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  1. Chorlton_Latic

    Misheard Chant Lyrics

    My uncle, who has always been more of a Roughyeds fan, but, like many, jumped on the bandwagon when we were good as a point of wider 'civic pride', tells me the same story every bloody Christmas, which is pretty much the only time I see him, about how he went to Wembley for the league cup final in 1990, and thought fans were singing 'Who loves you, Palmer?' instead of 'Ooooh Roger', leading to me telling him every Christmas that he should have just stuck to the feckin egg chasing.
  2. Chorlton_Latic

    Misheard Chant Lyrics

    Had to chuckle at this, as a mate from school I used to drag to Latics with me used to think 'Neil Warnock's blue and white army' was something like 'Know I want spline, Tony'. Happy to see the spirit of Tony lives on, whoever he is 😂
  3. Chorlton_Latic

    Days gone by v now

    Really good read, as was Dan Turner's entry. Although his line about singing 'Always look on the bright side of life', and having it returned back at us with gusto after you know what brought back some long since repressed bad memories A mate of mine chucked a podcast my way about our 89-94 seasons too. It's a bit shambolic, but it's a fairly nice listen, and I enjoyed it overall. https://www.acast.com/nessundorma/s2ep3-oldhamathletic1989-1994
  4. Chorlton_Latic

    Ripley - Still a possibility?

    I thought something similar. Must admit when I heard Bristol City were interested, my first instinct was it would be a permanent deal seeing as he only has a year left on his deal currently, so was surprised to read rumours it's likely to only be a loan deal, especially when they have a good goalkeeper already in Fielding. Got to say I'm surprised he hasn't been snapped up by someone, but at the end of the day, it's all conjecture, we don't even know how the player himself feels about his future. It would be a shame if a player of his calibre were to waste his talents staying at a club where, barring an injury crisis, he's unlikely to see the first team, but if he really wants to make it at his boyhood club and prove his doubters wrong, good on him I suppose. Hopefully we'll have someone sorted before our game against the Dark Lord's Select XI (reserves) tonight.
  5. Chorlton_Latic

    Ex players and that

    Also looking forward to Gerrard going directly up against him at corners given their spat last year, should be amusing.
  6. Chorlton_Latic

    Ripley - Still a possibility?

    He must have some bloody good eye sight to see a car registration in Oldham all the way from Salford!!
  7. Chorlton_Latic

    Ripley - Still a possibility?

    I remember that from the championship winning VHS me old Man had - there's an interview with Hallworth and he says something along the lines of 'at first everyone was saying 'ooh we want Andy Goram back, bring Andy Goram back... But that's stopped now' followed by a properly smug grin. It's the same video where Ian Marshall is asked for his best goal of the season after the opening day hattrick at Wolves and he glibly replies 'derrs been so many'. ? Superb player, superb mullet.
  8. Chorlton_Latic

    Ripley - Still a possibility?

    I think you're being deliberately flippant there, clearly I'm not expecting us to lodge a bid for him via player share, I stated I'd be happy to chip in if it would help with the possibility of him coming back. As said before, the player himself has said he wouldn't rule it out, he's 24 and needs to be playing regularly, not tested in the Championship but most people assume he will end up there despite no sounds from any club about wanting him. It's entirely possible a player that's had one good season his career in League One could actually be playing in League One. Only the club know if it's a serious possibility, and if Boro would consider it, which is why I suggested actually having the conversation with them - or does that make me some wild eyed optimist? Keep reaching for those stars anyway!!
  9. Chorlton_Latic

    Ripley - Still a possibility?

    Absolutely this, I too mentioned this possibility earlier in this exact same thread - I'd be more than willing to chip in if it meant even the slightest possibility of a return. Without knowing the ins and outs of how it works - Is there a genuine possibility of those in charge of Playershare sounding this out with the club if we're actually serious about going in for him?
  10. I was saying this just yesterday while discussing Beckford, never got a kick against Gregan! Fully expect Clarkey to do the same this year, too ?
  11. Chorlton_Latic

    Ripley - Still a possibility?

    I guess it all comes down to if they think he fits their profile. I'm his biggest fan, but I can't say for certain how he'd fare in the Championship, not to say he doesn't deserve a crack at it. If he did, I'd imagine it'd be at a lower end of table club initially, rather than Wednesday who will be gunning for promotion again. Although he was phenomenal for us, trying to play devils advocate, he's had one truly impressive season in his career, so perhaps prospective buyers feel it could've been a one off and want to see how he fares in another season? I'd also say the way Boro, a club renowned for it's faith in their youth team, have loaned him out to the likes of Motherwell & Latics at 22-23 when these days keepers often break in aged 19-20 seems to suggest that they definitely are in some doubt to his ability, or at best, just don't think he's ready for that league. In short, just come home for a year Connor, you bloody know it makes sense!!!
  12. Chorlton_Latic

    Ripley - Still a possibility?

    Call it blind optimism, but I think it might just happen. Been thinking for a while he wouldn't get a look in at Boro, as ludicrous as it may seem having seen what he's capable of. Especially now Monk, who from what I know loves to play the ball from the back with those new fangled sweepy keepy types is there, as if one thing did let him down, it was his distribution. I have no idea what Connor earns, but if they want to loan him rather than sell him, I don't think it really matters a jot to Middlesborough if someone pays a loan fee/x amount of wages, it'll just be absorbed into the mammoth fees they got from being in the Prem last year. It's entirely possible he could come back, he even said he'd consider it himself, so I don't know why we do ourselves down thinking there's no chance. If there's no interest from the Championship (again, hard to see Boro wanting a Champ club loaning a keeper from them be first choice) then it does his career no harm to have another spell excelling somewhere where he's loved, has majority of same team mates as last year, settled with area etc - he's 24 and needs to be playing. On another note - if we knew the club were serious, and the possibility was there for him to be loaned again, I'd certainly back a player share drive to make it happen!!
  13. To celebrate his return, anyone got a video of that 98th minute winner at Tranmere on a freezing cold November Tuesday in 2007 which kicked off that amazing away run? The scenes! Proper Bo ?
  14. Looks like he's had a rough couple of years with injuries & form, but it can be a myriad of factors - I can't profess to know much about how he fared at the Plastics & Scunthorpe in terms of performance, but for all I know he could've played up front on his own with no support, or have the ball hoofed to him which doesn't suit his style etc, so not just as easy as looking at cold statistics. Whatever Shez does with him, he's consistently got a tune out of him at both at Latics & Chesterfield - I remember reading an article just before we went there for the 0-0 in 2016 saying how he loved playing for Shez. He's been a bit nomadic recently, but he's now more experienced & has a 2 year deal under a manager who believes in him (save for any more headbutts in local derbies ) & importantly will be expected to stay in & around the box with a partner up top. If him & Holloway click, then we have the makings of a potentially brilliant partnership. Can we get a rewind to his form of 10 years ago? Shez sez yez!!
  15. Chorlton_Latic

    Players linked with us

    I agree, I'm just very surprised he's currently 9th in the list.