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  1. Problem is Lags is that up to now they haven't seemed too concerned with fan opinion (obvious team interference, North Stand closure, no attempts to halt huge drop in ST sales, Barry Owen) so not sure a protest from within would have any effect. Unfortunately I think we are stuck with them until they get bored or the money runs out.
  2. Aye, for a set of fans who love to proclaim themselves as the best in the land a prospective buyer might be wondering why they don't bother turning up for home matches...
  3. Reminder that Kewell is the Head Coach not the manager.
  4. Did decent job at Crawley, had them playing some attractive football.
  5. Think things will start to come to a head at plenty of clubs once the furlough changes start to kick in.
  6. Looking forward to nine months worth of look at what we missed out on content.
  7. With the talent Mighty Mo has displayed he shouldn't be short of offers. Thanks to Abdallah for gifting him to us.
  8. Everyone was saying one year deals were a good thing this time last year, make your minds up lads...
  9. There's a link somewhere, he certainly wasn't a Maamria signing anyways.
  10. Hasn't done a bad job in the circumstances, not sure you could really question January recruitment, tactics maybe but most games are decided by the first goal so how much is down to him open to question.
  11. Some have big fan bases, some have owners who are willing and able to bankroll losses. The rest are much of a muchness so it is all about recruiting well and getting a bit of luck.
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