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  1. Don't think he's signing either - just a non striking striker from Slovenia league 2 for now! At least the early bird offer should be extended again.
  2. Never been much of a fan of his to be honest! Just think we need better if we're aiming for higher than 14th in league effin two! Was ok this season (2 more assists than Branger)
  3. Anyway at least we can rest assured that all applicants will fit the "BARMY" criteria!
  4. Wow the calibre of the the applicants this time must be up there with the best ever 😂.
  5. Don't think it really matters who is appointed while this idiot is still here.
  6. Everyone vote for him as player of the month.
  7. I think he's done well whenever I've seen him, nothing against Zeus at all he deserves a run of games.
  8. 🤬 what next MK Dons on Saturday!
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