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  1. Lost 7-1 according to Salford Twitter account!
  2. The guy from the academy is still doing it, Gregor Hartley. Puts good sessions on with the keepers but not got his badges yet going off tweets from other coaches.
  3. Didn't see him today - saw him a few weeks ago in gym with fitness guy. Wheater wasn't at training today 😮.
  4. Thought loans could sign up to 12 on Saturday and play? Has it changed or is he injured?
  5. Don't worry he's training on little Wembley along with the left back from Plymouth.
  6. And he calls AL "Abdullah"! Coincidence?😂
  7. Think if most season ticket holders for JR stand ask for refunds it might change the mad bastard's mind?
  8. Really pleased with Wheater signing but if Joe Royle stand remains closed I'll still ask for refund.
  9. Fair do's if true - panic measure to shut people up about Peter Clarke 😂.
  10. Need to get 2 up top though and we can't play captain Maouche in a 4.
  11. If the 1 up front is Vera it's a no from me. With the players we have I'd try 3-5-2 with Mills and Nepo as wing backs but I can't be arsed typing a team out. It's bad enough having to predict our results!
  12. Are having a Development team? Good idea for some of these signings but the first 11 is nowhere near at the minute.
  13. Monty Monthe or something without googling it.
  14. I'll be asking for a refund if that's the case.
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