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  1. Yeah that's very true. If memory serves, they were also below us in the table at the time, too.
  2. This is pretty much where I was at the time he left, mainly because I was absolutely gutted that we were seemingly onto something positive for the first time in ages, and it was once again snatched away from us, but with the benefit of hindsight, it's clear that for whatever bizarre reason, Corney had absolutely no interest in going up that year - an opinion cemented by the praise I seem to recall being heaped onto Holden by the club at the end of the year for 'keeping us up' when we were just outside the play offs when he took over. EIther way, if Johnson left on his own accord, i
  3. Partner’s family have an apartment in Andalucía right on border with Portugal, and over the years we’ve been going there together, we’ve always stopped for a few nights in a couple of places on the Algarve en route to Spain, as we fly into Faro. As a result, have spent a lot of time in a gorgeous little town on the Algarve called Tavira and there’s one place where I go every year that does the most amazing grilled chicken piri piri. If you’ve spent a bit of time in Portugal or Spain, you’ll know the type of place - proper unassuming little canteen-style restaurant on a square away
  4. 'I think what you've done there nan, is you've confused political correctness with basic health and safety legislation'
  5. "'In the old days you could get your head and submerge it in a vat of boiling acid. But now people are saying don't do that, what if Jews see it?'"
  6. Hi all, Hope everyone and their loved ones are doing well in this testing time. With all the free time we’ve been dealt with recently, not to mention the general state we find our club in, to take mind of current matters, I’ve been getting all nostalgic and misty eyed for our mental club, and inspired by the PTB ‘You are my Oldham’ stories, got to thinking about my early days as a fan and first experiences. My first ever game was a late season friendly game v Liverpool in 1992, which from what I understand was a testimonial for our ex youth player Wayne Harrison.
  7. Also looking forward to Gerrard going directly up against him at corners given their spat last year, should be amusing.
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