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  1. A fool and his money season ticket income are soon parted !
  2. yeah he is shit but to be fair a lot of his teammates have been today as well
  3. Zeus up to his usual tricks,palmed away like Larry Grayson, 0-1
  4. So,according to the Talksport thing, Bassini has a pot of £25 million given to him by His Pal Sullivan. He then claims to have £7 million of his own available, i am thinking " hmm,bloke may be a knob but he is a knob with £32 million burning a hole in his sky rocket" Welcome Laurence, don't forget your hat and scarf,it's brass monkeys here ! oh and make your first bit of business sacking everyone in a directorial or managerial role.
  5. I don't have a ST in the JR stand so the shitbags have saved the cost of a postage stamp in not having to insult me as they have others. I do however have a ST in the Rochdale Rd end and the chances of my renewing that are as remote as there being a heatwave here tomorrow. What an absolute disgrace the Club,it's Owners,Directors and management staff have become.
  6. Hamer is overrated by most,Nepo is vastly overrated by some !
  7. I would ship Nepo out first,does that make me a racist?
  8. Poor effort from Zeus before Wheater took over goalkeeping duties.
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