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  1. No idea, Midsblue seems to think he is.
  2. Data has them as performing much better than their league position, particularly most recently. Stevenage starting to pick up as well. On the flip side nobody performing worse than us over the last 8 games...
  3. Not sure a guy looking to sell up will be up for further squad investment and payoffs...
  4. Scunthorpe too much quality and Walsall starting to hit their straps. Any of the others from Orient downwards are in the scrap, obviously Macclesfield have the asterisk against their name.
  5. Didn't say which year, clever. Insert tappy head GIF
  6. From what I gather McCann has been one of the few shining lights in recent weeks. Eagles has always been a fly by night type.
  7. Fleetwood were around 4/9 for the win last time I looked, maybe Marmsy and others don't understand probabilities either...
  8. They think they are doing a good job though. When you are operating with that level of delusion the chances of them being open to change don't seem high.
  9. No more questions, no more meetings. The Lemsagams aren't changing their ways so the fanbase needs to decide what they want.
  10. Hardly surprising given the difference in resources.
  11. Nobody was beating a path to Big Wheatz door in the summer, not too sure what has changed in the meantime.
  12. A small part as I would quite like to go Arsenal or Tottenham away.
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