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  1. And Shezza was still mint post millennium (I think?).
  2. Massive opportunity missed in tonight's podcast. Pete Wild was the guest and seemed more than happy to elaborate on stuff. Gave some info about behind the scenes shenanigans but the right questions weren't asked.
  3. Not able to make tomorrow unfortunately. Sure there'll be a stream available given the extended highlights... It'd be appreciated if someone were able to share it on here.
  4. Only game worse was that Boxing Day game at Chesterfield. Hailstorm. Reckon there were more than 200 there that night. Think it was Wadsworth's first game in charge?... Dowie celebrating that win as though we'd won the cup.
  5. Fuck me. I want to cry. On topic, I remember the defeat to Vale in the promotion season (one of my first aways). Think we were unbeaten to that point. Just to put everyone in a good mood before Saturday. For me, the whole day was an event. 30 a side in the Clayton (from about 12 onwards which gave my old man plenty of time to drink cans of breaker), the smell of that Tata hash they used to do, all 3 rooms being full. Queues getting in/out. If it wasn't for all that and I was 10 years younger, I'm not sure I'd have the same affinity I've got for the club. The premier League was good but the championship season was the one I remember the most and standing (sitting on the hoardings) and invading the pitch as a 7 year old against Wednesday is etched in the memory.
  6. Reckon I'll go. Missus' family all in Sunderland. We'd have taken 7/800 easily a couple of years ago. Doesn't feel like a novelty anymore. 400?
  7. Stretched arm with a folded 20... Horrible trick.
  8. Sure it's been used ironically for about the past 10 years. If not, I've been on my own.
  9. Agreed. It was daft and there was an element of wanting to be noticed. I'm glad someone gives a fuck though.
  10. One Unsworth is senior, the other junior. Both loyal supporters and outspoken about the regime.
  11. Danny managed the girls team (and well apparently). Gave it up due to the conflict of interests with the protests he was looking to get going (I think - only what I've seen from Facebook etc). Not sure who's Unsworth Latics and who's Blue but it was Danny
  12. I actually felt a bit sorry for Barry Owen when all that was going on. It was clear he wasn't 'one of the lads' and the others seemed to take the piss a bit at times. He laughed at times there was nothing to laugh about at jokes he clearly wasn't part of. Seemed uncomfortable but wanted to portray otherwise. Came across as a twat when he spoke though. Used to think he got some unfair stick but his clear disdain for fans and his condescending tone is embarrassing.
  13. I know. He's asked some good questions and made a big call giving up his coaching role. His passion is admirable. The walk out was silly though. Felt a bit 'look at me'.
  14. That walk out was clearly premeditated and was a bit daft. Think that's Unsworth Blue from here? He's raised some good points to be fair, just didn't need to make it as much about him as it came across.
  15. Same for me... Was happy to don his extremely short running shorts for Cross Country when called upon though.
  16. I thought that but it seems to be one of those where more and more are deciding to have it. Reckon we'll be close to 1,000.
  17. His record this season and the fact that Stevenage fans weren't too unhappy to see the back of him didn't exactly fill me with confidence. Also, still think Banide was harshly treated by our apparently despot owner (unless he couldn't wait to get a plane away). That said, I like him. He talks a good game and seems as though, if nothing else, he's got a plan. Too early to make any predictions etc but he comes across as someone who could be good for the club.
  18. I am for positivity but it's tedious that this happens every time! Wellens was the saviour after one game. *Only the last bit
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