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  1. Awards for what exactly? not like this bunch of pricks have pulled up many trees is it? Manager of the year........... assistant manager of the year........... mini Fan of the year ..........chuckle Pass.
  2. Nepo Branger 15th in league 2 amazing how many people are so accepting of mediocrity.
  3. don't lose any sleep, you posted the gist of the letter.
  4. He is going to try to borrow some dollars and continue to bring in plenty more faux french players .
  5. Cut the guy some slack,he has put his life savings in and is trying his best
  6. why not just give him a clip at mansfield ?
  7. Wild is possibly the only candidate who at the moment could do the job ( even if by his own admission,he is not suitable ). Nobody with any amount of UK experience will take and make a success of the job whilst Lemsagam remains in power. That is not to say a foreign yes man couldn't rock up but that wouldn't get us promoted in the near future. Wild has a get out of jail free card,if it goes tits up he reverts back to the usual day job.
  8. Well said Mr Carpet, we will never all agree on Scholes for various reasons but we SHOULD all be singing from the same hymn sheet with regard to the owner,the guy is an absolute rotter !
  9. I am glad that it has now been established that Scholes will never have a future career in football. Don't know why he bothered to speak out about his month in charge because people have already come to the conclusion that Scholes knows nothing, has no bottle and is not half the man Wild is. Some of our fans and that are a marriage made in heaven.
  10. Minority or not, doesn't mean i am wrong. I am quite happy to stick with my assessment.
  11. Nepo and Branger should too, in a country far far away from here !
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