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  1. Is Mick Priest still knocking about !?
  2. Iverson Dummigan Taylor Clarke Edmundson Missilou Gardner Cotterill Baxter Byrne Surridge Would have dummy and Hamer both starting ahead of Hunt who , for me, has not progressed at all.
  3. Why ? He's only just released him from Preston !?
  4. Looked dangerous in first half in our win @ BP but then faded . He's scored 10 goals since Jan , probably out of our range .
  5. Dale Stephens' through ball for brightons second against Reading was a thing of beauty.
  6. Wichester 'defence splitting pass ' sets up Cheltenham's 2nd goal tonight .
  7. John Burn signs loan deal with Kilnarnock from Middlesborough . My lasting memory of him was that sending off against Sheffield United , everyone in the stadium could see it was coming for at least ten minutes . (Apart from David Dunn )
  8. Fulton was largely :censored:e for us . His refusal to play against Mansfield in the cup is his stand out moment for me .
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