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  1. Did he bemoan the lack of black numbers coming up at the roulette table ?
  2. We will be informed tomorrow once little Barry has had the wool pulled back from over his eyes
  3. Trouble is, people do expect instant results and the very fact that these players have to relocate in a new country means they invariable need time to settle. This could also be hindered by living out of a hotel room,maybe not having much of a grasp of the English language and learning to adapt to new surroundings, playing and coaching methods,weather etc etc. Whilst bearing these factors in mind, i think it is fair to say that we have signed some very poor players, ie BRANGER even those that some people think are good really aren't all that NEPO and then there are others who can't really be arsed to turn up every game MAOUCHE. In spite of all the vitriol aimed at one particular player, i believe that given an extended run and the correct service,he will become not only a valuable member of the team but has the ability to become top scorer. Time alone will tell
  4. Every single one of these foreign players is shit, some are really shit and some are not quite as shit. Vera is shit but Branger yesterday was more shit than Vera. The only players to emerge with anything other than a totally shit rating were Woods,Mills and Hamer for me, which kind of backs up my suggestion that there are 50 shades of shit at BP just now,yes Vera shouldn't be turning out for Oldham Athletic but neither should many others who kindly entertained us yesterday. This is the worst Latics team i have ever seen but if i want to defend the Pinata wearing the 9 shirt i will do,at least he made me laugh and smile temporarily yesterday
  5. No point me repeating what Harry has just wrote. I am serious and if he is a fraud then you have half a squad full of them too
  6. Well said, I would sooner have Vera in my starting 11 than some of the other wasters on show.
  7. 1 min 38, don't quite know how i managed to listen to that bollocks for so long
  8. Something had to happen after the dross that has been brought in so far Ryan.
  9. You should always store your eggs at room temperature Joseph
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