which I wouldn't expect AL can dispute.
  8. Equally he wouldn't sell for Kow's valuation.
  9. So you'd build a house for £100k and sell it for £50k?
  10. Doesn't the cost of the build come into it? About £6M?
  11. As it stands -12 would put us only 4 clear of Stevenage who still have to come here. This is Latics we're talking about here and with admin I'd still be very worried about falling out of the league!
  12. Dear loyal supporter, You may have seen our 2020/21 season ticket early bird announcement. As part of this we wanted to write to you to explain the situation and plan for your seat(s) in the Joe Royle Stand Clearly we currently have a situation where the stand is closed on matchdays due to health and safety concerns highlighted by the Council. We are very keen that we rectify this situation through the OEC as quickly as possible. However, unfortunately it will not be done in time to be able to offer the renewal of your seat in the same timeline as other areas of the ground. What does this mean? We are not able to sell you a seat in the Joe Royle Stand for next season right now. What are my options? Continue to take advantage of the Early Bird prices and purchase a season ticket in another stand. Once the situation is resolved, we can move you back into your existing seat or you can choose another available one. This will ensure you take advantage of all offers and savings we have announced. Wait until the situation is resolved or a final decision is made on next season before deciding whether to renew. This would, however, mean you risk missing out on the Early Bird savings if not resolved ahead of the deadline. Unfortunately, we cannot extend the saving dates. We very much hope you renew through 'Option 1' and we are committed to ensuring you are provided with exactly the same opportunities and benefits as supporters in the rest of the ground. As we said in our recent statements regarding the stand, it is the intention of the Club that we re-open it as soon as we possibly can. The situation is complex, but the Joe Royle Stand is integral to the future plans going forwards. Thank you for your support over the years and understanding in this matter. Please contact us if you have any unanswered questions. Your sincerely Natalie Atkinson Managing Director For and on Behalf of Oldham Athletic (2004) AFC Limited
  13. I think it was mainly to stop ex kit man Steve Cross entering the ground!
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