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  1. Some of our fans seem surprised that the Fulham masses haven't snapped up all their available tickets yet...
  2. deyres42

    Bury (H)

    Graham might be more comfortable now we are not in defence mode from the first whistle.
  3. Hardly a glamour tie for them is it....
  4. deyres42

    Bury (H)

    6 points off 3rd, Colchester we are coming for you...
  5. Fair play to all who have purchased, think those Sunday trains might end up being horrendous but...
  6. deyres42


    That won't stop our resident scout...
  7. Apparently the rules were changed quietly after group stage so no bollocks were in fact dropped.
  8. deyres42


    Perhaps it just a case of him being unable to sustain his pre break form, which is perfectly understandable.
  9. deyres42


    Must be carrying an injury.
  10. deyres42


    I don't know what putting a shift in means to be honest, how is it measured?
  11. deyres42


    He's a kid.
  12. Definitely dropped a bollock including Miller, wonder who got the message out not to bring him on...
  13. deyres42

    Peter Clarke

    Don't remember loathing him, just thinking he'd be one you'd like to see in a Latics shirt one day.
  14. deyres42

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Obviously we aren't and I applaud that stance.