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  1. I have a soft spot for Hibs too for the same reason
  2. I find it hard to understand why any player would choose to join us if they have a choice with our history of not paying wages.
  3. I’ll wait to see if actions back up his fine talk. Still far from convinced.
  4. The Trust were just as perplexed about this as the rest of us
  5. Previous board nearly runs club into ground, previous board member sits on new board🙄
  6. The foreign manager route might be the best one for us under the Lemmy’s. Those types of coaches are far more used to the type of structure they want with a Sporting Director bringing all the players in and the coach just working with the players on the pitch.
  7. I wouldn’t take the 100% literally, I think it just means it will be improved on last season. If the owner is to be believed, perhaps now millions have been spent clearing debts, there’s money available for the team. I’ll be looking for the actions, not the words.
  8. I could be massively wide of the mark here, but what if what was discussed and covered by the NDA was about the state the previous regime left the club in. Perhaps there is a legal case in the offing or perhaps happening and if any details were to get out in the public domain it could affect that case.
  9. Silence? I went to a meeting with them on Monday night, maybe you should have gone and asked questions to them directly
  10. It was me that partially suggested that. What I meant was it’s not like someone is going to serve us with a winding up order for £12M tomorrow. But as you quite rightly point out, we should see that debt decrease in the accounts year on year... until the next lease is signed of course!
  11. Some of the £12M showing in the club accounts is the cost of leasing the North Stand off Brassbank for the next X amount of years (sorry can’t remember what the timeframe was). So whilst it’s horrific, it’s marginally less horrific than it might appear. The most worrying thing thing that was said is that the club is basically insolvent and relies completely on the money the owner puts in. I should add, it’s not clear to the Trust where the money comes from!
  12. The NDA was apparently signed because specifics regarding staff were discussed which obviously can’t be allowed out in the public domain
  13. Was just going to say the same, we conceded a lot as we just played all out attack. Irwin and Barlow were virtually as high up the pitch as Adams and Holden, we were often left with a back 2😂
  14. I guess so, but as they are fans I’m hoping they wouldn’t😳
  15. My understanding is that they are, and the football club then pay a fee to OEC to provide hospitality.... as you can imagine, this may not have been paid, allegedly.
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