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  1. deyres42

    Dummigan gone

    Dummigone more like
  2. Not sure this vow of silence can be sustained for long...
  3. Would imagine the football club would take priority in council eyes unless they intend building a new stadium.
  4. Could just be that they've given them a chance to do a deal and this fan led thing think it is feasible. We certainly won't be out on our ear any time soon.
  5. Positive for me, Brassbank lads must have indicated there is a deal to be done. Interested to know the make up of this fan led group.
  6. Boundary Park will be the home of Oldham Athletic for many many years to come, I'm sure of that.
  7. deyres42

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Good to see a mobile forward line, even if the ball does bounce off them more than you'd like, hopefully the West Ham kid can add to that. Best I've seen Baxter play this season (which isn't saying much) , as the cliche goes it would be like having a new player if he can keep it up. What was with the 10 man huddle after every goal?
  8. deyres42

    Statement from Abdallah

    I'd have him on the pitch pre match or at half time if he's there tonight.