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  1. 3 player of the year awards for Morecambe, lad must be awesome ! Hunt out and Mills in,like for like. still waiting for a statement of intent
  2. We only get plastic Frenchies,the real ones are too expensive.
  3. if i was owner of hypothetical united and had a problem with the agent of a player i was trying to sign,then i would take to twitter and moan about the conduct of some agents. I wouldn't need to mention SOME CLUBS. our opinions all differ on this, God only knows how we will end up as our new signings roll in 😂
  4. No Michael, but you can't prove that Marco is right.
  5. Can't be sure whether to trust Mcanthony, can be sure not to trust Cut and dried !
  6. And you would be the one moaning the loudest as per
  7. I am quite surprised to see how many here endorse his actions, i just wonder if the reaction would be the same if was given the runaround whilst trying to buy a player.
  8. This kind of shit doesn't even surprise anymore. The club is suffering death by a thousand cuts at the hands of this moron.
  9. It's not Nepo's fault that he isn't fit to lace the boots of any of the aforementioned. Just look at the current England squad and try to find anyone with the talent the older players had. Sterling is rated as the biggest talent in English football and he can't kick a ball straight half the time. Everything was wrong with what the some of the old guys did,half time fag, rat arsed night before the game etc but they could play!
  10. If we had the Rosebowl it would currently be residing in the pawnbrokers.
  11. I think that sometimes taking a step backwards makes going forward much easier. casting aside the rose tinted specs.Boundary Park has always been a happier place than it is right now.
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