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  1. This 🔼, that’s all it is, let’s wait and see what happens in the next 12 weeks😳
  2. Tell that to my dale supporting mate who got a brick on his head,
  3. A number of Southend supporters, kicked the shit out of dale on Saturday 😂
  4. I would give them a few quid, BUT the shitstorm we all love, maybe requiring it soon
  5. Anyone off here going tonight ?
  6. Looking forward to the o's away next season, unless the impossible happens
  7. Probably not, but if we didn't appoint the ginger bottlejob, we could
  8. Freebie ticket for the tramps on tuesday, if you find me😩
  9. With the 400 roulette betting machines in the ground, the staff and players won't have to worry about being payed. #getthechineseinvoled
  10. Iv'e used my last 2 days holidays off work this weekend, can you please supply me with some of what your on
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