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  1. Desire will be back after the international break
  2. I see in his press after the game, Dino says we have only 2 centre forwards. Assuming he means Azankpo and Wilson....hes obviously not a fan of Vera either. Did say he will try and get a striker in but that his hands are tied due to being outside of the window.
  3. Swansea won't be happy with Zabret not taking his place.
  4. Have you seen the size of our squad? Hasn't a problem with signing in quantity. More of a problem with signing quality..
  5. Perhaps we are thinking long term and giving our players experience of the national league ahead of time.
  6. Or its quieter when we are winning when a lot of posters have predicted us to lose, so doesn't fit their normal doom and gloom script that every thread gets filled with.
  7. With the other top four team on saturday. Tough start
  8. Didn't Banide say Maouche and Missilou are injured?
  9. Article on bbc suggesting Lee Croft and Chris Iwelumo are qualifying to be referees.
  10. I suppose the thing you are missing is that the window is still open and that no one from the club has said we don't need any more defenders. So no reason to think that we aren't looking.
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