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  1. Sad day https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2017/september/25092017-club-statement/
  2. Or a cunning move by the RRC to get him to speak to someone even if it wasn’t them?
  3. stevesidg

    Run up to Christmas...

    Agreed that could be more than 10 goals against unfortunately, and less than 30,000 there would put us back a few years would prefer Newcastle away they always play a weak team and there’d be 40,000 plus there
  4. stevesidg

    Ex players and that

    This is barmey What is happening in the world of football ? they’ve sacked 2 managers this season before the middle of November
  5. stevesidg

    Chron Articles

    In Barry we trust then ?
  6. There’s quite a few games on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, so you’d think the draw will be after those games
  7. stevesidg


    Did I dream seeing a picture on here this week from Callum Lang of Surridge walking into the ground with his kit bag?
  8. stevesidg

    FA Youth Cup

    Yes he was in 2017 https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2017/october/02102017-jack-williams-call-up/
  9. stevesidg

    Stevenage (a)

    200-1 on sky bet ?
  10. stevesidg

    Stevenage (a)

    What’s the situation with Surridge?
  11. stevesidg

    FA Youth Cup

    Does anyone know the date of the game at sunlan?
  12. stevesidg

    Wages surely not again ?

    That’s good to hear
  13. Not sure if season ticket sales will be worth £1.5million are there are around 3,200, with a fair few of those being children and other concessions at a lower value. £1.5m / 3,200 = £468.75
  14. stevesidg

    Andy Rhodes???

    Is that what you’ve heard or what you think?
  15. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2018/july/30072018-sam-surridge-signs/
  16. stevesidg

    Cheltenham (H)

    What did I say?
  17. stevesidg

    Cheltenham (H)

    Baxter off nd Benteke on is a not funny joke
  18. stevesidg

    Cheltenham (H)

    Baxter off nd Benteke on is a not funny joke
  19. stevesidg

    Cheltenham (H)

    Bring Miller on for COG and go for it might as well or it could be Frankie goes to Uppermill
  20. stevesidg

    Cheltenham (H)

    I ‘m hoping to tempt fate her in a positive way it’s Looking like 0-0 at half time
  21. stevesidg

    Cheltenham (H)

    ?for tonight this is latics, so nothing would surprise me i’ll hope for a win, no matter how it is achieved, but a narrow defeat or draw would not be a shock we should go at them from the first minute and get an early goal to settle everyone’s nerves
  22. He crosses to the right place, it’s others who are in the wrong place