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  1. And Lionel Richie in the coach and horses🤩, Home fans only I’m lead to believe now in said boozer, so where we drinking on Saturday?
  2. I was in “ keeper lacking a bit of confidence “ group. But after seeing last nights goals, I’m in the “you are getting a bung for your shitness “ group
  3. A few smoke bombs and abuse to everyone at the club.....They will be top of the league in a couple of weeks 😀
  4. Looking forward to tonight, wind, rain, shit football, and shitpeas getting it large from a full msu
  5. Was funny and I got it straight away, but Trying to explain it to 18 year olds was hard work 😓
  6. It’s snowing, will the health and safety bloke demand an early postponement , for his own safety
  7. And we were guaranteed first pick of the seats when the new stand was built.......still waiting, .........doesn’t really matter at the moment though
  8. The club is run like a piss up, but this happens everywhere we go
  9. 2 tickets in the msu tomorrow night, definitely worth more than a fiver, could be fun in there
  10. 100% this, but I have a feeling that the main stand upper will be as sold out as Salford
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