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  1. OWTB has received the £350. Thank you to the buyer @Inspiral_Carpet and especially the artist, @mrwalks12 for very kindly running the auction for the benefit of OWTB. We're really taken aback by the generosity. Look forward to seeing your future depictions of Latics' success!
  2. Cool as fuck. I missed them completely. Shame they limited it to 250, given how much money they could have raised.
  3. You would hope that this is some sort of admin error. To deliberately not pay employees' pension contributions would be a disgusting way to 'manage' cash flow.
  4. Even if #ForestLad is a better player? I've seen little in Hunt to suggest he's likely to command a decent fee.
  5. Only if we offered him at least as much as he'd been on previously, which I doubt given his injury record.
  6. McLaughlin was out of contract, wasn't he?
  7. Right you are. Skimming over the thread too quickly.
  8. I can't see it. Head on Man Utd's Academy is a big job to walk away from. I think Scholes must be mental but he doesn't really have anything to lose. Butt does.
  9. Don't forget that Paul Dickov brought in the great Luca Scapuzzi and Andreas Mancini. Not to mention Albert Rusnak...
  10. Not sure it would, as he'd still be the beneficial owner of the shares.
  11. I never really had Tom Cruise down as a great football manager...
  12. I suspect he’d be the highest paid League Two manager at £300k/year.
  13. I think it’s pretty safe to say by now that, even if he has pots of cash, he doesn’t intend to plough it into Latics.
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