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  1. It’s hard to see many non season ticket holders bothering, could be the lowest league crowd since I started following Latics this
  2. He’s no need to worry about his investment being halved, there’s nothing tangible he’s invested in to be halved
  3. I’ve done the hospitality in both and the OEC is obviously a million times better. Amazing a way forward can’t be found for the club to utilise what is a virtually premier league standard facility
  4. If we hadn’t wasted very decent money on the wages of some of the substandard current squad, we may have been able to bring in the likes of Oztumer and Clarke.
  5. Maybe not AL, but there are other members of the board who have threatened legal action in the past around things people have posted about the club and individuals on social media. This account could have been set up to help monitor this, and is now being used as a propaganda machine.
  6. So if you need a shit in the North Stand, what do you do now?
  7. These are exactly my thoughts, but I’m starting to think it’s the only option
  8. Interesting..... not sure that’s what we need for L2/National League standard players though.
  9. I think they’re a bit past it to be honest
  10. Been to all the haunts, Tesco, Costa, the lot. Not seen anyone from Latics☺️
  11. I quite enjoy it, though it’s quite clear “Smedders” knows nothing about Latics
  12. I think it’s unlikely we will get a British “Manager” to come to Latics and be a foreign style “Head Coach”
  13. A question was asked on Twitter about this and that appears it might be the case. It seems in theory you could purchase a ticket for the match from the club, and a hospitality ticket separately for the NS facilities. I doubt this will be in place for Saturdays game though.
  14. By the manager though, not the owner/chairman. only the manager or head coach as we have it now should be involved in team affairs.
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