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  1. Sign him up. His stats suggest hes scored a goal without playing any games.
  2. For all the negative talk of how the current regime is run there are some aspects of communication which have improved. Not just the reports from the Morocco Trip but the report on official with the youth coach explaining the plans for the youth teams and the thinking behind announcing some of the scholarships a year before they start was interesting too.
  3. Haha true! Wild is winning that race by a stretch.
  4. Maamria edges ahead of Clarke in the betting...behind Wild and Priest.
  5. Mo's name spelt incorrectly. Impressing in training doesn't get Benteke on the bench
  6. Wild said he had a fully fit squad to choose from and yet doesn't field a full bench?
  7. Nope its what the likes of KIG and evidently yourself say we aspire to... without any evidence to back up that this is the case or the general perception of Oldham fans.
  8. We could do with a new Vera in this half by the sounds of things.
  9. Which makes it odd that we had no Stott on the bench but had 3 full backs.
  10. Might have to recall Sefil now to cover Clarke's ban.
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