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  1. I was at that game too, can’t believe it was 18yrs ago. It was freezing, made worse by the howling wind off the Irish Sea. Still remember their PA man having a little dig at full time “thank you for your attendance and I hope you Oldham fans have a safe trip back to Manchester”.
  2. The last team left in the hat receives the bye and the prize money that goes with it.
  3. They’ve got an offer on for this Saturday’s home game for anyone who may fancy a trip over the border. A tenner in for season ticket holders at football league clubs.
  4. Ronnie doesn’t seem like a sycophant or the sort to be dictated to. So like oafc1984 said, he’d tell the lemmys to get fucked. So I don’t think he’d come here either.
  5. Who? Pete or Ronnie? Can’t see PW coming anywhere near here while the Lemmys are still around.
  6. Just hope AL doesn’t ask him for advice for dealing with HMRC.
  7. Good luck to him, hopefully he’ll do a better job than the last ex Latics manager who went to The Shay. Read the other day that Ronnie Moore also fancies the Halifax gig.
  8. The ground only had three sides when we played Everton. Capacity was around 10,600 at that time.
  9. Phil Brown has shown interest in the gig at least a couple of times before but I suspect he would want a bit of a budget to work with, like many of the other potential candidates. He was in the running for the job before LJ got the nod but wanted a fair wedge as a bonus for avoiding relegation hence why Corney turned to LJ. And I too would take him over the likes of Clark and Coyle.
  10. Didn’t realise the dazzler was appointed in early May. Always thought it was later on in the summer (mid June around fixture release time) as I seem to remember him not having the foggiest that we playing Walsall away in our opening fixture and looking a bit stupid in a press conference.
  11. Left us for Marseille for free under the newly established Bosman ruling and then went to Sunderland the summer after for ?£700k.
  12. Quick search on wiki says he currently manages in the French 7th Division so he’ll have a good knowledge of Marco’s potential summer signings.
  13. We received £1m for Milligan when he was sold to Everton and then £800k from Norwich when he was sold the second time round. Holden left for City in a cash plus players sale, IIRC we got £500k plus Redmond and Pointon for him.
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