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  1. I would assume he was talking more about when he was at Latics as a coach under Dickov.
  2. This thread has turned all manner of fucking ridiculousness. Others have already proven you’re not the only one. I know for a fact I put members on temporary bans for some of the posts directed at you a fair while back, much as you brought a lot of it on yourself, but the only person who would have been told is the member receiving the ban. We do what we can, when we can. Some of the stuff in this thread is the sort of thing that makes us want to turn the lights off altogether.
  3. Lags, I’m fairly sure you’re talking about me here because you did indeed do me a favour a few years back and got me some tickets, although the ‘big’ game was a 0-0 at Hartlepool where we had to suffer Calvin Zola’s incompetence in front of goal! I genuinely have no idea how you’re come to think I join in with the crowd, other than I know our views on Barry have differed, and I haven’t deliberately ignored your posts. I wish you no ill at all. Not sure what more I can say really.
  4. Like Clarke, Wheater will keep his CB partner on track. Think Egert will turn out to be a decent signing once fit.
  5. Should be starting every game. And everyone fucking knows it.
  6. Stop trolling, Shuck. Vera is Sunday League.
  7. It's a good job Barry wouldn't dream of visiting OWTB nowadays.
  8. Doesn't sound thrilled to be at Latics, does he?!
  9. Wednesday is not huge, at all. It's a pointless competition.
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