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  1. He could find the cure for the virus and some of you lot would still be having a pop at him for it...
  2. One would imagine they are feeling pretty let down by Mr Blitz so I wouldn't blame them at all for keeping their own counsel.
  3. Yes, perhaps Fage might have been the more like for like change.
  4. If he's not in the plans for next season then I can at least understand the reasoning.
  5. To say he's not exactly been a nailed on starter Mills must be pleased that he's suddenly morphed into Paolo Maldini.
  6. Yeah, OWTB logic innit. Except when they like the manager, then it works the other way round.
  7. Met 4 blokes in the pub, they are all buying one after the early bird has finished.
  8. Should be statements ahoy time soon.
  9. Better give that magic money tree a few extra shakes.
  10. Think it is going to take more than a gentle coaxing.
  11. The issue is quality and having more of it than your opponents. You generally achieve that by paying higher wages than them.
  12. They never had season ticket sales as low as this mob...
  13. All a bit pointless unless he is also going to fund a promotion team.
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