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  1. Haven't got a strong opinion either way really. I do think this 'he bulit the team that took Stevenage to bottom of the league' stuff that folk love to come out with rather falls apart if you take 5 minutes to see the reasons why they might have regressed.
  2. Stevenage haven't got any better since he left, might suggest he wasn't necessarily the problem...
  3. What about the one who built the team that finished 10th just a few short months previously?
  4. Would imagine all on hold until the 'investigation' is completed.
  5. Looks like OEC have done whatever needed to be done so over to the club now.
  6. It only gets resolved by one party caving in. Little evidence to suggest that is happening any time soon.
  7. Doubt many clubs win promotion of the back of season ticket sales.
  8. The boycott the other week was a virtual blowout, only people turning up now are happy clappers, staunch season ticket holders and a few who don't know what else to do with themselves.
  9. Folk were up in arms at the prospect of moving to the other end of Broadway so you'd love to see the reaction if they tried it now.
  10. Finance guy probably told Absy he can get a few quid out of them.
  11. Given they were the ones who got it shut I doubt they'll be that arsed.
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