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  1. It's a complete dump, best decision they ever made switching ends.
  2. Bury or Trannies at home on the Friday would be fun as would Bury away on the Sunday night.
  3. Like to think we could squeeze half a million out of someone for him.
  4. Think he was just there to cover injuries. Might have been shit in the games he played, no idea.
  5. Sefil was a one month loan. Not 100% sure Clarke is the player in question. Hunt is apparently not the most popular figure with the foreign brigade.
  6. Unless there is some dramatic about turn then Clarke is away come May. You'd imagine there will be offers for Edmundson and quite possibly Hamer.
  7. Finish 9th, Clarke released and the mood will change again.
  8. Big difference in age between the two, pretty normal to want to go as high as you can in your profession.
  9. And pretty unlikely Wild would want to go back to youths after managing seniors.
  10. Can't be anyone other than him now. A gift from the gods for the Lemmys.
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