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  1. Pretty tidy performance from Bangladesh so far!
  2. Bollocks to that. Warner and Smith shouldn’t even be playing. I hoped they are booed and the Aussies get their arses kicked every game.
  3. Other people can park anywhere though and walk to the ground. That's not an option for many disabled supporters, so they have no choice but to pay extra if the clubs adopts the stance it has, which makes the cost prohibitive for some who likely have a lower income than most due to their disability. More than doubling the overall cost for a supporter who needs to park at the ground, on account of their disability, is a bloody shoddy move.
  4. He's 24 and has done nothing of note, even at this level. It doesn't look too promising.
  5. Given that the first step in his plan was to stick Barry back on the Board, whilst complaining about the previous regime, I won't be getting too excited about the work experience kid's SWOT analysis.
  6. Immediately after missing payments of wages, failure to make pension contributions, having coffee machines repossessed, etc. Something very material would have had to have changed for this to be right. The probability's really weighted towards it being complete bullshit, isn't it?
  7. The red fleece is back in the house, y'all...
  8. Cracking home debut for Gleeson.
  9. Going along nicely for this seventh wicket - Vilas and Bailey with fifties - lead of over 100 now.
  10. They're a normal everyday part of conducting business discussions, to protect each party's confidential information by placing an obligation on the other party to keep such information confidential. It's an important part of facilitating business transactions. There's nothing sinister about NDAs per se.
  11. Believe it or not, I've managed to get hold of a copy of Lee Clark's application...
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