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  1. Stop panicking everyone. Mo had told us he is doing a good job and Barry also knows a bad player in Maynard when he sees one! What a pair of f**king those two are
  2. Another shit decision from the idiots at the top
  3. No, we are treated with contempt and expecting even the basics from the club is an inconvenience to the arrogant, poisonous, half-wits running, sorry, destroying the place
  4. We are gonna hit some big lows this season. Thanks Abdallah
  5. You need to stop drinking and should turn your phone off after 9:30
  6. I was agreeing with you. People were happy to take literally anyone over corney. That will end up destroying the club
  7. Is there only me who thinks there is something very dodgy going on with latics finances?
  8. Get used to it! And you can thank our prat of an owner
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