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  1. This thread needs locking down before the cranks annoy anybody else.
  2. That was awesome,it should replace Corrie or Eastenders. What did Ii learn? The Clown, liking him cos no one else does. Clown 2, fiery little fecker. Baz, standard. Adam,wouldn't trust a word he says. Accountant, out of his depth. Richard? Like who even are you?i Mini beardy baz, waste of a chair
  3. I am waiting for someone to question Mo's recruitment policy,he will go apeshit.
  4. He will be fine once he has greeted the Gentlemen and Lady.
  5. Not like we will miss him,there is always branger to run up his own arse
  6. Pity that poor bugger who has travelled from Newcastle to watch this line up, ffs
  7. Anybody travelling to Plymouth needs to be certified!
  8. of course i went,but i also saw the picture afterwards. You are an apprentice clown .
  9. I saw the picture of Larry and his number 2 on the bench, the team talk would be left to Mo,Baz,Kowie and Fluffy. that;s why we were really shit in the second half.
  10. yeah, course we would 😛 You must be on the payroll spouting bollocks like this, we were diabolical from start to finish with the odd exception.
  11. You could be as effective in the Mauoche role as he has been so far Kowie,not exactly ripping those trees up is he?
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