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  1. I was agreeing with you. People were happy to take literally anyone over corney. That will end up destroying the club
  2. Is there only me who thinks there is something very dodgy going on with latics finances?
  3. Get used to it! And you can thank our prat of an owner
  4. I hope the trust don’t genuinely expect any transparency from the owner as they wont get any
  5. Does this list include the countless mistakes the pillock of an owner and his incompetent brother made?
  6. Think they will be like the front but dont quote me on that! Here is a link to some other shirts they do which should give some good close ups https://instagram.com/hgsportswearuk?igshid=a6w402x0zjrn
  7. They are available for pre order https://store.hopeandglorysportswear.co.uk/
  8. Like the look of these new Pine Villa kits. Anyone else like them? https://instagram.com/pinevilla_fc?igshid=15x6xjqv6m4id
  9. No things like the badge are not on his list of priorities and re-designing one is straightforward, but this isnt my point. Its the fact that AL treats everyone with utter contempt. How many people gas he sacked/got rid off? I hear stories of honest hard working people being forced out of the place. The worrying thing is AL has more serious matters to deal with and he doesn’t appear to care about those
  10. I imagine they do. Its just another example of AL not having a f*****g clue of what goes on, on a day to day basis at the club. The writing is on the wall for the club as we know it
  11. Its another case of the clown treating people like c**p. The sooner he is gone the better. He is absolutely toxic and is systematically destroying the club. The club is in such a sorry state and I don’t understand what he gains from it. He either is so stupid that he has no idea how he is slowly putting the club out of business or he just doesn’t care
  12. I know that some very big bills haven't been paid
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