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  1. Is he the equivalent of somebody chirping up at a wedding to say why the happy couple shouldn't be joined in holy matrimony?
  2. If Doyle left on even half decent terms we should be going all out to get him, be sickening to see him turning out for another L2 side.
  3. You'd imagine someone is paying someone to stage that game...
  4. I'd be mildly interested to know how much of that is upfront/guaranteed...
  5. He's 27 and nearly 300 games in, not sure there's going to be loads of development to come...
  6. Doubt he would have fitted into the exciting brand of football promised by the owner to be fair.
  7. Lads, you are allowed to have more than one player for one position, in fact it is probably a good idea that you do.
  8. Sounds like you've got a case of squadaphobia...
  9. Don't hear many players say they didn't have any other offers to be fair. Good on him if he has turned down longer contracts to join us though.
  10. One year contract might suggest otherwise to be fair...
  11. He's only come from Morecambe not Man Utd...
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