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  1. Was he stacking shelves to earn extra money to help pay (or not) the bills?
  2. Have the bills not been paid because there’s no money, or by being disorganised?
  3. And Skippy the double deckers Daktari Stingray my favourite was Joe 90 at the time
  4. The bookmark logo has now changed to black . much better than red , and one more step to get back to blue 😁
  5. I’m gonna get the dvd cheers 🌴 ☀️😁
  6. That black and white dubbed Robinson Crusoe on every day during the summer school holidays in the 70’s was a favourite of mine. wonder if you can still watch it somewhere?
  7. Think Radio Manchester have said he’’ll be on air with them tonight not sure if that’s just before the match though?
  8. Southport away on Easter Monday with thousands of Latics fans, including a 10 year old me
  9. A couple of 6-0’s in that run I think
  10. I’ve had that when I downboated someone , on the same day they went back to a post I did about a month and downboated it to be fair , it was a poor pun
  11. 15 years ago! of the teams in league one that season, 2 are now in the premier league- Brighton and Bournemouth and 5 are now non league - Stockport, Wrexham, Hartlepool , chesterfield and Rushden and Diamonds, who may no longer be in existence where will we be in another 15 years?
  12. Josh Parker has moved from Gillingham to Charlton for an Undisclosed fee Jonson Clarke-Harris has moved from Coventry to Bristol Rovers for an Undisclosed fee a rumoured target from a few years ago has also moved Rolando Aarons [Newcastle - Sheffield Wednesday] Loan
  13. That would be so good, but very unlikely happy to be be proved wrong
  14. But not stronger surridge out and Vera in 👎 lyden out and Sylla in 👎 sefli in and straight out on loan liacovitti in , unknown at the moment think i’m missing one?
  15. I can empathise with you on not attending games . as i’ve got a season ticket I will be going, but if was a POTDer I would be thinking of not going never seen it like this before
  16. Too late now, but he could have speculated to accumulate before Saturday, when a win could have been worth £430,000 in prize money alone
  17. Really hope this happens and AL can sit on his hands massive publicity a good signing or two fill the ground on Saturday well 1 out of 3 ain’t bad
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