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  1. Watch the 1990 FA Cup Semi vs Man Utd, and the replay, as well as the League Cup final against Nottm Forest, in full here: https://footballia.net/teams/oldham-athletic-afc There are also 17,098 other historical games to delve into on this monster site.
  2. Funny isn't it, you'd almost think they wanted to fail the safety inspection with comments like that...
  3. I haven't been going much at all lately, in part because more often than not, going to Latics meant watching a team that wasn't worth getting behind, not worth supporting. But these last two games have been enjoyable, not because there's lots of talent on display (although there's flashes, McCann, love watching Smith), but they play like they give a shit, and really want to win. That should be the bare minimum, but at the moment, they're a team worth getting behind, a team worth supporting. I'm not trying to make a deep comment or an important point really, but I know there will be plenty like me who are in two minds about whether to go to games, and thought I would offer my thoughts. And it was quite exciting at 1-1 when both teams were going for it, made me realise it's all too rare now you see both teams trying to win.
  4. D.Segbe played down the left on Saturday and was somewhat effective there.
  5. My second game I've been to this season, got to love a come from behind win. Glad to see Segbe played off the left wing, as he was in the second half of the Burton game. His atrocious finishing can be hidden away there, and he is somewhat effective. Some genuinely decent stuff played, particularly enjoyed McCann was it? sending two Crawley players for a sausage roll. That fake goalkeeper injury on the hour mark thing that Dino apparently always does is audacious shithousery and I'm all for it. I'd say currently Latics are worth going to see, but I don't blame anyone for refusing. If only we had different owners, I really like what Dino's managed to do since coming in. Hopefully Crawley's decision to employ Ollie Palmer and turn up at Oldham Athletic wearing white and blue instead of red sees them thrown out of the league.
  6. First game I've been to this season. I liked the change to 3-5-2 at 30 minutes. Interestingly Azankpo played more off the left with Smith more up the middle. Azankpo miles better in that role.
  7. Yes, they flit around the 8 or so games moved to Sunday afternoon, showing sporadic live footage of each, and all the big moments, with a live reporter also at each ground.
  8. It's been determined that by playing for Barrow against Latics as a trialist in the Lancashire Senior Cup, Chris Taylor is ineligible to play for anyone else until the next transfer window... ouch.
  9. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/september/27092019-dolan-statement/ Confirmed he's been sacked. Good luck Callum.
  10. First gaffer since I started going that I never went to a game under. Anyone else in that boat?
  11. I think Morais plays in the middle of the park some of the time now he's slower. I think.
  12. Wish we knew about this "shouldn't be allowed to start the season if you're not very good" rule, we could have got our season going in January!
  13. Like I've been saying, if he was that desperate to play for Bolton, he'd have just waited it out. There's no way the regime agree to such a ridiculous clause, they know how bad it'd look.
  14. If he was that desperate he would have just waited for the takeover instead of signing for us... He's an Oldham player til 2020, with an option of another year, he's not going anywhere. He's not the type to demand a move either, and it's not as if he'd get it from AL.
  15. I get the feeling the kits aren't the final designs, just if we want a blue home kit or red/white stripes...
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