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  1. Sorry BP that was just a question not a criticism.
  2. Didn't you previously recommend Beesley at Salford who has now gone out to Solihull on loan?
  3. What like "what should I have for my tea when I get home" or "where shall I go on holiday next summer" πŸ˜‚
  4. Ha no - lighting rig a proper one not one cobbled together from a cannabis farm πŸ˜‚.
  5. New signing on the pitch today, L Rig I think the name was but still waiting for official site to shed some light on it!
  6. "The biggest asset this team has is the quality in attacking areas and that's probably the hardest thing in football." You sure about that Dino?
  7. Is there another forum on 4th October with Dino? He said it on latest podcast in his interview with Smedders but not seen anything. Preemptive strike by AL?
  8. Go on the Oldham Reporter page on Facebook, there's 15 minutes on there.
  9. Dino has now replaced Security Steve for the fan's forum! That's if AL turns up, think he'll be in Dubai on business unless we win the next few games.
  10. "The target is to try to go "TITS" up this year,” said Banide. Think that's what AL told him!
  11. Seem to remember Bury fans saying his legs had gone! Could have had Lyden for less money.
  12. Jeez just seen Vera chasing after the ref making sure it was his goal. Almost as if he's on a few grand bonus for scoring!
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