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  1. I could be wrong but the job was advertised last week and him working today would lead me to think he hasn't been sacked as tends to take effect immediately
  2. Quoting Wikipedia as reliable when they currently have a deceased Deirdre Rashid campagining to release Jack Byrne probably isn’t wise
  3. He was but in the latter days it was believed he would take over was it not? And he engineered the Holocaust - but youre right wrong place, only on OWTB could a thread end up talking about Dictators ?
  4. Not true, going back to Hitler, Himmler was far from obedient or subservient it is well documented that later allied assassinations on Hitler were called off as he had proved fairly incompetant and the thought of Himmler taking over was too bad to comprehend
  5. Probably on the grounds that we have been taken over by Satan apparently who after spending millions trying to paper over the mass mis managent of Del Boy (sorry Corney) is now wilfully trying to destroy the mighty sleeping giant that is Oldham Athletic
  6. They haven’t had a treasurer for years... they had an accountant who’s job is now done by head of payroll and accounts. same job different title
  7. Playing devils advocate I’ve no doubt the question has been asked - it’s just very likely the answer can’t be publicised and that may be down to 14 day rule (I have no idea by the way)
  8. Footballers (whether some like to believe it or not) have exactly the same employment terms as most. Ie: we as fans have absolutely no right to know why he’s been suspended or released unless a: the club tell us b: the player tells us or C: it’s public interest enough for the press to to dig and publish and no one beyond the A627(m) (exiles aside) give a toss. its called confidentiality which any company follows
  9. I’m convinced Byrne could stab someone to death outside the main entrance and some would still be wanting him to wash his hands and get on the pitch. doesn't matter how talented you are if you act like a cock in any job you will get dealt with accordingly. It’s not like it’s an anomaly it’s well documented he has been a problem wherever he’s been. i don’t think for one moment that the club are paying his wages and not playing him just for the crack - as has been said on his day he’s our best player - somethings gone on and whether you like it or not maybe he warrants not being involved
  10. If the tackle on Fane was deliberate (and I’m highly doubtful it was) it would be GBH and deserve Jail - not a fine
  11. Youre absolutley right - and no excuse for being like that. Can’t say I had the best night and was a little short tempered. No excuse but I apologise
  12. No - just a cunt (sorry but occasionally a spade or a cunt needs to be called as one) pathetic post
  13. Last season mate I would agree - think this season his stock has significantly lowered due to being at a championship club on loan then later being dropped by a relegated league 1 club - as much our fault if we really had a chance with him last season. I wish him all the best at Accrington but he has definitely stalled at best gone backwards at worst
  14. Not massively - division higher than us yet hardly a club to make us think his great season was us was the epiphany of greater things - Burton, Bury, Accrington not exactly worrying De Gea is he? And I loved him
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