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  1. archiecat

    Crewe (H)

    Your unwavering optimism is a joy to behold Montgomery
  2. archiecat

    Crewe (H)

    Right, day after and still very disappointed at that lame performance. If we are to make amends with a win on Tuesday and get a possible bonus win at a very difficult trip to Bury then everything is good. I thought the withdrawal of Baxter was too soon yesterday in light of the fact that the bench offers very little in the way of attacking threat, the player himself looked to be thinking the same. The injury to Lang and a tiring Dearnley left us toothless up front for the last 30 mins. That said, we should have made a better fist of it and seen the game out easily. Nepo should have been moved up the pitch to try to provide a bit of service for a central COG and Benteke as the showboating Branger looked more like a Morris man than a winger dancing about on the right. Even if we don't make the playoffs it would be nice to see a concerted effort from the players to get as much from the last 14 games as possible.
  3. archiecat

    Crewe (H)

    He was inexplicably on the right because he was ineffective on the left. Had he decided to put a few crosses in rather than showboat, maybe we could have made a better show of it.
  4. archiecat

    Crewe (H)

    Branger..................... LOL
  5. Ah the gang are all back together poor old Mad4it.
  6. May as well close this thread, children have hijacked it.
  7. archiecat

    Ex players and that

    It' is not an attempt at anything.
  8. archiecat

    Ex players and that

    Must have obviously been yet another bad egg, who would have thought it.
  9. Previously there may have been misleading information to suggest That Lemsagam owns Oldham Athletic including 3 stands but not the land.
  10. Think we can rule out the Council (potless) Think we can rule out Mr (not a team player/may be potless) Fan led group ? (who knows,would be nice to think a collective of wealthy fans had the means to do this) Hmmmmmm ? Outside entity ( Raze the place to the ground and ease the burden on OMBC to comply with GMSF quota) Very possible.
  11. archiecat

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    JBB totally bossed the game, great team performance from all and nice to see a few goals. Got to keep up the momentum and take maximum points from these next two games which would set us up nicely for Bury. Do you want me to say it ? ok then, Branger and Nepo played well although unlike some i will resist the temptation to believe they are the new Atkinson and Ryan.
  12. archiecat

    Statement from Abdallah

    Love this guy so so much !!!
  13. archiecat

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Stood with Lord Lucan and Shergar.