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  1. No decent player will be choosing us at the current time.
  2. Tough shit. it is only going to get worse so they better be prepared for it.
  3. BB says no squads are complete until the end of the window, certainly not promotion seeking ones.
  4. A couple of defenders will absolutely sort out the complete lack of attacking quality, goes without saying that.
  5. Imagine letting that kind of quality leave the building. Thanks Abdallah.
  6. Window doesn't close until September 2, be surprised if anyone of those playing today are first choicers by then.
  7. Sounds like everything will be fine as soon as Wheater starts playing.
  8. Sometimes in life you have do things you might not like for the greater good.
  9. Moving your customers from a modern purpose built facility to a portakabin shouldn't be applauded no matter how much money it is saving you.
  10. Wouldn't be against O'Grady staying, good pro.
  11. Missed out on another one, Oztumer to Charlton. Thanks Abdallah 👍
  12. Unlikely to be costing much so that would be pointless.
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