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  1. Clarke will be the next to leave. Abdallah is fucking clueless
  2. Bloody hell its one game. Does it really disrupt peoples lives that much to sit in a different seat for one game????
  3. No you’re ok thanks. Ive seen enough of your shit
  4. I wouldnt worry about him, ive seen how he ‘behaves’ at football matches. He doesnt seem to be able to function on normal society. I imagine he is reading this and my advice would be to grow up or clear off and become a barry chuckle impersonator
  5. He was bouncing around the north stand before the game showing people messages on his phone saying he will ‘expose them’. He appears to be a complete tosser
  6. And who are you exactly to judge people? Someone who spends every waking hour on a football forum having a dig at others? What a fun pack life you must lead
  7. Abdallah can just fuck off. He has destroyed this club.
  8. Probably best you dont go for an assessment, as you won’t like the results
  9. Where is everyone drinking tomorrow?
  10. Keegan and his usual lies. Nothing will be announced today. It will be Sunday at the earliest but i would expect Monday. Scholes will definitely be in charge for tuesday night
  11. We look like a mid table team, who’s last two performances looked like a relegation team. We need to improve and we need to be consistent
  12. That was absolutely awful. Wrong tactics, no fight from the players just garbage all round!
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