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  1. Wasn't released. Turned down Morecambe's offer to come to us.
  2. Blackburn away in the League Cup, which these days is in the second week of the season.
  3. Daniel Iversen starts for Denmark vs Germany in the Euro U21 finals
  4. I'm not sure how he's able to know this info about an obscure manager, but I know Alex Stewart, whose tactical analysis of Banide is in this article, is very reputable. http://d3d4football.com/oldham-appoint-laurent-banide-as-new-head-coach/
  5. Possible planted story to reinvigorate interest.
  6. Patting my own back here a bit, but
  7. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/6185253/adam-morallee-david-hayes-tony-bellew/ Interesting bloke... (Sorry it's a Sun link, like)
  8. Quite like the design, good to have the classic Hummel chevrons on the sleeves. Always happy when the sponsor is just a word, not a colourful mess of a logo. I like the dark grey with the orange, a bit of a twist to set it apart from other recent orange ones. Always a big laugh to see creases in a kit launch photo too.
  9. Congratulations to Jamie Stott, who wins a National League North winners medal and Stockport's Young Player Of The Year award.
  10. When you've watched a few games, you know where it is instinctively, from how the players are moving etc. What a sport btw, particularly at NHL level.
  11. The Lang photo looks professional, I'm guessing h's modelling some clothes for a mate trying to get a clothing line going, maybe called Jester or something. At a guess.
  12. With prize money, this new Progress Prize, almost certain 5th round TV money, and gate receipts, we're talking at least £750k if we can get through, potentially a lot more with the right draw.
  13. My mate, who isn't an Oldham fan, reckons the Beckham stuff is all a dog and pony show by Salford to give themselves some promotion. Instead of Scholes selling straight to him and it being all about us, Salford are getting ahead of the story and have had loads of media down yesterday to talk about them. Then if and when it's needed, Scholes quietly sells his 10% to Peter Lim, Lim doesn't own more than 50% of the club thanks to selling some of his shares to Beckham. Seems needlessly complicated, but nothing about our dalliances with appointing Scholes have been normal.
  14. I like the look of this guy from the video of him scoring 20 for Mirandes a few years ago. Left footed, which I often like for a striker, but gets as many with his head and his right as he does with his left. Proper penalty box player, lots of his goals come from being in the right place.
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