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  1. Sorry to hear that, LN. All the best.
  2. If we can get two wins this weekend, we’ll be right in with a shout. Which is incredible given what a shitshow this season’s been.
  3. Ah, okay. Clearly missed some of the context. Cheers.
  4. All supposition but looks like: club fails to pay invoices on time and, as a result, Orion decides not to provide transport for Bury; club plays hell and tells them that if they want payment/to keep the business they need to write the above letter; Orion provides the letter and club makes overdue payments (maybe); Club immediately bins Orion for having upset the man who must not be upset.
  5. I know this is well intentioned but I'm not convinced it's the best advice. If you think the Trust will get the respect of the fans by refusing to share anything on OWTB and by only making information available to those who can/will attend meetings, I think you're way off the mark. Being involved with the Trust, by its very nature, surely has to involve interaction with fans/members via various forms of media.
  6. Forearm, hip, goal. Not much of an argument for him not being a carthorse.
  7. ...which should have been disallowed for handball.
  8. Nice one. So your cause will be fuck all better off, Pete!
  9. Yep. We've got no obligation to keep any of it confidential, especially as it's now in the public domain.
  10. The £175k is ludricrous. And, if he'd consulted lawyers on the matter, they've have set him straight on that immediately. The guy's full of shit.
  11. They always do but it's more the fact that I can't really be arsed getting too involved in anything Latics at the moment.
  12. Does this mean that accommodating the TV cameras was not considered as part of the North Stand build? If we have a big FA Cup draw in the next few years, are we going to have to write off a huge section of the Main Stand to allow the TV company to set up?
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