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  1. Cadamarteri is manager, but Murray will be interfering and telling him certain players have to, or cannot play from behind the scenes. It's to help youth players prepare for what it will be like in the first team. 😉😉😉
  2. Tom Hamer... It's easy to forget how young he is. Yes a good chunk of then have come at a lower level, but he's played twice as many games as Tarky had at the same age. Thinking about it, he shouldn't be wasted on the bench too much. Could easily be his last season with us.
  3. Yep, it's a quandary that was inevitable once we signed Mills. Sign of a good player that can keep forcing himself into the first team again and again, even as a teenager. My first guess is that they'll often play together on the right flank in away games, and scrap over who gets to start in home games.
  4. Aye, it's a Bolton player of 8 and a half year, talking to a Bolton journalist about the circumstances of him leaving Bolton. He's an uncomplicated lad is Wheats, if he didn't want to sign for us, he wouldn't have. Edit: At the risk of becoming a full on fanboy, I can't help but note we continually conceded early in pre-season, and then again tonight. Saturday we were alright, and one David Wheater was playing. Please don't get injured/suspended/other.
  5. Not seen as a backup player, evidently. 8 changes were made, and they were all also missing from the bench, with youth teamers preferred as substitute options.
  6. Perfect use of this comp. 19-year-old homegrown captain. Game time for players who won't be getting much. 3 points in a potential money earning tournament. One more win from the remaining two games should see us through. Iacovitti getting a game is probably bad news for him, funnily. I expect, barring any superb performances this evening, the plan was for nearly everyone who played tonight to miss out on Saturday,. Except Ash Smith-Brown, who LB will have wanted to see in action, and probs Sylla. I think Mills will revert to right back as we hopefully go more attacking against Crewe.
  7. This after spending most of pre-season training with the youth team. Paging Christopher O'Grady... And of course Matt Smith should have started both Everton games, he was The Man at the time, must have felt superhuman when he took to the field after that Liverpool game. Dense not to go with him.
  8. At least this came in. How was it: a) compared to expectations? b) compared to FGR away last season?
  9. They had a 14-day deadline from a few days ago... If they're not sorted by then they're getting thrown out. The idea behind the postponements is that they shouldn't go ahead if the results are just going to be expunged a week or two later.
  10. The first bold line is when the old Broadway stand was demolished. The second, dotted bold line is the season in which the new stand was opened part-way through. While it's negligible, the data seems to point to us doing slightly better at home when 4 stands are in operation.
  11. He took an approx. 50% pay cut two years ago to stay with Bolton.
  12. To think THAT won the fan kit vote! Imagine if we'd had this gorgeous Barca-style one instead?
  13. As well as it being unfair to fans, having support come from only half the stands in the stadium puts us at a competitive disadvantage. Just look what happened to our home record from the time of the Lookers being knocked down.
  14. In that case... something like this on Saturday? Gary Woods / 28 Zak Mills / 27 David Wheater / 32 Jamie Stott / 21 Ashley Smith-Brown / 23 (unconfirmed, Iacovitti otherwise) Christopher Missilou / 27 Mohamed Sylla / 25 Johan Branger-Engone / 26 Mohamed Maouche / 26 Gevaro Nepomuceno / 26 Scott Wilson / 26 *bloody Vera will get picked, I know Bench: Gregor Zabret / 23 Tom Hamer / 19 Alex Iacovitti / 21 (or Sefil...) Florian Gonzales / 20 Desire Azankpo / 26 Dylan Fage / 20 Urko Vera / 32 Last season at Forest Green, also early August: Iversen; Hunt, Graham, Edmundson, Hamer; Nepo, Gardener, Coke, Missilou, Branger; O'Grady. Bench was Zeus, Stott, Sheridan, Norris, Maouche, Baxter, Benteke. Clarke and Surridge were injured. Winchester is suspended for them this weekend.
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