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  1. Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP O4U
  2. Darren Sheridan played for Moss Side in the North West Champions of Champions Trophy semi final last week, he must be nearing 50 but still ran himself ragged. Moss Side won and will play Middleton Colts in the final at Abbey Hey on Mon. the 4th of May. Simon Yeo was also in their team, although never played for Latics he has played for nearly every other local team.
  3. Mate of mine working on the lift shafts at the moment...
  4. Hi Neil, tried to attach your video bit wouldn't allow me....

  5. You got your tickets yet?

  6. Hi Mike,me and +1 will defo. go. I drive home via. Mottram rd daily so if you live around there its no problem for me to drop the cash off, or if you prefer i can meet you somewhere either is fine by me. Thanks for organising


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