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  1. Youve clearly never worked in a small company - ffs everyone knows everything in that place (or did)
  2. No but been paid from them in the past - on time every time. Cant say ive seen Maouches contract but Fane was on 850 per week
  3. Sorry i must be mistaken in my very first hand knowledge of the pay roll
  4. Non playing Staff were paid on time everytime under both the new and old regime
  5. I very much doubt anyone could call the grass too green at the end of last season
  6. I’ll have that. As with most things its anyones guess but a fresh start may not be such a bad thing for all, including those who have left
  7. Everyone mostly agrees that the club behind the scenes has been run terribly for years. Is it such a bad thing that those doing that running have been shown the door?
  8. Fair enough. But what do they see that Blackburn and Wigan didn’t and couldn’t wait to get rid? I would love the loan Jack Byrne back in this team as I absolutely loved seeing him play but at the time I was laughing my cock off at several Wigan supporting mates at them letting such a player go and every single one said “wait and see” there is obviously something wrong with the lad and its time to actually look at him rather than “the world is against Jack Byrne”
  9. Obviously not comparing Jack to a tyrannical lunatic but the previous posters point of people who grew up with him saying hes great doesn’t carry much gravitas. Your mates will 9 times out of 10 back you even if youre the biggest bell going. Im sure we all know one
  10. People who knew Hitler probably thought he was ok too
  11. As if I needed proof just what a nasty shit hole this place has become
  12. A referee failed to do so in the Watford Palace match this afternoon
  13. echoed - well done and thanks even if it did lead to me wondering if glazing my bollocks in honey and depositing them in an ants nest would be more fun. What a bloody awful game!
  14. Lidl or Iceland comment uncalled for and sort of throws any argument on the fire for you I'm afraid. Archie doesn't exactly float my boat as I'm sure he knows but to try and insult him based on where he may or may not shop or what he has or hasn't achieved is a bit crass imo (and yes I've thrown insults before so no I'm not perfect) not that Id be seen dead in either, I'm an Aldi man myself ? Archie - paying Npower is different to running a business with a payroll (in the interest of balance) ?
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