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  1. Are you just trying to stir up another Failsworth debate?!
  2. Turned into a good game against Middlesex, thanks to their Lancashire lad, John Simpson.
  3. Good knocks from Livingstone and Croft yesterday, when everyone else seemed to struggle with the bat. Great spell from Tom Bailey to destroy Middlesex's reply, although not sure about the LBW calls. Looks good for next season, as you say. Disappointing not to get to Finals Day - especially as no team has lost fewer games than Lancs in the competition. Some of the stick Livingstone has taken from supposed Lancs fans on Twitter after the QF is awful though.
  4. Impressive performance after the T20 disappointment. Good to see Bohannon get his first century (and then some) after being 98 not out earlier in the season. Five points needed, providing Gloucestershire lose today, which looks very likely.
  5. They delete any negative replies to FB posts.
  6. This stopped being funny a long time ago, shuck. You pleaded to have your OWTB ban lifted and claimed you’d grown up...
  7. Except for PaddyPower paying them a shitload of money.
  8. Isn’t that the idea with shirt sponsorship? And Huddersfield probably got additional shirt sales from fans who like the idea of a sponsorless shirt.
  9. Sussex, winners of the south league, have been knocked out too.
  10. It was but Vilas hasn’t got much wrong this season to be fair. I was at the game last night and you could see that Bopara had Livingstone’s number in his previous over so was very surprised to see him get the 19th, when Mahmood, Gleeson and Faulkner, who had all been pretty tight, had overs left. Saying that, Mahmood was smashed for a couple of sixes in a penultimate over not long ago - against Notts I think (Lancs got away with it on that occasion). There’s no guarantee Lancs would have won anyway but it was a shame that Parkinson wasn’t left with any chance in the last over. Great knock from Al Davies.
  11. “The target is for enough clubs to go tits up to ensure we can’t be relegated.”
  12. Getting through life well enough, thanks and not miserable at all. I said relatively speaking and it is, in the context of everything that currently needs to be addressed at the club. I did acknowledge that it was a good move.
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