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  1. Ta singe, realised pretty much immediately after I posted it! Will definitely be getting some once they're out, really is a fantastic gesture, with the added bonus of looking absolutely brilliant!
  2. Fantastic. As someone who - sadly amongst an increasing amount of people - suffers from severe tinnitus day in day out, this is an absolutely magnificent touch. I'd actually bought some a few months back purely as I love the design, I hadn't realised the proceeds would go to the BTA, who are a fantastic organisation doing their utmost to shine more light on the struggle of sufferers, and hopefully promote better understanding of this horrific condition, and ultimately better care so we don't have to lose one more person like Gilly. Thank you Bands FC 💙
  3. My uncle, who has always been more of a Roughyeds fan, but, like many, jumped on the bandwagon when we were good as a point of wider 'civic pride', tells me the same story every bloody Christmas, which is pretty much the only time I see him, about how he went to Wembley for the league cup final in 1990, and thought fans were singing 'Who loves you, Palmer?' instead of 'Ooooh Roger', leading to me telling him every Christmas that he should have just stuck to the feckin egg chasing.
  4. Had to chuckle at this, as a mate from school I used to drag to Latics with me used to think 'Neil Warnock's blue and white army' was something like 'Know I want spline, Tony'. Happy to see the spirit of Tony lives on, whoever he is 😂
  5. Really good read, as was Dan Turner's entry. Although his line about singing 'Always look on the bright side of life', and having it returned back at us with gusto after you know what brought back some long since repressed bad memories A mate of mine chucked a podcast my way about our 89-94 seasons too. It's a bit shambolic, but it's a fairly nice listen, and I enjoyed it overall. https://www.acast.com/nessundorma/s2ep3-oldhamathletic1989-1994
  6. Also looking forward to Gerrard going directly up against him at corners given their spat last year, should be amusing.
  7. I agree, I'm just very surprised he's currently 9th in the list.
  8. And Paul Rickers 9th on our all time appearances?!
  9. Can't believe anyone seriously thought he'd sign for us. Was always a naan starter.
  10. Oldham Athletic AFCVerified account‏@OfficialOAFC We'll have a new signing with you very soon . #RobbosBAWA #oafc F5 time people!!
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