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  1. I hope his middle I initial is F.
  2. I'm not sure I'm ready to hear what comes next.
  3. opinions4u


    I don't think I've ever known a manager make so many excuses for failure before a team has officially failed.
  4. opinions4u

    League Two Consequences

    At least other L2 teams will have lower incomes as well.
  5. opinions4u

    Nothampton tickets

    Oakes likes a good wind up.
  6. opinions4u

    Nothampton tickets

    The days of them giving more than the occasional toss are long gone. Can't say I blame them.
  7. opinions4u

    Ex players and that

    He's getting closer ...
  8. opinions4u


    Not getting the Tope love in.
  9. opinions4u

    Season tickets 2018/19

    You mean the one who had a striker alongside him who would pass the ball?
  10. opinions4u


    He won several headers. Never saw you on the pitch though!
  11. opinions4u


    Youd think stewards would know this and move people.
  12. opinions4u


    I don't blame the fans. If there's nowhere to go WTF are they meant to do? Poor planning. Poor stewarding.
  13. opinions4u


    2800 I think.
  14. opinions4u


    Hundreds of empty seats in our stand and the feckless Rochdale stewards let hundreds stand at the front through the first half. I sat in third row thinking it would minimise the need to stand myself (my cancer isn't really conducive to it for long periods) so I effectively found myself unable to see the game for 45 minutes due to those in front being forced to stand. I fully accept there will be occasions where my view will be blocked by moments of excitement, but Dale's inability to seat supporters in available seats was a f***ing disgrace.